How to get a lot of EXP and GimBucks fast?[2024]

How to get a lot of EXP and GimBucks fast 2024.Gimkit is an online multiplayer live game that is used by teachers and students to help study various subjects in an engaging way. Players compete with their classmates to answer questions correctly and earn points. Players can use their earned points (called GimBucks) to buy power-ups that help them gain an advantage in the game.

The game has become hugely popular in classrooms around the world as it adds an element of fun and competition to otherwise mundane studying. Knowing strategies to progress faster in Gimkit by earning more experience points (EXP) and GimBucks can greatly amplify a player’s enjoyment. This article will provide tips and tricks for students looking to excel in Gimkit.

Understanding EXP and GimBucks

EXP and GimBucks are the two currencies used in Gimkit. Here’s a quick overview:


  • Earned by answering questions correctly.
  • Used to level up – higher levels unlock various achievements and upgrades.
  • The amount of EXP earned per correct answer increases for higher value questions.


  • Earned by answering streaks/bonuses or using real money.
  • Used to purchase power-ups and sabotages.
  • Allow a player to strategize and gain an advantage over others.

Building up both EXP and GimBucks quickly is key to dominating a Gimkit game.

Tips to Gain EXP Faster

Here are some tips to help you earn EXP quicker:

Answer High Value Questions

  • Focus on answering questions with higher point values first, as they award more EXP.
  • Be on the lookout for opportunities to answer 10x or 100x value questions to maximize EXP gains.

Take Advantage of Rewards

  • Complete successive correct answers to earn streak rewards and bonus EXP.
  • Keep your streak going for as long as possible.
  • Achievements also give one-time EXP rewards.

Use Power-Ups Strategically

  • Power-ups like 2x, 3x, and 10x can multiply your EXP earnings from questions.
  • Save them for big value questions to optimize gains.
  • The Collector power-up saves your next three rewards to be opened later. Use it before a bonus round to claim rewards on expensive questions.

Play Well-Designed Games

  • Join games created with earning EXP in mind – they have expensive questions with multiple power-up opportunities.
  • Avoid games that max out too quickly. Stretching games longer allows more questions to be answered.

With the right strategy, you can earn tens of thousands of EXP in a good Gimkit game!

Tips for Getting More GimBucks Quickly

GimBucks allow you to activate powerful sabotages, preserves, and advantages during gameplay. Here are effective methods to increase your GimBucks earnings:

Complete Your Daily Checklist

  • The daily checklist offers free GimBucks rewards for simple tasks.
  • Easy ones include logging in daily, verifying your email, and customizing your avatar.
  • Getting the maximum checklist rewards should be the first priority.

Watch Ads Between Games

  • Short video ads viewed in between games provide small GimBucks rewards.
  • Although small individually, they add up over many games.
  • Link your account to get additional rewards for watching.

Leverage Streak Bonuses

  • Similar to EXP, answering multiple questions correctly builds your streak.
  • Major streak milestones reward bonus GimBucks.
  • Prolong streaks to hit more milestones.

Purchase GimBucks

  • Buying GimBucks with real money is the fastest way to gain them.
  • First payment gets a 100% bonus. Additional limited-time special offer bundles unlock at higher purchases.
  • Save purchased GimBucks until needed as they don’t expire.

Saving GimBucks between games and spending them situationally can make a huge difference in competitive matches!

Key Gameplay Strategies

Beyond directly earning EXP and GimBucks faster, you can also employ gameplay strategies to level up quicker:

Play in Groups

  • Creating a private game and playing with friends awards 20% more EXP.
  • Group sizes of 3-8 work best. Coordinate power-ups between all players.

Maximize Value from Power-Ups

  • Time power-ups like Factorial Fiesta, Freeze Frame and Triple Trophy for 10x questions.
  • Similarly, use High Roller when you have enough GimBucks saved to bid high.

