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5 gimkit game modes which gives the most xp [2024]

5 gimkit game modes which gives the most xp 2024 Here we will countdown the top 5 game modes that will help you rack up points and claim those winning spots.

The 5 Best Gimkit Game Modes for Earning XP

Gimkit is a popular online game platform used by teachers and students to review course material in a fun and engaging way. Players compete to answer questions correctly and earn XP (experience points). The player with the most XP at the end wins.

With over 20 unique game modes available, determining the best Gimkit games for earning XP can be a challenge. Here are 5 Gimkit Game Modes.

1. Survivor

Survivor mode is undoubtedly one of the best formats for earning a high XP total in Gimkit. The goal is to answer enough questions correctly to stay in the game, while also using strategy around wagering to maximize your score.

Here’s how it works:

  • All players start with 100 HP (health points). For every question answered incorrectly, you lose a percentage of your remaining HP based on the wager amount.
  • Wager an amount between 1-100 on each question. A higher wager risks more HP for greater rewards.
  • Last player standing with HP remaining wins. The player who survives with the most XP earned is the Survivor!

In the Survivor format, you can employ strategy around wagering. If you build a lead, you may wager less to protect your health and coast to a win. It rewards both knowledge and game theory, making it one of the best formats for top XP totals.

2. Sprint

Sprint mode is a straightforward Gimkit race to answer as many questions correctly as possible within the given time limit. Players do not wager on Sprint questions – it’s simply about speed and accuracy.

Sprint mode gives high XP because of the potential to answer 10-15+ questions correctly within a short 2 minute window. Like other racing formats, speed is important. But you still need accuracy, as wrong answers result in short time deductions.

With no betting or opponents to target, Sprint mode is all about focusing on the questions in front of you. It rewards both general knowledge and quick thinking, making Sprint an excellent game mode choice for chasing a top score.

3. Saloon

The wild west-themed Saloon mode offers some of the highest risk-reward wagering for XP earnings in all of Gimkit. Upwards of 500 XP can be won on a single high-stakes wagered question!

Here are the key Saloon gameplay elements that rack up the points:

  • Happy Hour – Randomly triggered bonus 2x multipliers for correct questions.
  • High Noon Showdown – Head-to-head duels where winner takes all XP from both players wagers.
  • Desperado – Allows players to go all-in and wager every XP they have remaining on a single question.

The big swings and increased earning potential make Saloon action particularly lucrative. Just like real gunslingers, make sure your Gimkit knowledge is quick and accurate before testing fate in this rowdy game mode!

4. Factory

In Factory, players compete head-to-head each round by wagering on their ability to answer more questions correctly than their randomly chosen opponent. It’s fast paced, strategic, and allows for big XP earnings.

Here’s an overview of Factory play:

  • Get paired 1v1 randomly with an opponent each round.
  • Players secretly wager a percentage of their current XP that they can answer more questions correctly than their opponent during the round.
  • Both players see the same set of questions for that round and race to answer as many as possible correctly.
  • The player who answers more correctly wins their opponent’s wagered amount in addition to keeping their own XP.

Basing wagers off current XP totals leads to increasing risk-reward as the game progresses. Factory rewards problem solving stamina and the ability to adjust betting strategy on the fly as matchups shift. Racking up wins against multiple opponents compounded together can result in massive XP earnings!

5. Stacks

Last up is Stacks – the high intensity Gimkit mode where time is even more critical than in Sprint. Multiple questions appear simultaneously on screen in vertical “stacks”, with only 8 seconds to answer each one before it disappears.

Stacks earns major XP by rewarding speed, accuracy, and consistency across back-to-back questions:

  • Combo Multipliers – Correctly answer consecutive questions to build a combo multiplier up to 10x!
  • Betting – Wager between 10-100 XP on each stack. Higher bets means higher potential earnings.
  • Question Volume – With rapid fire 8 second stacks, you see significantly more questions per game than other modes.

Upping the pace into overdrive, Stacks tests a player’s composure under pressure. But timed right, huge point hauls can be claimed by those able combine knowledge recall under pressure with strategic betting.

Key Tips for Maximizing XP

Now that we’ve covered the top point-scoring Gimkit game modes, here are some key tips to help apply that knowledge into maximizing your XP earnings:

Answer First, Worry Later

Resist the urge to carefully deliberate each question. Speed and decisiveness is rewarded. If you know it, answer quickly without hesitation to enable combo multipliers. If you’re unsure, make your best deduction and swiftly move on.

Bet Aggressively Early

In modes with wagering, bet big early on to enable faster compound growth. As the game progresses, shift to more conservative bets to protect your leads while still remaining competitive.

