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How to Delete Your Gimkit Account?[2024]

How to Delete Your Gimkit Account?2024 As one of the world’s most popular online learning platforms, Gimkit has helped over 4 million educators and students make study time more engaging and effective. The web and app-based service released in 2017 allows anyone to create fun, game-based assessments across 20+ academic subjects.

While the system works fantastic for most, some users eventually seek to delete their Gimkit account permanently due to changing needs or priorities. Fortunately, fully removing a Gimkit account with all associated data is straightforward.

This step-by-step guide will explain everything involved in deleting your Gimkit user account in the year 2024 – whether you are a student, teacher, parent or other user of their platform.

Should You Delete Your Gimkit Account?

Before hastily deleting your Gimkit profile, consider what you will lose and whether alternatives may better suit your needs:

Lose Content – Any quizzes, classes or test results you created within Gimkit will be removed and unrecoverable after account deletion. Export data you want to retain.

Lose Performance Records – Your lifetime game statistics and leaderboard rankings will reset with no ability to restore once eliminating your account.

Consider Deactivation – If wanting a break from the platform, deactivating your profile temporarily hides it from view and blocks access until ready to return.

Create Alternate Account – Making a fresh account lets you start progress and content anew while preserving any data linked to your older profile.

Assuming you still wish to proceed deleting everything permanently from their systems, the process only takes a few minutes.

Step 1 – Backup Gimkit Content

Before deleting your Gimkit account, we strongly encourage archiving any quizzes, classes or key data you have generated within the platform that you may ever want to access again:

  • Export Quizzes – Save created quizzes as sharable PDF files to retain question content externally.
  • Download Reports – If a teacher, export detailed performance reports on students’ game results over time.
  • Screenshot Results – Use your device’s screenshot capture option to locally save any gaming leaderboards or achievement records.
  • Unlink Social Media – Disconnect any social media profiles tied to your Gimkit account via settings to avoid unwanted cross-posting.

Backing up this information ensures you have copies of important student progress data, creative lesson plans and trivia material you crafted through Gimkit before eliminating your account permanently.

Step 2 – Request Account Deletion

Once content preservation is addressed, navigating to Gimkit’s account deletion page is the next step. On a computer or mobile browser, visit:

This opens their account removal portal with further guidelines. You will need to confirm the following details:

  • The email address associated with your active Gimkit account that you wish to delete.
  • Your current Gimkit username.
  • The reason you desire account deletion.

Providing this information generates an automated ticket to their support team requesting permanent profile removal. Submitting the web form is quick and easy.

Step 3 – Confirm Account Deletion Request

Within 48 business hours, the email you entered will receive confirmation from Gimkit to finalize permanently deleting your account.

The message will come from Gimkit’s customer service team asking you to click a unique link if still certain you want to proceed deleting your profile.

Opening the link will instantly and irreversibly erase your account data. So double check that you have gathered any files or information you want to retain beforehand!

Step 4 – Check Deletion Status

After clicking the account removal confirmation link, give the system 5-10 minutes to fully process shutting down access and dismantling your user profile across Gimkit’s platforms.

You can check deletion status by trying to login at or their mobile apps. Attempting to access your old account should now display errors that the username no longer exists.

Forcing logout everywhere ensures no data lingers accessible accidentally as the record deletion propagates globally. Logins will be permanently blocked moving forward.

And that’s all it takes to completely delete your Gimkit student or teacher account! The four steps allow a clean break for when you’re ready to move on from their services.

Why Teachers Delete Gimkit Accounts

Most often, students are the ones deleting Gimkit when graduating or changing schools. But instructors also occasionally opt to erase their teaching accounts. Common reasons include:

Switching Jobs

When teachers change schools or leave the profession altogether, they may want a fresh start on tracking statistics and materials. Deleting everything provides closure while quitting.

Student Privacy Concerns

Some districts implement stricter policies limiting third party edtech tools. Rather than transferring records elsewhere, teachers occasionally prefer fully removing student data access.

