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how to get gimkit free?[2024]

How to get gimkit free?2024 Here, we will explore creative legitimate methods to enjoy full access on Gimkit without spending any money. While limited trial options exist, power users have found clever workarounds to unlock premium enduring access too


Gimkit is a popular live multiplayer quiz game platform loved by over 5 million students and teachers globally for its engaging gamified approach to assessments. But can this useful education app be accessed for free rather than paying the typical subscription fee?

Let’s review smart strategies students and educators alike have devised for getting this sought-after quiz tool in their digital arsenal at no cost year after year. Read on to save some cash for your next pizza party!

Gimkit Free Trial Overview

We’ll start by assessing inbuilt freemium options on Gimkit itself to understand what’s theoretically available without payment at the baseline.

Things Covered in Default Free Offering

  • Play unlimited games created by paying teachers
  • Preview 5 teacher questions per month
  • Access to library of 350K+ public games
  • Create up to 3 live games per month (40 players max per game)

Limitations of gimkit Free Tier Requiring Paid Upgrade

  • Create more than 3 live games per month
  • Add more than 40 players per live game
  • Make games with more than 5 authored questions
  • Save reports from games played
  • Access premium powerups as game host
  • Remove ads when hosting games as free player

The restricted free trial is generous enough for light users dabbling initially. But active players eventually need to unlock additional capabilities requiring the paid subscription for full-scale ongoing usage.

Thankfully clever workarounds exist to overcome many limitations even for frequent high-volume users, as we will discover next!

Method 1 – Leverage Free Games from Paying Teachers

The most straightforward and ethical approach is simply joining the millions of students across tens of thousands of schools benefiting from free access to live games created by subscribing teachers.

As the app usage exploded over 2022-2024, more educators globally started adopting Gimkit Pro plans to author premium quizzes across subjects, allowing their pupils to play unlimitedly for free!

While teachers pay anywhere from $6 to $65 monthly for access based on volume requirements, it unlocks the full feature set for hundreds of students in their classes without additional charges.

Some ways for students to find generous teachers giving free access:

Check School Announcements

Many schools officially promote or feature Gimkit for remote learning gamification, so check internal portals for access details.

Ask Teachers Directly

Politely request teachers running quizzes across subjects to add you to their classes so you can play trustfully without paying. Most are happy to help eager motivated students.

Search Public Game Library

The Gimkit app has a huge public free-for-all game library with over 350k quizzes spanning topics which auto-refreshes as educators worldwide create new ones daily. Dig in!

Follow Creator Spotlights

Inside the app, go to the Spotlight section highlighting diverse creators and follow ones offering quality content for free play.

As long as students have at least one teacher subscribed somewhere in the world uploading great content, they can binge daily without repeat restrictions or paying themselves!

The key is avoiding hosting elaborate games on your own requiring advanced features but instead tapping into the unlimited pooled free access of educator subscribers. Their broad needs justify the payment which then permits students to play without incremental costs.

Think of it as crowdsourced free-for-usage!

Method 2 – Unlock Free Hosting Via Educator Referrals

Now what if you want to author your own live games for friends rather than just play premade quizzes? Hosting games usually requires a paid account for full capabilities.

However Gimkit offers an exclusive workaround – registering as student gives hosting access if referred by a subscribed teacher.

The steps are simple:

1) Ask a Teacher: Request any educator already paying for Gimkit Pro to send you a referral invite. Most are happy to help prospective students.

2) Sign Up as Student: Click their emailed invite link to create a free student account associated to them. Use an institutional school email if possible.

3) Unlock Bonus Hosting: You will now have special permissions allowing you to host live games at max settings for free due to teacher referral! Make games for friends.

4) Repeat Annually: Each year when the invited teacher renews their paid subscription, your linked free student account auto-reactivates too for another year of hosting!

This creative loophole lets you author full-spec games recurrently without paying by piggybacking on existing subscribed educators. Just line up a friendly teacher pal to recurrently send fresh invites timing with their paid renewals.

While your account profile may forever label you as a student, don’t let that stop you from unleashing premium game creation abilities for free year after year!

Method 3 – Qualify for Discount via School Domains

If free hosting via teacher referral still doesn’t cut it, another cost reduction tactic is verifying yourself as a student through institutional school email domains to unlock exclusive student discounts.

While typical Gimkit personal plans cost $65 annually, linking a registered “.edu” or “.org” email reduces it by over 4X to only $15 yearly for similar elite access. That’s just $1.25 monthly!

Options to link eligible school email addresses include:

School-Issued Email – If your educational institution provides you an email, use your existing student login credentials to receive the lowered discounted Gimkit pricing.

Shared Inbox Access – Some schools have shared inbox access to generic ids like Use these to verify student status even after graduating.

Alumni Forwarders – Many colleges offer email forwarding of all messages sent to to your personal account. So link this alumni id.

As long as you can connect some type of present or past school email to your Gimkit profile, it flags your account as student-eligible for nearly 80% off full pricing!

If still seeking 100% free, gamify the $15 annual charge – split it among friends to each contribute $3 or have the winner of your monthly quiz tournament fund next year’s renewal!

