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5 gimkit codes that always work [2024]

5 gimkit codes that always work 2024 Here, we will share 5 Gimkit codes that always work to join open games on special themes or with fun powerups enabled. So let’s get started!

1. Valentine’s Day Game Code

  • Code: LOVE

The LOVE code will take you to a special Valentine’s Day themed game on Gimkit. This game is open for anyone to join and play.

The game has a beautiful love and Valentine’s Day visual theme. All the questions are related to love, crushes, Valentine’s day facts and trivia. This makes it a perfect game to play with your friends, classmates or even your Valentine!

This code never expires so you can use LOVE to play the Valentines game anytime!

2. Infinite Powerups Game Code

  • Code: POWERUP

The POWERUP code opens an open Gimkit game that has infinite powerups enabled. This makes the game super fun and chaotic!

When you join with the POWERUP code, you’ll notice you have unlimited tokens. You can spend these on unlimited powerups like freezing opponents, stealing their points, or revealing answers.

With so many powerups flying around, the game becomes crazy and very dynamic. You can pull ahead, get frozen for 5 questions, and then make a comeback!

The best part is you never run out of powerups with the infinite tokens so the action keeps going on. The POWERUP game code always works.

3. Zero Gravity Game Code


If you enter the code ZEROGRAVITY on Gimkit’s home page, you’ll be taken to a fun open game with zero gravity enabled.

The zero gravity mode changes the gameplay in some interesting ways. Firstly, question difficulties get all mixed up. Easy questions award the same points as hard questions. This levels the playing field.

Secondly, scores and ranks are hidden during the zero gravity game. You have no idea who’s winning until the very end! This keeps things exciting.

Lastly, powerups have some unique effects like reversing question difficulties or jumping to the top rank. With zero gravity, anything can happen!

The ZEROGRAVITY game code will continue to work forever, allowing anyone to jump into this exciting gameplay variant anytime.

4. Time Travel Game Code


This Gimkit code takes you on a journey through time! Join the TIMETRAVEL game to answer history and events-based questions.

As you play through the questions, you slowly advance along a historical timeline at the bottom of the screen. The questions also get progressively more difficult as you move towards the present era.

Some of the topics covered in the timeline journey include Ancient Rome, Vikings and Norsemen, Medieval Europe, the Renaissance, Imperialism, and both World Wars before catching up to modern events.

The visual theme is also designed with an old-timey aesthetic, brown backgrounds, and stylized visual flourishes. It feels like you’re peering into different historical eras!

Since the game is open access with the TIMETRAVEL code, you can replay the historical journey anytime and challenge your friends to beat your score!

5. Space Expedition Game Code


Enter the SPACERACE code in Gimkit to embark on an epic space expedition! This game, designed in collaboration with NASA, has a sci-fi spaceship visual theme.

As you play through the questions, it feels like you’re advancing through different cosmic objects. Each new set of 5 questions takes you to a new location like the Moon, Mars, Europa, Enceladus, a comet’s tail and more.

The questions are space and science themed ranging from astronomy to asteroids to sci-fi movies. There are some surprisingly difficult questions mixed with easier ones.

Since SPACERACE is permanently open, you can keep reliving the space expedition whenever you want. It’s educational and incredibly fun at the same time.

Benefits of Gimkit Code Games

Now that you know 5 awesome Gimkit codes for open games, let’s discuss some benefits that these code games provide:

No Planning Required: Unlike with regular Gimkit kits, you don’t have to schedule games with these codes or wait for a teacher to open a session. Just enter the code anytime and enjoy!

Variety: Each code leads to a game around a different fun theme ranging from Valentine’s day to space travel. There’s lots of variety when you want to take a break from standard games.

Powerups and Special Effects: Code games like POWERUP and ZEROGRAVITY enable special powerups and effects that completely change the gameplay style. The action becomes faster and more exciting.