Review Subject Trouble Areas

Determine your weakest classroom subjects and brush up on them through outside study so you don’t leave easy points on the table. Broad knowledge across all subject areas leads to bigger XP paydays.

Play Offensive Against Opponents

In head-to-head modes, don’t just focus on answering correctly yourself – also target weaker opponents by studying their tendencies and capitalizing on their mistake areas with big bets. Exploit holes in their knowledge for profit.

Remain Positive Through Losses

Don’t dwell on incorrect answers or lost wagers. Maintain forward focus by quickly resetting and being ready to capitalize on the next opportunity. Comebacks happen – so keep confidence up!

Diving Deeper Into Gimkit’s Highest XP Earning Modes

In the first part of this guide, we covered the core basics around the top 5 gimkit game modes for maximizing XP earnings on the Gimkit platform. Now let’s take a deeper dive into advanced gimkit game modes strategies and compartmentalized tips for dominating each specific mode.

Consider these the next-level tactics used by elite players to separate from the pack and reach untouchable point totals.

So grab a drink at the saloon bar, tip back your hat, and get ready to gain an extra edge with these pro insider plays. The real XP riches await!

Survivor Mode

When only one gamer is left standing at the end of a Survivor battle, mastering wagering strategy is what crowns the champ. Here are 4 high-leverage tips:

1. Bet with Personality

Get inside the heads of opponents by analyzing their wagering patterns and tendencies. Who consistently bets aggressively? Who is more careful? Bait your targets into misfiring against you based on their comfort zones.

2. Press When Ahead

Once you secure an XP lead, apply pressure by keeping bets just high enough to force chasers outside their normal comfort zones. Many will crack under the stress and make overzealous mistakes.

3. Comeback Kid

If trailing, don’t go reckless too early. Let leaders feel safe before turning up bets to tempt them into giving back XP. Gradually ramp aggression until you pin them into an all-or-nothing final wager showdown for the win!

4. Surge Protect

If holding a mid-game lead, keep some bets conservative to minimize vulnerability against enemy comeback bids. Protect rank by limiting total risk exposure.

In Survivor, understanding human betting tendencies breeds big success. Outsmart others by banking on their flaws when money gets tight!

Sprint Mode

With no wagers or opponents, Sprint is pure pedal to the metal focus on Answering speed and accuracy. Streamline your process with these lightning quick tips:

1. The Fast & The Curious

Satisfy curiosity second. If sort of sure, lock in the best guess now to enable moving fastest through more questions. Doubt causes delays!

2. Ride Hot Streaks

String together 2-3 correct answers to trigger bonus XP multipliers. Let momentum snowball naturally rather than aiming to force streaks.

3. Cut Losses

Limit damage from mistakes by compulsively moving forward. Don’t overanalyze errors – quickly rebounds before time dwindles!

4. Final Lockout

Save extra time for the last few questions by answering rapidly early. Ensure maximum opportunity for a strong finish.

Channel your inner speed demon to sprint towards supreme XP glory!

Saloon Mode

The wild west Saloon is ruled by the boldest and fastest gunslingers. Shoot your way to fortune with these expert crackshot tips:

1. Duel Wielding

When called out for high noon showdowns, divert focus fully towards the dual. This 1v1 throwdown determines which player gets both pooled wagers! Draw first, draw accurate.

2. All Aboard the Happy Hour Train

During 2x bonus periods, shift gears to high octane aggression. Leveraging multipliers with maximum betting compounds XP rapidly. But don’t get too drunk on greed!

3. Careful When Streaking

While win streaks increase earning potential, also heighten risk if not properly protecting increased wealth during target rich environments like Happy Hour.

4. The Desperado’s Last Stand

When offered the opportunity for one final all-or-nothing wager, only take the dramatic gamble if your back is against the wall or a win secures an insurmountable lead. Otherwise, cowardly folding is better than a glorious unsuccessful blaze of glory!

Step up to the sheriff status through precision wits and unflinching boldness under fire when lawlessness ensues!

Factory Mode

Playing head games with opponents is central to Factory mode rhythms. Here are 4 psychological strategies for outmaneuvering foes:

1. Setting Traps

After losing to an arch rival, keep wagers low to create illusion of playing scared. Then ambush all-in with a large bet next round you face off seeking revenge.

2. Red Herrings

Sprinkle in a few low wagers randomly to establish volatility precedent. Keeps opponents guessing wrong about your betting patterns.

3. Killer Instinct

When smelling blood in the water from vulnerable prey licking recent wounds, pour on non-stop relentless attack bets until you draw surrender or defeat.

4. Sandbagging

Strategically hide true strength by easing off gas pedal once securely ahead. Sandbag end game questions to retain XP as other race harder chasing from behind.

In Factory, your brain can be a more potent weapon than sheer problem solving prowess. Outthink and outwit adversaries on way to enough wins to add up deliciously soaring XP totals!

