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how to draw gimkit characters?[2024]

How to draw gimkit characters?2024 In this comprehensive step-by-step guide, we will explore techniques for sketching various iconic Gimkit characters in easy stages – right from basic shapes to completing colors and textures using common art supplies.

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Overview of Core Gimkit Characters Types

Before drawing, it helps to first understand what the main recurring characters within Gimkit games look like. They typically fall into a few categories:

Know-it-All Toppers

These nerdy bookworm characters have large heads overflowing with information. Signature features are thick glasses, freckled cheeks and high-waisted pants.

Hip Cool Dudes

These smooth dudes sport the latest street fashion. They have a relaxed style with scruffy hair, headphones, hoodies and sneakers.

Powerful Robots

Futuristic bots with antennae, gears, neon tubes and robotic joints make up the tech-savvy robot squad in Gimkit.

Cute Pet Sidekicks

Loyal pets like playful ponies, furry cats and floating balloons often accompany players, acting as their status indicators.

Quirky Aliens

Strange interstellar aliens with unique features like multiple eyes, tentacles, odd-shaped heads and spacesuits sometimes show up!

These colorfully diverse personas winning and losing together are what make Gimkit game lobbies full of life. Now let’s break down simple step-by-step methods to sketch them.

How to Draw a Gimkit Know-It-All Topper Character

Let’s start with Tiffany – a nerdy bookworm topper sporting large glasses, poofy hair and an ever-eager raised hand.

Step 1 – Draw the Head

Start by roughly sketching a large circle for the head, leaving space at the bottom. Note the excited and cheerful expression.

Step 2 – Add Iconic Nerd Hairstyle

Draw a big puffy cloud-shaped hairstyle rising from the top of the head, with some wispy split-end strands escaping out.

This poofy tousled hair is a signature of academically-oriented characters.

Step 3 – Include Large Nerdy Glasses

Add a pair of oversized glasses frame wrapping around the eyes with lenses fully covering them. Draw circles within to represent reflections glare.

Thick black spectacle frames are a must for stereotypical bookish characters.

Step 4 – Detail Freckled Cheeks

Lightly dot some freckles spattered across the cheeks around the nose bridge to reinforce the studious harmless nerd persona.

Step 5 – Attach Scrawny Body

Extend curved lines downward from the head to map out a petite scrawny frame. Add a bow-tie neck accessory. Raise and bend one arm upwards eagerly.

Voila! Our excitable bookworm Tiffany is ready to ace any trivia quiz. Let’s color her next using a pale tan skin tone, orange hair with brown roots, green shirt and red hairband.

How to Sketch a Hip Gimkit Cool Dude Character

Let’s now design Devon – a laidback gaming wizard with musical headphones, messy hair and a red hoodie.

Step 1 – Draw the Head Shape

Start with roughly sketching a circle for the head from a side angle view this time. Note the relaxed carefree expression.

Step 2 – Detail Trendy Hairstyle

Draw uneven flicks and spikes bursting in all directions to depict a fashionably unkempt hairstyle.

Modern messy hair projects coolness for urban characters.

Step 3 – Add Headphones Accessory

Wrap a giant pair of DJ style swiveling headphones over and around the ears as a signature gamer accessory. Outline and connect the headband.

Step 4 – Attach Casual Hoodie Outfit

Rough out the shape of a baggy hoodie sweater with large pocket in the front. Hoodies project a laidback personality.

Step 5 – Complete Body in Relaxed Posture

Finish up by loosely drawing the hands into the hoodie pockets and cross-hatching track pants that crunch above sneakers.

The slouched posture sums up an aloof carefree attitude. Finally let’s color with brown hair, golden skin, red hoodie and grey pants.

Drawing casual urban characters is all about representing modern relaxed youth culture through clothing, hair and accessories.

Designing a Gimkit High-Tech Robot Character

Robots and bots are also popular gaming avatar choices. Let’s create Rex-5K – a robotic quizbot ready to analyze questions using advanced algorithms.

Step 1 – Sketch the Metallic Head

Start by outlining a near perfect sphere for the hi-tech hyper-intelligent bot head with a serious analytical expression.

Step 2 – Add Antenna and Ear Disc

Extending from the top and sides of the head, add a triangular antenna and round scanner disc to represent communication and data gathering appendages.

Step 3 – Draw the Robotic Torso

Rough the metallic barrel-shaped torso out with circles indicating a power light, battery pack logo and serial number identification.

Step 4 – Attach Mechanical Limbs

Draw cylindrical arms with ball-joint shoulders leading to claw-like grippers. Repeat for plain straight legs. Add knee and elbow caps.

Step 5 – Include Signature Sci-fi Details

Finish up with small embellishments like wires, rivets and reactor vents to make it more legit scifi bot-like.

Finally, let’s color our robotic genius pal with grey metal skin, glow accents and blue reactor lighting for a high-tech polished look.

That covers the basics of constructing robotic persona! Feel free to accessorize with gadgets.

How to Doodle a Cute Gimkit Pet Sidekick

Let’s shift gears by designing an adorable pet avatar. Meet Bubbles – a cute kitty cat with balloon indicators of owner performance.

Step 1 – Illustrate Cartoonish Cat Head

Start by roughly sketching an oval shape for the furry cat head with triangular ears pointed upwards. Note the innocent loyal pet expression.

Step 2 – Attach Floating Indicator Balloons

Draw simple circle balloons of varying sizes linked to the cat’s body via curled strings. These represent player health, wins etc.

