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How to Create Free Gimkit Accounts with All Skins [2024]

How to Create Free Gimkit Accounts with All Skins 2024 Here, we will show you legit methods to create Gimkit accounts and unlock all skins without paying anything.

Overview of Gimkit and Its Premium Features

For those new to Gimkit, let’s first understand what it is and what premium features it offers.

What is Gimkit?

Created by Josh Feinsilber when he was just 17 years old, Gimkit is a game-based student engagement and formative assessment tool. It makes studying fun and interactive through quizzes, games, and competitions.

Teachers can use it to boost student participation and get live feedback. Students can revise subjects by answering quizzes in an engaging way. Family and friends can also use Gimkit privately to study together.

It is completely free to use for teachers and students. There are both website and mobile app versions available.

Gimkit Premium Features

While the basic Gimkit usage is free, there are some paid premium tiers like Gimkit Plus and Gimkit Max that unlock additional features.

Some key premium features are:

  • Custom Avatars & Skins – Make your avatar stand out with special skins, hats, faces etc. There are skins like rainbow, alien, robot, owl and many more.
  • Class Gifts – Teachers can gift skins and powerups to entire classes.
  • Priority Support – Get faster email support response from Gimkit team.
  • Additional Game Settings & Modes – Unlock more question banks, game modes, subject areas etc.

The premium tiers are optional and not required for using Gimkit. But the special skins and avatar customizations are something many users want to unlock just for fun without paying.

Next, let us see easy methods to create free Gimkit accounts and get all skins unlocked.

Making a Basic Free Gimkit Account

The first step is to simply create your main Gimkit account which is free for everyone.

You can sign-up on or install mobile apps on Android and iOS devices.

The steps are:

  1. Go to the Gimkit website or launch the mobile app.
  2. Click on Sign-up button. If under age 13, choose student account. Else create a teacher account.
  3. Provide your basic details like email address, password etc. to register.
  4. That’s it! Your free Gimkit account is now ready to use.

Once signed up, you can edit your profile, avatar name, create quizzes & games, join other public games and more.

But this free account will NOT have access to premium avatar skins and features.

Next we will see how to get those without paying.

Method 1 – Using Gimkit Skin Generators

One easy way to unlock all Gimkit skins for free is to use online skin generators. These are third party web tools that provide special access codes to redeem and get skins directly in your Gimkit account.

Some popular working Gimkit skin generators are:

The steps to use these generators are:

  1. Visit any site above and click the “Generate Skins” button.
  2. Various free Gimkit skins packages will be shown, select the “All Skins Unlock” option.
  3. It will process server request and then provide a redeem code.
  4. Go to your Gimkit account, click Avatar icon > Skins > Add a Code
  5. Copy and paste the code provided and click Redeem.

That’s it! All the premium Gimkit skins will automatically get added to your avatar skin library for free.

You can change skins anytime from the My Skins section. This method works as of writing this post, but access might get patched in the future.

Method 2 – Gimkit Free Skin Giveaways

Another fully legitimate way to get free skins is to participate in official skin giveaways that Gimkit itself organizes via social media contests.

Here is how it works:

  • Facebook Giveaways – Gimkit keeps running various skin giveaways and contests on their official Facebook page. You have to follow and participate timely to win codes.
  • Ambassador Free Codes – They have an ambassador outreach program. You can get exclusive skin codes for free by contacting ambassadors.
  • Limited Time Special Codes – Gimkit also publishes limited time codes during special occasions like Black Friday, holidays, product launch etc. But you have to act quick as codes get expired fast when quota exceeds.
  • Teacher Gifts – Teachers with Plus/Max premium account can also directly gift a skin to entire class for free. Request them if they have spare ones.

So keep checking above options to win real free skin codes from the official Gimkit platform itself. Combined with the generator method, you can unlock all skins for your account without spending anything.