Counter Other Players

  • Observe other players saving up and anticipate their moves.
  • Undercut players using High Roller power-up with Lower the Bar.
  • Similarly counter Freeze Frames by activating Anarchy.

Create Efficient Games

As a game creator, structure games to maximize opportunities to gain EXP:

  • Set game duration to 15-25 minutes allowing for more questions.
  • Include occasional high-value questions spread evenly throughout.
  • Enable power-ups, streak bonuses and other rewards to incentivize engagement.

Following these tips, tricks and strategies in your Gimkit gameplay will help you unlock achievements faster, reach higher levels quicker and ultimately become a Gimkit pro!

Maximizing Long-Term Progression

While the previous tips help you progress faster in the short-term, dedicated Gimkit gamers also need strategies that provide sustained advancement over hundreds of hours of gameplay.

Implementing efficient progression planning, taking advantage of seasonal events, and establishing macro gameplay habits will earn you abundantly more currency as compared to casual players.

Progression Planning

Planning your advancement involves optimizing short-term gameplay as well as efficiently using earned currencies for maximum effect.

Balance Currency Spending

Strategically spend currencies rather than waste them thoughtlessly:

  • Use GimBucks to counter opponents or enable advantages that will return high EXP.
  • Save EXP boosters like 2x EXP for games where you can answer more questions.
  • Avoid spending real money on consumables providing one-time benefits. Rather, spend carefully on permanent upgrades.

Prioritize Unlocks

Given limited currencies, wisely prioritize:

  • First focus on upgrades granting sustainable benefits like higher payouts from GimBucks/streaks.
  • Next unlock visual customizations to display rank. Defer fun vanity purchases.
  • Upgrade preserves and advantages over sabotages and attacks. Good offense comes after reliably good earnings.

Optimizing Level Progression

Plan level progression for the best efficiency:

  • Initially target key milestone levels granting new features like the shop, ranks or badges.
  • During easier early levels, stock up currencies. Aggressively spend them later to breeze through slow mid-game levels faster. Save big XP boosters to push through XP walls.
  • Alternate focused grinding with casual play. Mix high stake tournaments for big gains with low-pressure practice to prevent burnout.

Proactively planning progression lets you maximize growth from both effort and rewards.

Time Seasonal Events

Gimkit introduces special limited-time events multiple times annually with special currencies and exclusive rewards. These are key opportunities for veterans to unlock rare collectibles and new players to accelerate rank progression.

Big Seasons: Halloween, Winter Holiday, Summer Vacation

Major seasonal events like Halloween, Winter Holiday and Summer Vacation introduce brand new seasonal currencies and exclusive themed collectible profile customizations.

For new players – focus on rapidly collecting seasonal currencies to quickly earn special unlocks before the events end. Veterans can build an inventory of collectibles over many years that are unavailable afterwards.

Gimkit Game of the Year

Spanning 10 days in Spring, the Gimkit Game of the Year has previous event rewards attainable via Game of the Year Tokens. Players vote amongst various game options daily to determine available prizes.

Both new and older players can use this as an opportunity to redeem missed rewards from past limited-time events. Veterans can gain duplicates to upgrade collectibles to animated versions.

Strategically participating in recurring annual events maximizes your ability to collect exclusive items, level up faster and stand out from regular players. Time investment during these special events provides disproportionately high rewards.

Habits for Long-Term Progression

Succeeding as a top player over the long run requires developing intentional habits and strategies tailored to progress at advanced stages.

Diversify Gameplay

While early on repetitive grinding in high efficiency games maximizes growth, over the long run ensure gameplay variety to prevent disengagement:

  • Play both intensely competitive tournaments as well casual practice games.
  • Alternate solo play allowing focus with cooperative team matches requiring communication and coordination.
  • Seek diversity in game formats and objectives beyond standardized leaderboard races. This sustains engagement over thousands of matches.

Limit Each Session

Rather than endless grinding:

  • Set a goal for currency earnings, achievement unlocks or rank progression per gameplay session based on current objectives.
  • Bound each session to a fixed duration or number of matches. Strategically quit at the peak to avoid burnout.

