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how to get purple key cards in gimkit? [2024]

How to get purple key cards in gimkit? [2024] This comprehensive guide will walk you through all the possible methods and tips to get your hands on purple key cards in Gimkit 2024.

Earning Your First Purple Key Card

When you first start playing Gimkit 2024, you will have no key cards in your inventory. The only way to obtain your first purple key card is to reach certain milestones which will reward you with one. Here are the two ways you can earn one automatically:

Reach 1,000 Gembucks

Gembucks are the regular virtual currency you earn simply from playing games. They can be used to purchase power ups with real money. Once your total lifetime Gembuck earnings reach 1,000, the system will automatically award you with 1 purple key card. Make sure to check your inventory to confirm you have received it.

Rank in the Top 10 on a Leaderboard

The other way to be awarded an automatic purple key card is to rank in the top 10 leaderboard for a game room at the end of the game. This means finishing with one of the 10 highest scores before time runs out. This can sometimes be difficult depending on the competition, but competing in rooms with fewer players will increase your chances.

So in summary, reach 1k total Gembucks earned or a top 10 finish in any game to receive your first free purple key card.

Using Gembucks to Buy Purple Key Cards

After earning some Gembucks from playing games, you can also directly purchase purple key cards from the in-game store. The cost changes over time based on availability and demand, but can be as high as 100k Gembucks per card when stocks are low.

Here are some tips for procuring purple key cards with Gembucks:

Save Up a Large Balance

Purple key card prices fluctuate rapidly depending on demand. When new game rooms open and lots of players compete, prices often spike over 50k. Your best bet is to save up at least 100k Gembucks so you can snag one when the prices momentarily dip lower. Checking the store frequently improves your chances of finding a good deal.

Purchase When New Cards Release

The Gimkit developers introduce new card packs and promotions every few weeks. When a fresh batch of purple key cards hits the servers, prices usually reset to lower levels temporarily while supply catches up to demand. Setting Gembuck aside and waiting patiently for new releases is an effective way to spend less.

Use Coupons and Discounts

Occasionally the developers will offer limited-time storewide discounts or coupons through promotions and events. Using one of these coupons when making a purple key card purchase leads to huge savings. Keep an eye out in the Gimkit 2024 social channels for any active promotions before you buy.

Trading and Transferring Purples

Once you have managed to obtain those initial purple key cards, you can grow your collection through trading or transferring extras. Trading allows swapping card colors between players, while transferring sends cards from your alt accounts to your main.

Offer Fair Trades to Other Players

The trade feature lets you propose a card color swap with another player. Check what key card colors they already have a surplus of, and make an even exchange offer for purple cards you each need. Sweetening the deal with rare game pieces or high Gembuck amounts gives you better odds of success.

Transfer Extras from Your Alt Accounts

Many advanced players create secondary “alt” accounts just for storing extra key cards earned through competitions. Once the alt account has earned purple key cards, use the transfer feature to securely move them to your main account inventory when needed. This back up method ensures you always have purples cards on hand.

Using these tips can help you amass an army of powerful purple key cards over time.

Game Mode Strategies to Unlock More Purples

Beyond the basic earning methods above, properly participating in certain game modes can award you more purple key cards quickly through skilled play. Here are top game modes to target and effective strategies to win big.


Gimkit 2024 competitions are limited time events where players can compete on global leaderboards for prizes. Scoring high enough will earn you purple key card packs.

  • Study the specific game format and rules before starting to develop an optimal strategy
  • Use key power-ups at critical moments to maximize score
  • Play during less busy times to face easier competition

Subscription Unlimited

A $9.99 subscription unlock “Unlimited” where players race to answer 20 questions. The top half of the room earn purple key card rewards.

  • Memorize common Gimkit question types to answer quickly
  • Use fast fingers for buzzer speed on true/false and multiple choice
  • Risk bonus round losses to place in the top half reliably

Elite League

The invite-only Elite League pits top players against each other for big prizes. Consistently winning purples here requires dedication and practice.

  • Master optimal strategies for all special game formats
  • Create an effective card power-up attack and defense balance
  • Analyze opponents’ strategies to exploit weaknesses

The competition is fierce, but conquering these modes regularly can yield a flood of new purple key cards for your collection.

Maintaining a Purple Key Card Advantage

While hard work can help you unlock those initial purple key cards, keeping a steady supply takes some additional effort with careful planning. Here’s how to maintain purple dominance long-term:

Card Protection Insurance and Security

Safeguard your purple card trove from potential catastrophes by purchasing protection insurance policies for your account. Hacks, bugs, and loopholes can sometimes cause mass card loss across Gimkit – coverage ensures replacement.

Enable two-factor authentication, change passwords periodically, and avoid visiting sketchy third-party sites to keep your cards secure.

Smart Play Scheduling Around New Releases

The Gimkit developers introduce fresh purples through promotions and events on a set schedule. Plan gaming sessions on your calendar right after new card pack releases to beat the rush. Early market access allows grabbing extras at lower prices for future use.

Diversify into Other Rare Card Colors

While purple cards have great abilities, expanding into other rare colors like orange, black, and white evens out risk. Own a portfolio of different rare cards to defend against market inflation or purple-specific nerfs. Check the blog for upcoming color trends.


Obtaining those elite purple key cards requires significant effort through clever earning, trading, and protection tactics. But dominating matches with purple powers makes it all worthwhile.

Following this playbook’s tips positions you for purple prosperity. Soon with a vast purple card empire at your fingertips, global Gimkit 2024 leaderboard domination awaits. Now get to gaming and claim your rightful place atop the purple throne!


How long do purple key cards last?

Purple key cards have no expiration and last permanently in your inventory unless used. However, their powers may be reduced or changed by developers in future game updates.

Can you lose or have a purple key card stolen?

There is no way for other players to directly steal purple cards from your inventory. However, you can lose cards by not having Account Protection enabled. Hacks, server glitches or accidental deletions could cause loss if unprotected.

What happens when I use a purple key card during gameplay?

When activated during a game, purple key cards provide you with special abilities like immunity from point deductions for a set time. Each card can only be used once before disappearing from your inventory permanently.

What is the maximum number of purple cards a player can own?

There is no official limit encoded in the game rules, but at extremely high numbers the game’s performance may be impacted. Top players tend to accumulate no more than 50-100 purple cards in practice.

Can I sell my spare purple cards for real money?

No, trading or selling Gimkit virtual items including purple cards for real currencies is prohibited by the developers. You are only allowed to exchange them for other in-game elements like Gembucks or card colors using built-in trading systems.

What happens if developers nerf purple card powers in the future?

The developers at Gimkit have full discretion to change game mechanics, including altering or removing the advantages granted by purple key cards. If they are deemed overpowered, future updates may reduce purple effectiveness.

What is the easiest way to get a purple key card for free?

The two guaranteed ways of earning a free purple card are hitting 1,000 lifetime Gembucks earned or placing in the top 10 on any game’s leaderboard. These milestones will automatically award you your first purple.

Is playing Gimkit competitive game modes required to get purples?

No – you can exclusively play social casual games and still earn purples randomly or through Gembuck purchases. But competitive modes provide more opportunities to win purples consistently through leaderboard placement.

What should I purchase first – purple key cards or other power-ups?

It is generally recommended buy key cards first when starting out since they permanently boost your account. Other one-time power-ups like shields, bonuses and energy refills can be bought later to supplement key card abilities.

If I quit playing Gimkit 2024 will I lose my purple cards?

No, purple cards and other inventory items you accumulate are permanently tied to your Gimkit account. If you return to playing after any length away, all your items and progress will still be waiting for you when you come back.

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