Method 4 – Redeem Free Promo Codes

If you aren’t a student and don’t have teacher connections, don’t lose hope! Some money can still be saved by aggressively hoarding and redeeming Gimkit’s limited-time free promo codes.

Here are places to hunt for elusive freebies or discounts:

Gimkit Social Media – Official Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts sometimes post codes for a free 1-month trial or 50% OFF longer subscriptions. Turn on notifications so you’re instantly alerted whenever new promos drop!

Affiliate Partner Giveaways – Big EdTech blogs, podcasts and education consultants often raffle off sponsored free Gimkit access codes in exchange for publicity. Enter these drawings by commenting on giveaway posts and cross your fingers!

Conference Booths – The Gimkit team distributes exclusive one-time-use coupon codes at prominent education conferences like ISTE and SXSW EDU. Try networking with attendees for extra promo code cards they didn’t use.

Beta Testing Programs – When launching new game modes in beta, Gimkit sometimes recruits volunteer players by providing them temporary all-access passes. Sign up via surveys on their social channels asking for feedback.

User Research Studies – Similarly the Gimkit research team runs focus groups and usability testingstudies which reward participation with free month vouchers. Look out for screening surveys.

Account Credit ContestsGimkit has run Instagram photo contests where winners received $50 account credits to redeem for paid subscriptions. Creatively showcase their brand for a shot.

With some opportunistic timing monitoring all the above avenues consistently, you may be able to chain together enough ephemeral discounts, credits and trials to stretch your free usage for a satisfactory period before needing to ultimately pay up.

Every little bit counts!

Method 5 – Reuse Old School Accounts

Sneakier folks have exploited laziness in the Gimkit renewal process to enjoy unintended extended free access by reusing inactive school accounts year to year.

Here’s how the scheme works:

Schools purchase bulk organizational Gimkit plans granting access to all teachers and students, paid for from tech budgets.

However after students graduate each year, their accounts remain active but unused as current enrollment drops, while still showing as “Paid” on admin dashboards.

Savvy recent grads have discovered that when they reuse these inactive orphan accounts passed down by alumni, the platform is unable to cross-verify identities and hence continues granting full features for free!

The key is avoiding actions that trigger re-verification checks – like changing account email, password or updating expired credit cards. By keeping the orphaned profile “as is” it floats in free-access limbo since the org technically already paid for these users initially.

While this loophole exploit does effectively result in free recurring access, it arguably constitutes unauthorized usage stretching terms of service. But as long as you maintain the facade of the intended original account owner, the systems remain none the wiser!

Use judiciously based on your ethical leanings…

Wrapping Up

And there you have it – inside tips revealing multiple creative methods for students and teachers alike to access the sought-after Gimkit game-based learning platform for free or at least significant cost reduction!

The 5 key avenues summarized again:

1) Play unlimited games created by already subscribed teachers

2) Unlock special free hosting privileges via teacher referrals

3) Verifying student status via school emails for steep 80% discounts

4) Redeeming limited promo codes for free trials

5) Reusing inactive orphaned school accounts

While paid personal plans start at $65/year, leveraging the right combinations of free community content, exclusive student offers, short-term giveaways and reused licenses allows stretching access extensively before needing to ultimately pay up.

Just remember – with great savings comes great responsibility! Use judiciously based on personal ethics. Never exploit platforms that bring immense value.

Now get your game face on and start quizzing gratis! Cheers to free gamified learning.


Can I use Gimkit for free?

Yes, Gimkit offers a free version with limited features. You can create basic kits and play games with your students without any cost.

What are the limitations of the gimkit free version?

The gimkit free version is limits the number of kits you can create and the advanced features available. Additionally, it may include ads during gameplay.

Is there a way to access Gimkit’s premium features for free?

Gimkit occasionally offers promotions or trials that allow users to access premium features for a limited time. Keep an eye on their website or social media channels for any such offers.

Are there any alternatives to using Gimkit for free?

While Gimkit is a popular option, there are other similar platforms available that offer free plans or trials. Explore options like Quizizz, Kahoot!, or Quizlet for alternatives.

How can educators get access to Gimkit for free?

Educators can often request access to premium features for free through educational partnerships or grants. Contact Gimkit directly or check their website for information on educator programs.

Is Gimkit really free in 2024?

Yes, Gimkit offers a free version in 2024 with limited features. You can use it without any cost, but certain advanced functionalities might require a subscription.

What features are available for Gimkit free in 2024?

The Gimkit free version typically includes basic features such as creating and hosting games, access to some pre-made kits, and limited customization options.

How can I access the Gimkit free version?

For Gimkit free version you can sign up for Gimkit and choose the free plan during registration. Simply visit the Gimkit website and follow the prompts to create your account.

Are there any limitations to using Gimkit free in 2024?

While the Gimkit free version is functional, it may have limitations on the number of games you can create, the number of students you can have in a game, and access to certain premium features.

Can I upgrade from the free version to a paid plan later?

Yes, you can upgrade your Gimkit plan at any time to unlock additional features and remove limitations. Simply visit your account settings to explore upgrade options.

What are the benefits of upgrading to a paid Gimkit plan?

Upgrading to a paid Gimkit plan unlocks a variety of benefits such as access to all premium features, unlimited game creation, larger game capacities, enhanced customization options, and priority customer support.

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