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Gimkit Shop Guide: What Items Can You Buy and Are They Worth it in 2024?

Gimkit Shop Guide: What Items Can You Buy and Are They Worth it in 2024? Gimkit has taken the educational space by storm with its engaging game-based online platform for creating and playing quizzes. Over 4 million students and teachers globally are actively using Gimkit for better learning outcomes. Aside from the free core app, Gimkit also offers various in-app purchases and power-ups to enhance the game experience even further.

In this comprehensive guide, we dive deep into everything you need to know about “Gimkit Shop” – what’s available for members to buy, cost breakdown of items, is it worth spending money and more. Whether you are new to Gimkit or an avid user, read on to get all shop related information in detail!

Overview of Gimkit Shop and Gems

After signing up on Gimkit platform, users receive 200 free gems. These gems are an in-game currency that allows members to buy different upgrades and power-ups from the Gimkit Shop. Additional gems need to be purchased with real money via card or other payment methods.

Some key things about Gimkit Shop include:

  • Accessible from top left menu within
  • All purchases require gems (paid currency) rather than direct money
  • Range of items split into Game Upgrades, Power Ups, Avatars and Gift Cards
  • Cost of items denoted in gems varies from 20 gems to 5000 gems
  • Can gift purchased items to other Gimkit users as well

So if you have some gems in your Gimkit account, you can explore and buy from numerous Shop offerings to boost your game performance, customization and overall experience. Let us look into all the categories one by one.

Gimkit Game Upgrades

The Game Upgrades section allows members to purchase permanent upgrades and bonuses that enhance different aspects of playing Gimkit games. These remain permanently activated once bought versus the short-term boosts that Power Ups provide covered in next section.

As of 2024, there are a total of 9 Game Upgrades available on the Gimkit Shop split across 3 sub-categories:

Gems Multipliers

  • 2x Gems Multiplier – 1000 gems
  • 3x Gems Multiplier – 2000 gems
  • 4x Gems Multiplier – 3000 gems


  • 1x (Free)
  • 2x – 1000 gems ($10 value)
  • 3x – 2000 gems ($20 value)
  • 4x – 3000 gems ($30 value)

The Gems Multiplier is one of the most valuable purchases from the shop as it permanently doubles, triples or quadruples the gems you earn from playing games. This allows faster accumulation for buying other items.

Correct Answer Bonuses

  • +1 Correct Answer Bonus – 500 gems
  • +2 Correct Answer Bonus – 1500 gems
  • +3 Correct Answer Bonus – 2500 gems


  • +0 Correct Answers (Free)
  • +1 Correct Answer – 500 gems ($5 equivalent)
  • +2 Correct Answers – 1500 gems ($15 value)
  • +3 Correct Answers – 2500 gems ($25 value)

Enabling Correct Answer Bonuses gives you additional progress points for every right answer while playing games, allowing you to move faster on the gameboard.

Prize Discount

  • 25% Discount on Prizes – 1000 gems


  • No Discount (Free)
  • 25% Prize Discount – 1000 gems ($10)

This upgrade applies a discount to the prize cost of all items available for redemption in Rewards section. For example, a $2 Amazon card will reduce to only $1.5. Massive saver!

Gimkit Power Ups

Power ups provide instantaneous boosts and aids to excel within individual Gimkit games versus permanentaccount-level upgrades. These last from just a single game session to up to 10 games based on Power Up type purchased.

There are 13 different Power Ups available on Gimkit Shop now covering various use cases:

Squad Power Ups

  • Extra Life – 100 gems
  • Jump – 50 gems
  • Re-Roll Questions – 20 gems

*Cost per player per game

Handy during squad games if you lose life early, get tough question or fall too behind on board. Low cost one-time revives.

Battle Royale Power Ups

  • Head Start – 100 gems
  • Second Chance – 100 gems

*Cost per player per match

Get advantage at the start or re-enter after losing first life with these BR mode boosters.

General Game Power Ups

  • 2x Multiplier – 150 gems
  • 3x Multiplier – 400 gems
  • Copy Answer – 75 gems
  • Freeze Opponent – 125 gems
  • Reveal Answer – 75 gems

*Cost per player per Power Up usage

These can used for high scoring across all game modes, slowing down competitors and sneaking correct answers! Big value.

Pro Power Ups

  • 10 Extra Seconds – 300 gems
  • Leaderboard Freeze – 1000 gems

*10 game cost per player

Longer answering time allows better scoring for you while freezing leaderboard briefly lets you catch up to top ranks unnoticed!

Custom Game Power Ups

  • Whammy – 750 gems
  • Points Stealer – 1500 gems

*10 game cost per player

Either zap opponents points or drain them directly into your score using these deadly Power Ups during custom contests!

Power Up costs may be updated periodically. But they offer exciting instant boosts during games for a nominal spend compared to permanent Upgrades.

Gimkit Avatars and Gifts

Want to stand out from the crowd or surprise your squad members? Check out the Avatars and Gifts sub-section within Shop!