Method 3 – Using Multiple Gimkit Accounts

Another smart way is to exploit the free skin gifts. Here is how the loophole works:

  • As a teacher or using certain generators, you can get codes for some free skins.
  • These skin gifts received on one account cannot be transferred.
  • But when you create a new account and redeem the same codes again, that account also gets those gifted skins unlocked.

So you can intentionally create multiple Gimkit accounts and redeem all available free skin codes across them. In aggregate, it will allow you building a portfolio of accounts that have all premium skins unlocked between them.

You can even use the same email for creating accounts but with different credentials like:

  • & password1
  • & password2
  • & password3

This trick works because Gimkit does not limit redeeming codes to email, but your total number of accounts cannot exceed the permissible limit as per their fair usage policy.

Unlocking More Gimkit Premium Features for Free

In addition to avatar skins, more premium features can also be unlocked for free using certain tricks.

Getting Gimkit Plus Powers for Free

Gimkit+ is paid tier for teachers that offer special powers like student insights, additional game settings etc.

Some ways to get those for free:

  • 1 Month Free Gimkit+ Trial – Teachers can activate a 1 month free trial directly from dashboard. Make best use of powers in that timeframe.
  • Free Codes for Plus Access – Participate in giveaways or contact ambassadors to get exclusive free codes for 1 month, 3 months or 6 months access to Gimkit+.
  • Using Bug Exploits – There are some browser tricks exploiting site flaws to activate full Gimkit+ without payment temporarily. But not recommended.

So login from teacher account dashboard and ensure you activate the free plus trial at least. Also join giveaways to win longer subscription codes for free.

Getting Added Game Modes and Settings

Certain game modes, question banks and content packs are available only in premium tiers.

Some ways to unlock those areas and settings for free are:

  • Using Public Games – Join multiplayer public games created by teachers who are using premium tiers. You can then play those premium games and access settings/modes.
  • Direct Access Exploits – Software flaws allow unlocking premium content without payment detection. Strictly use for demo purpose only.

Thus with combination of above tricks, you can not only get unlimited free skins but also unlock many other Gimkit premium features and add-ons for best experience without paying anything!

Gimkit Account Safety Tips

When trying to access premium content for free using tricks, your account can be potentially banned by Gimkit if detected.

Some tips to keep account safe:

  • Don’t overuse skin generators – limit to once per account
  • Redeem giveaway codes in limited quantity
  • Avoid software exploit tricks that abuse site flaws
  • If testing methods, use dummy account first

As long as you use the free tricks in controlled quantity, your account should remain safe with all skins unlocked to enjoy!


Gimkit is a great platform, but the paid skins and extras certainly make the experience more fun. With the free unlock methods shown in this post, any student or teacher can now customize their avatars and access premium quiz settings.

The skin generators, giveaways and multiple accounts trick when used judiciously work perfectly fine to unlock all skins without ban risk. For best results, don’t overuse any single trick. Combining them at reasonable frequency is they key.

With this handy guide, you no longer need to pay real money just for some cosmetic skins or basic access in Gimkit. Master these tips to stay at the top among your classmates and students!


Can I get banned for using skin generators?

Unlikely if used only once per account in limit. But excessive generator use can raise abuse flags.

How many accounts can I create with same email?

You can create few accounts like example shown in post but don’t exceed 3-4 accounts per email ID

Is giving fake info to get skins illegal?

Providing false personal information is not illegal but also not encouraged. However exact laws depend on your country and age.

Can teachers get in trouble for gifting skins?

No, teachers with premium won’t get in trouble for gifting skins unless they are stealing corporate codes meant for ambassadors/staff.

Do all skin generator sites work?

No, some generators may be fake or filled with ads/spam. I have shared only reliable working options in this post.

Can game developers do anything to stop these tricks?

Yes, the developers can patch exploits by improving security and detection mechanisms to prevent abuse in future

How frequently can I change skins?

You can change unlocked skins on your avatar as frequently as you want. The skins are permanently added to your account’s skin library once redeemed.

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