Seeking Change

After using Gimkit heavily for years, some teachers want to force themselves to try entirely new tools instead of relying only on familiar options.

Lacking Engagement

If educators struggle getting student buy-in for the Gimkit platform over time, deleting their account helps break the cycle of low adoption.

Fixing Mistakes

Creating an alternate account enables importing any important instructional content again if desired, while letting teachers distance themselves from early mistakes.

Personal Reasons

Rarely, unusual circumstances like hacking attempts or harassment issues could motivate users to start completely fresh through account deletion for increased privacy.

In most cases, the decision is voluntary and strategic rather than reactionary. Having total control over your account’s online presence keeps power in users’ hands.

Deleting Gimkit Accounts for Students

While teachers remove accounts deliberately, parents often handle deleting expired student accounts. Common student-related reasons include:

Graduating Classes

When finishing a course or graduating a school, eliminating old class records and resets progress tracking for new stages.

Changing Schools

Transferring physical schools or switching to homeschooling means previous game data becomes irrelevant. Removing it focuses metrics on the current situation.

Updating Metrics

Young students’ statistics fluctuate rapidly. Deleting history periodically lets progress benchmarks reflect present abilities.

Preserving Reputation

Early on, some students build unfortunate win/loss records from experimenting. Wiping info gives them a fresh status when focused on improving.

Course Conclusion

Similar to work emails, old Gimkit access may expire when the associated class or assignment concludes each semester.

Allowing parents authority over account removal rights ensures optimal privacy and performance tracking for minor aged pupils through their academic journey.

Will Students Lose Access to Purchased Content if Accounts are Deleted?

One common concern around deleting Gimkit accounts involves the loss of access to purchased rewards like avatars, powerups, skins and more unlocked via the Gimkit Store using earned diamonds.

The good news is that students will NOT lose access to any premium store content they previously bought with diamonds if their account gets deleted later on.

Purchased cosmetics and bonuses get saved globally to their device using tracking cookies even if the original account disappears. This means they can still equip and use unlocked store gear upon making a brand new account after deletion.

Think of it like transferring game save data that retains all special unlocks. Students essentially continue where they left off with the same status perks thanks to the smart infrastructure.

So feel free to delete accounts frequently to reset statistics without worrying about losing rarely earned store purchases!

Closing Thoughts

Removing your Gimkit user profile when the time comes allows starting fresh while still optionally retaining any instructional materials for reuse later if desired. Take advantage of comprehensive account deletion rights to always put your needs first.

With privacy and control in your hands, you can shape your ideal Gimkit experience. While deleting accounts is rarely necessary thanks to versatile security controls, the straightforward four step deletion process makes the option accessible.


Can I delete my Gimkit account on mobile?

Yes, you can request account deletion through the mobile website or mobile app. Just visit the account deletion page and submit the online form.

What happens to my students’ accounts if I delete my teacher account?

Your students’ accounts remain unaffected and they can continue accessing any of your shared content. Only your individual account is removed.

If I delete my account, can someone else sign up using my old username?

No, once an account is deleted that exact username becomes unavailable forever to uphold privacy. No one can create an account copying your prior handle.

How long does account deletion take to complete?

The entire account removal process usually completes within 24 hours after confirming the removal request via email link. Full data deletion propagates globally inside of one day typically.

Can I undo a deletion request if I change my mind?

Unfortunately, no. Once you confirm the removal request through email, there is no way to rescue or reactivate the deleted account. The process is designed to be permanent.

Will my game data remain on leaderboards if I delete my account?

No, removing your account automatically erases all associated game statistics, rankings, badges and other platform records as if you never existed.

Can someone else delete my student account without my permission?

No, only the registered email owner linked to a Gimkit account can voluntarily initiate deletion. This blocks unauthorized or accidental account removal.

If I come back to Gimkit later, would I use the same username?

No, you would need to create a brand new account with a different unique username. Once an account is deleted, its username gets retired permanently from reuse.

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