  • Over 50 unique avatar images to choose from
  • Category themes like Animals, Careers, Faces, Flags and more
  • Costs between 100-500 gems per avatar
  • Customize your profile image on Gimkit platform
  • No limits or expiry on use once purchased


You can gift purchased Game Upgrades, Power Ups and Avatar items to fellow Gimkit friends:

  • Select “Buy As A Gift” option while paying for items
  • Enter username of Gimkit account to assign gift
  • No extra charges incurred for gifting process

So you see your squad member struggling during games? Gift a Power Up to help them out or surprise someone special with a new Avatar. Sweet!

Gimkit Gift Cards

The most exciting section under Shop allows using hard-earned gems towards buying gift cards or prepaid codes of many popular brands that can then be used to purchase items online or in-stores.

Let us look at what all gift cards options exist:

Available Gift Card Brands

  • Amazon – $2, $10
  • PlayStation Store – $10
  • Xbox Store – $10
  • Nintendo eShop – $10
  • Roblox – 450 Robux, 1000 Robux
  • Call of Duty Points – $10
  • GrubHub – $5

Ongoing demand-based additions

Gift Cards Cost in Gems

  • $2 Amazon Gift Cards – 1500 gems
  • $10 Amazon Gift Cards – 7000 gems
  • $10 Game Store Gift Cards – 7000 gems
  • 450 Robux Card – 5000 gems
  • 1000 Robux Card – 10000 gems
  • $5 GrubHub Gift Card – 4000 gems

Redeem gems for brand vouchers to shop across gaming stores, food delivery platforms etc. Awesome rewards!

Let us now evaluate whether spending real money on Gimkit Shop is worthwhile and adds value.

Is Buying From Gimkit Shop Worth It?

Since all items available across various Shop sections require purchasing first gems currency using your cards or other payment options, an obvious question arises – are those offerings worth shelling out actual dollars? Or do they provide any real serious edge versus free users?

Well, the answer is – it depends! Casual players may be fine continuing with free version without paying at all. But frequent gamers stand to gain BIG benefits from store buys enabling more prizes, scoring big and flaunting purchased cosmetics. Let us weigh the pros and cons in detail below:

Advantages of Purchasing Shop Items

  • Highest gem multipliers make earning prizes and tickets 4x faster!
  • Get 25% discount automatically on all Gift Card rewards
  • Correct Answers Bonus allows quicker gameboard progression
  • Power Ups provide instant edge to beat opponents, freeze time etc.
  • Unique avatars to decorate your profile and show off collectibles
  • Gift friends special upgrades, boosters and avatar items!

Disadvantages of Purchasing Shop Items

  • Real money required to obtain gems currency first
  • Free players may have slight advantages taken away
  • Item benefits only visible to buyer rather than full squad
  • May seem overpowered if whole squad utilizes purchases
  • Costs can add up with so many items available

As visible clearly, while the Gimkit Shop does offer members exclusive personal and gameplay advantages, it does take away certain charms of keeping things fair for non buyers via level field.

Ultimately, free players CAN continue enjoying Gimkit without paying at all – focusing on learning first. Only ultra competitive teams MAY considerbuying upgrades for that coveted leaderboard top rank!

Tips for Using the Gimkit Shop

If you do decide to spend your real hard-cash on getting some additional goodies from the in-game Gimkit Shop for better experience, keep below tips in mind:

  • Start small with cheaper Power Ups to trial benefits first before big purchases
  • Focus on limited multipliers for maximum value as higher tiers have reducing returns
  • Buy Correct Answer bonus only if you are quick at answering and regularly get top ranks
  • Hold off on Prizes Discount until you have many tickets to redeem greater benefits
  • Gifting is wonderful to delight friends instead of always self-boosting!
  • Utilize Free Gems from codes, referrals program before paying out initially
  • Have sufficient balance in payment method to avoid frustrating failed transactions!

And that concludes the comprehensive guide detailing every offering you can explore and redeem currently using your Gems wallet within the Gimkit in-game Shop!

FAQs About Gimkit Shop

How to access the Gimkit Shop?

Use the Shop icon available on top left menu after logging into your account.

Can Free players buy anything from the Shop?

No, only paid gems allow you to transact. Free players get 200 gems for trying small purchases.

What gives maximum value in the Shop?

Doubling gems rate via Multipliers make competing for top prizes and leaderboards easier.

Do my Shop purchases automatically apply?

Game Upgrades and Avatars reflect instantly. Power Ups need manual activation per game.

Can I gift Shop items without telling the user?

Yes, Gifting allows anonymous delivery to surprise your squadmates or classmates!

Can I refund any Shop purchases?

Unfortunately purchases cannot be cancelled or refunded once successful payment confirmation occurs.

Will my Plus member benefits expire if I cancel?

Yes, recurring Plus perks will lapse until subscription renewed. One-times Upgrades stay forever.

Why can’t I buy some items from the Gimkit Shop?

Paid gems balance running low or payment method issues could prevent checkouts.
I hope this detailed guide gives you clarity on every facet regarding Gimkit Shop, items catalog, pricing, benefits and limitations to make informed choices

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