Step 3 – Complete Fur Details on Body

Fill out the rest of the fluffy all fours feline body, making sure to accentuate extra fuzzy paws. Add collar accessory.

Step 4 – Customize Face Features

Personalize by highlighting unique black nose, big sea green eyes with catchlights and pink tongue peeking out excitedly.

Lastly shade the fur alternately in orange and white for a mixedbreed marmalade kitty appearance.

Pets make for fun and cute Gimkit sidekicks! Feel free to substitute other animals like ponies, bunnies, turtles etc.

Attempting an Alien Character from Outer Space

Let’s attempt something more challenging – the purple tentacled alien Banditox here to sabotage his quiz competition!

Step 1 – Sketch Bug-Eyed Head Outline

Lightly outline an egg-shaped alien cranium, making sure to leave room for multiple eyes and antennae budding out.

Step 2 – Add Crazy Details in Eyes and Mouth

Draw stacks of googly eyes in odd numbers and angles. Add uneven razor sharp teeth and lolling tongue.

Step 3 – Include Weird Unsymmetrical Antennae

Top the head off with jagged lightning shaped antennae of varying heights.

Step 4 – Create Tentacles Emerging from Under

Extend several boneless squiggly appendages draping down from beneath the alien to serve as flexible limbs.

Step 5 – Finish Outer Space Suit Details

Add an strange spacesuit collar and pipe-like protrusions around the neck. Scribble exotic astro patterns.

Let’s complete Bandidox by coloring him with sickly green skin, dark black eyes and clothing accents in dangerous red. Feel free to take liberties trying new appendages and accessories with extra terrestrial characters!

Tips for Customizing and Making Characters Your Own

While we covered basic templates for core character types, I encourage you to use your creativity in customizing them to stand out as original art.

Here are some quick ideas:

Unique facial features and expressions – Scars, face tattoos, odd eye colors, crazy grins

Interesting clothing and accessories – Jewelry, weapons like swords & guns, tattoos

Customizing animal breeds and colors – Goldfish, bull terriers, calico cats

Unexpected twists: Twisty horns, zombie skin flakes, cyborg implants, angel wings

Blend and match – try an alien wearing headphones or a pet dragon bot!

Recommended Art Supplies for Drawing Gimkit Characters

While fundamentals can be practiced with simple paper and pencil, incorporating color and texture takes things to the next level.

Here are some recommended tools:

Sketch Pencils – 2B-4B pencils offer soft bold lines perfect for rough drafting characters.

Colored Pencils – Vibrant shade pencils add lively colors for hair, clothes, eyes etc.

Markers – Thick specialty markers allow coloring solid fills and gradients faster.

Drawing Paper – 100lb paper prevents markers from bleeding while providing tooth and texture.

Erasers and Blenders – Crucial for tweaking strokes and smoothing mistakes.

Final Thoughts on Gimkit characters

And there you have it friends – a comprehensive guide to cooking up fun Gimkit characters using basic shapes and custom embellishments!

What will your imaginative gaming avatar look like?

Get creative with the facial features, clothing, accessories and color schemes! The possibilities are endless.

Be sure to share your proud artistic creations online and tag @Gimkit. Who knows, your unique character design could end up featured in the app!

Happy sketching, coloring and bringing these Gimkit game personalities to life with your personal spin. Let your creativity run wild!


How can I draw Gimkit characters effectively?

A: Start with a sketch outlining the character’s features and pose. Then, refine the sketch by adding details and adjusting proportions. Once satisfied, proceed to color the character using digital tools or traditional mediums.

What are some tips for designing unique Gimkit characters?

A: Consider the game’s theme and audience when brainstorming character ideas. Experiment with different shapes, colors, and accessories to make characters stand out. Don’t be afraid to mix and match elements to create something fresh and original.

Should I use digital software or traditional methods for drawing Gimkit characters?

The choice depends on personal preference and available resources. Digital software offers flexibility and a wide range of tools for editing and coloring. Traditional methods, like pen and paper, can provide a hands-on approach and unique textures.

How can I make my Gimkit characters visually appealing?

Focus on creating characters with clear silhouettes and vibrant colors. Pay attention to details like facial expressions, clothing design, and accessories to enhance personality. Adding dynamic poses and expressive gestures can also make characters more engaging.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when drawing Gimkit characters?

Avoid overly complicated designs that may clutter the character’s appearance or make them difficult to animate. Additionally, be mindful of proportions and anatomy to maintain realism and avoid awkward-looking characters.

What are Gimkit characters, and why draw them?

Gimkit characters are personalized avatars used in the Gimkit platform, enhancing the gaming experience. Drawing them allows you to create unique representations of yourself or your students, making the learning process more enjoyable.

Do I need artistic skills to draw Gimkit characters?

Not necessarily! While artistic skills can help, Gimkit characters are often simple and cartoonish, making them accessible to everyone. You can create them using basic shapes and colors, and there are plenty of online tutorials and templates to guide you.

Where can I find inspiration for Gimkit character designs?

Inspiration can come from various sources, such as popular culture, hobbies, or personal interests. You can also draw inspiration from other Gimkit users’ characters or explore different art styles to find what resonates with you.

What tools do I need to draw Gimkit characters?

You can draw Gimkit characters using both traditional and digital tools. If you prefer traditional methods, pencil and paper work just fine. For digital drawing, you can use software like Adobe Illustrator, Procreate, or even free online tools like Canva or Pixlr.

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