Stacks Mode

When engaging the high-octane Stacks format, avoiding distraction and second guessing is vital for effectively navigating the non-stop onslaught of rapid fire questions. Here are key tips for staying laser focused under extreme time pressure:

1. Trust Your First Instincts

Resist temptation to doubt initial gut reactions or overthink answers. Ride first choice through confidence to enable moving quick through sequences.

2. Prioritize Progress Over Perfection

With only 8 seconds per stack, acceptable to take risks on likely solutions rather than wasting precious ticks searching for definitive correct answers.

3. Maintain Mental Momentum

Much like a heavyweight prize fighter, safeguard brain flow state from disruption. Block out previous mistakes or future anxiety. Fixate only on conquering the current stack.

4. Surf Question Waves

Visualize successively answering stacks like smoothly riding waves. Time motions to match fluidity of swells. Avoid sharp rigid movements or awkward hesitations to uphold rhythm.

Embody a relaxed surfer carefully flowing along with the consistent stacks rather than fighting against the relentless tide. Stay loose while in the zone to accumulate major XP!

Final Words of Wisdom

While further sharpening game mode mastery across Survivor, Sprint, Saloon, Factory, and Stacks will undoubtedly uncover new lessons that propel XP earnings to higher levels, remember that becoming an unstoppable Gimkit gunslinger is also rooted fundamentally in continuing to advance overall knowledge.

Even the most cunning strategies around optimal risk-reward wagering and psychological opponent targeting cannot fully compensate for deficiencies in understanding core subject material.

So balance cunning bet calculations with expanding wisdom across topics at large. Construct a solid base of general knowledge, then creatively build towers of XP fortune upon that foundation through crafty gameplay maneuvers leveraging the insider tips uncovered today!

Now ready your holster and go make some serious green by putting everything covered here into rewarding action! Our Gimkit training journey together comes to a close for now. This is your sheriff signing off…deliver justice to leaderboards out there, partner! Happy trails…

Conclusion gimkit game modes

Earning whopping XP totals on Gimkit requires a fusion of both subject matter competency and gaming strategy. While knowledge provides the foundation for scoring points, understanding optimal approaches for each game mode is what separates the big time players from the rest of the posse.

So now that you’re locked & loaded with insider tips on the leading high stakes formats, it’s time to step up and claim those leaderboard spots! We’ll be eagerly watching the XP earnings rise for those who take these lessons to heart.

When the virtual dust settles on your next Gimkit showdown, will you end up as just another nameless drifter wandering off into the sunset? Or will they remember you as the mysterious gunslinger who shot their way to legend status by outplaying everyone in the saloon?

Saddle up partner…let the quest for high XP fortunes begin!


What are the best gimkit game modes for earning lots of XP quickly?

The top Gimkit game modes for earning high XP totals are Survivor, Sprint, Saloon, Factory, and Stacks. These modes enable big point potential through wagering mechanics, combo multipliers, rapid question volume, and head-to-head battles.

What is the best gimkit game modes betting strategy?

The most effective gimkit game modes betting strategy is to be aggressive early on to enable faster compound XP growth. As the game progresses and you build a lead, shift to more conservative wagers to protect your advantage while still competing hard.

How does Survival Mode contribute to earning more XP?

Survival Mode in Gimkit rewards players with XP for every correct answer they provide. As the game progresses, the XP multiplier increases, enabling players to accumulate more XP by answering questions quickly and accurately.

What makes Race Mode an effective way to gain XP in Gimkit?

Race Mode encourages players to answer questions rapidly. Each correct answer in Race Mode earns XP, and the quicker the response, the higher the XP multiplier. This fast-paced gameplay enables players to amass XP efficiently.

How do I outplay opponents psychologically in Factory and Survivor?

Master wagering mind games by profile opponent tendencies, set betting traps, randomly change patterns to keep them guessing, and aggressively prey on vulnerabilities when you smell blood. Outthink and outplay!

Does Test Mode provide substantial XP rewards in Gimkit?

Test Mode in Gimkit is designed for reviewing material and assessing knowledge. While players earn XP for correct answers in Test Mode, the emphasis is more on self-assessment and practice rather than maximizing XP gain compared to other modes.

Why is Classic Mode listed among the top XP-gaining modes in Gimkit?

Classic Mode offers a balanced approach to XP accumulation in Gimkit. Players earn XP for correct answers, with no additional factors affecting XP gain. This mode allows players to focus solely on answering questions accurately to maximize their XP earnings.

What are the different gimkit game modes available in Gimkit?

Gimkit game modes are Classic, Team, Test, Race, and Challenge. Each mode offers a unique twist on reviewing material, catering to different preferences and learning styles.

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