Working towards broader milestones with balanced effort is integral to persisting as a top player over years without losing motivation.

Establishing structured gameplay habits complementing progression planning allows dedicated players to scale new heights. Not only does this provide short term gains, it sustains engagement over the long term.

Putting It All Together

Mastering rapid progression in Gimkit – both within individual matches as well as over long periods via events and habits calls for the integration of multiple strategic frameworks.

Broadly, play with the goals per session, efficiently plan progression across unlock trees and upgrades to maximize growth from limited currencies. Time participation around special events with exclusive seasonal rewards. Build appropriate macro habits to sustain engagement over thousands of hours without fatigue.

While casual players gain intermittent benefits from individual tips shared earlier, structured integration of short, medium and long term progression tactics is necessary for truly committed players to accelerate on the path to greatness.

The key is appropriately mixing focused grinding to capitalize on big opportunities with measured play. Thisbalances rapid advancement with enjoyment and diversification thereby allowing longevity unmatched by even talented players lacking structured growth strategies.

Dedicated gamers who meticulously plan paths integrating different progression techniques will unlock heights unthinkable by competitors relying purely on intuition and grind. Pursue mastery in Gimkit by deliberately architecting your advancement!


Here are the key takeaways on levelling up faster in Gimkit:

  • Focus on high-value questions – Maximizes the EXP gained with each correct answer.
  • Build streaks – Long answer streaks award big EXP and Gimbuck bonuses.
  • Strategically use Power-Ups – Selectively use them to multiply gains from expensive questions.
  • Watch Ads – Provides small incremental Gimbucks that add up.
  • Group Bonus – Playing matches in bigger groups awards 20% more EXP per question.
  • Counter Opponents – Predict and negate sabotages and advantages used by competitors.

Combining these tips will help boost your rate of progress significantly. Just a little planning and selective effort goes a long way. Apply these strategies in your next games to become a high-level Gimkit pro!


What is Gimkit?

Gimkit is an engaging educational platform designed to make learning fun through interactive quizzes and games.

Why do I need EXP and GimBucks in Gimkit?

EXP (Experience Points) allow you to level up and unlock various features within the platform, while GimBucks serve as in-game currency for purchasing upgrades and bonuses.

How can I earn EXP quickly?

Answer questions correctly and quickly during games to earn +2 EXP per correct answer.
Create games and have lots of players join to earn +1 EXP per player.
Join games with wager bonuses enabled to potentially win big EXP.
Use EXP boosters and powerups purchased with GimBucks for an EXP multiplier.

How can I earn GimBucks quickly?

Watch ad videos under the “Earn” section for free GimBucks.
Level up and receive GimBucks rewards for reaching new levels.
Join games created by Gimkit devs under the Featured Games tab. These often have GimBucks prizes.
Participate in special Gimkit events and contests that offer GimBucks.
Get the Premium subscription for bonus daily login GimBucks.

What should I spend GimBucks on?

Powerups and boosters that multiplier your EXP gain in games.
Avatars, pets, trails and other profile customizations.
Additional game settings and options for your created games.

I don’t want to spend real money. Can I still earn everything?

Yes! Everything in the shop can be earned slowly over time without spending. Be patient, watch ad videos, level up, and play actively.

What is the fastest way to earn if money is no concern?

Buy the Premium subscription for bonus daily login GimBucks, then purchase high-level boosters. The EXP will start compounding very quickly.

Is there a limit to how much EXP and GimBucks I can earn?

There is no hard limit to how much EXP and GimBucks you can earn, but your earnings may be influenced by factors such as your activity level within the platform and participation in special events or challenges.

Can I earn EXP and GimBucks by creating and sharing my own quizzes?

Yes, creating and sharing your own quizzes can also contribute to your EXP and GimBucks earnings. When other players engage with your quizzes, you may receive rewards based on their interactions and feedback.

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