Always Open: These 5 Gimkit code games are permanently open to anyone. So you don’t have to worry about a session being closed. Play unlimited rounds anytime!

Quick and Easy: Within seconds you can enter a code and be playing a freshly themed game with custom settings. It’s a fast way to take a study break or have some quick fun with friends.

Rewarding and Educational: While being super fun, these games are also well-designed around educational topics ranging from history to science. You learn new things while competing for high scores!

Tips for Dominating Gimkit Code Games

Now let’s get into some pro tips so you can truly dominate when playing these open Gimkit code games:

Use Powerups Wisely: In the POWERUP game, resist the urge to spam all your powerups right away. Save some for later game stages when you really need a boost or to sabotage an opponent about to win.

Memorize Answers: Questions eventually repeat in these endless code games. Pay attention to the answers and take mental notes so you can respond faster on repeats.

Unlock Upgrades: Spend your early earnings on upgrades like faster typing/selecting before splurging all on powerups. These upgrades really help in the long run.

Review Your Mistakes: There’s no timer, so take a quick moment whenever you get a question wrong to review the right answer. This helps cement the facts you keep getting incorrect.

Play in Bursts: Rather than marathon gaming for hours at a time, play in short focused bursts. This prevents boredom and mental fatigue so you can perform at peak levels with full concentration.

Challenge Friends: Competition is fun! When playing open code games, challenge your friends or classmates in the moment to beat your scores. This rivalry will keep you striving for excellence.


Gimkit code games provide a fun and education-filled experience for students of all ages. The 5 codes we shared – LOVE, POWERUP, ZEROGRAVITY, TIMETRAVEL and SPACERACE – can be entered anytime to enjoy games around exciting themes ranging from crushes to space exploration!

We hope these permanently open code games enrich your learning journey and provide quick entertainment when you want a study break. Dominate the leaderboards with the pro tips we provided like effectively using powerups, memorizing answers, and challenging friends.

So get out there, enter a Gimkit code from above, and start discovering infinite worlds of fun! The best part again is that all these codes always work when you want to revisit these games.


What are Gimkit codes?

Gimkit codes are alphanumeric strings used to access specific Gimkit games or features. They’re akin to passwords that grant entry to various activities within the Gimkit platform.

Do all Gimkit codes work?

Yes, Gimkit codes generated by the platform are designed to work reliably. However, it’s essential to ensure that the code entered is accurate and hasn’t expired, as expired codes won’t function.

How can I obtain Gimkit codes?

Gimkit codes are typically provided by educators or hosts who create and share Gimkit games. They can distribute codes via various means, such as direct sharing, posting in learning management systems, or sending them through messaging platforms.

Are there specific codes that always work?

While there are no universal codes that work for all users, hosts can generate unique codes for their Gimkit games. These codes should consistently function as long as they’re valid and entered correctly.

Can Gimkit codes expire?

Yes, Gimkit codes can expire, depending on the settings chosen by the host. Hosts have the option to set expiration dates for codes to control access to their games. Once a code expires, it can no longer be used to enter the associated Gimkit game.

How secure are Gimkit codes?

Gimkit codes are designed to be secure for accessing games and activities within the platform. However, hosts should still practice caution when sharing codes and avoid sharing them publicly to maintain security and control over game participation.

Can I create my own Gimkit codes?

Yes, if you’re a Gimkit host, you have the ability to create your own unique codes when setting up games. These codes serve as access keys for participants to join your game session.

Is there a limit to the number of times a Gimkit code can be used?

The number of times a Gimkit code can be used depends on the settings chosen by the host. Hosts can specify whether a code can be used once or multiple times. Once the maximum usage limit is reached, the code will no longer grant access.

Are there any alternative methods for accessing Gimkit games without using codes?

Yes, besides entering codes, participants can often join Gimkit games through direct links provided by hosts. These links bypass the need for entering codes manually and directly connect participants to the desired game.

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