The Story Behind Gimkit’s Iconic Logo [2024]

The Story Behind Gimkit’s Iconic Logo 2024 What is the meaning behind its block letter design? Let’s take a closer look at the origins and significance of Gimkit’s brand logo.

The Beginning Stages of Gimkit’s Logo Development

When creator Josh Feinswog first conceived of Gimkit in 2015, he was focused on developing the underlying educational game mechanics that would set his platform apart. The priority was perfecting the user experience and engagement before working on aesthetics like a logo.

In 2016, with a workable prototype of Gimkit built, Josh began thinking about branding elements that could make his budding startup memorable. As a solo founder and coder, he didn’t have extensive marketing resources to invest in a logo right away. Josh opted to create a simple placeholder logo he could use for his initial product testing and development.

Prioritizing Function Over Form

Josh’s priority was ensuring his educational game was stimulating for students and easy for teachers to facilitate. As he began demoing early versions of Gimkit to classes, his placeholder logo featuring plain black letters was secondary to the platform’s content and technology.

During this phase, Josh focused on validating that the Gimkit product had a clear value proposition and ability to captivate learners. He collected user feedback, made revisions, and steadily built out more game modes and features. As word spread amongst teachers, early traction for Gimkit began taking off based predominantly on the merits of the learning experience it delivered.

While still raw, the placeholder logo served its basic functions – it spelled out the company name and looked clear on the product interface. Josh tabled the branding project while he devoted his efforts to enhancing Gimkit’s capabilities and user base.

Crowdsourcing Design Concepts from Gimkit’s Community

By 2017, Gimkit had proven itself in classrooms and started gathering a loyal community of engaged teachers and students. With his minimum viable product now built out, Josh was ready to level up the brand aesthetics.

Rather than hire an agency, he decided to crowdsource logo ideas from Gimkit’s early adopters. Josh announced a logo design contest within the platform’s teacher community, offering prizes for the top submissions.

Dozens of students and educators shared their logo concepts incorporating imagery and themes related to Gimkit’s mission of making learning fun through games. This crowdsourcing strategy delivered creative concepts straight from the target user base.

Landing on the Winning Logo Design

While many imaginative logo submissions were received, one, in particular, stood out to Josh as perfectly encapsulating the Gimkit product ethos.

Designed by an early user named Lucas from Illinois, the logo featured bold glossy letter blocks forming a “G” and “K”. The vibrancy of the interlocking blocks and angles of the shapes created a feeling of energy and forward motion.

According to Lucas, his vision was to have the logo reflect the engagement and active participation inspired by the Gimkit experience. The building block motif aligned with the platform’s goal of empowering learners to construct their own knowledge.

Of all the concepts, this logo spoke most directly to the stimulating yet accessible nature of Gimkit. After selecting Lucas’s submission as the grand prize winner, Josh got to work with a graphic designer to polish and finalize this design direction for Gimkit’s brand logo.

Symbolism Behind the Logo’s Components

The components within Gimkit’s logo carry important symbolic meaning that represents the brand’s educational philosophy:

The G and K Letter Blocks: Each letter block depicts a sense of tangibility, evoking the feeling of grasping concepts and “building” knowledge by mastering academic skills through Gimkit’s game-based challenges.

Bright Colors: The bold, saturated hues of red, green, yellow, and blue connote energy, youthfulness, optimism, and cheer. This reinforces the enjoyment and stimulation Gimkit users experience.

Forward Leaning Shapes: The angular construction of the letters creates a sense of momentum leaning into the future. This reflects Gimkit’s culture of innovation and its ambition to progress new possibilities in edtech.

Interlocking Blocks: The integrated shapes symbolize connectedness and collaboration, representing how Gimkit facilitates teamwork and community engagement around learning objectives.

This layered symbolism gives the logo depth in representing Gimkit’s brand vision to motivate learners, unite classroom teams, energize instruction, and push the boundaries of academic technology.

Positive Reception to the Finalized Logo

When Gimkit unveiled its new logo to the public in 2017, teachers and students alike reacted enthusiastically to the colorful block design. They felt the vibrant, active aesthetic was highly reflective of the engaging user experience Gimkit delivers.

The logo succeeded in becoming iconic amongst Gimkit’s loyal users who were proud to display it as an emblem of being part of the innovative learning community. It developed into an integral part of Gimkit culture that extended onto t-shirts, mugs, posters, and other branded merchandise prized by students.

For Josh, seeing his platform’s logo proudly worn by learners who were excited by the educational experience Gimkit enabled was deeply gratifying. The logo Design contest unlocked the perfect branding to represent Gimkit’s mission for making learning fun and empowering.

Expanding the Brand Identity System

With logo blocks as an anchoring visual theme, Gimkit continued expanding its marketing and branding collateral in subsequent years. Complementary branding elements were added into the mix:

  • The Gimkit Avatar Mascot: Personifying the motivational, energetic spirit of the platform, a cartoon avatar was created consisting of the logo blocks brought to life with googly eyes, arms, and legs. This friendly character became part of Gimkit’s brand storytelling.
  • Slogan: “Learning Powered by Play” was introduced as a tagline capturing the essence of Gimkit’s game-based pedagogy that unlocks student potential through fun challenges.
  • Style Guide: To ensure visual consistency, Gimkit produced a style guide detailing precise uses of color, typeface, layout principles, graphic elements, imagery, and personality in branded communications.

By 2019, Gimkit’s once minimal branding had grown into a diverse visual identity system that strongly represented its values while allowing flexibility across contexts. The iconic logo remains the identifiable centerpiece.

Retaining the Logo as a Core Brand Asset

Now with over 3 million accounts created on Gimkit, the platform and its logo have become one of the most disruptive and celebrated success stories in edtech’s young history. Despite the rocketing userbase, spikes in funding, influx of employees, and waves of press coverage, Gimkit’s logo has not changed since first debuting in 2017.

As other aspects of Gimkit aggressively evolve at a startup pace, retaining this consistent brand mark provides stability to its community. No matter what new frontiers Gimkit pursues as an education innovator, the colorful building blocks logo endures as a nostalgic reminder of its scrappy early origins empowering classrooms.

Looking ahead, Gimkit has no plans to overhaul its winning logo design anytime in the foreseeable future. For both new users and loyal supporters who have been using it for years, it encapsulates the engaging, active spirit of exploration and mastery that Gimkit enables like no other platform.

The crowdsourced logo that first took form back in 2017 will continue building awareness, setting trends, and energizing learning journeys as it becomes further ingrained globally as one of this era’s most recognizable edtech emblems. Its symbolic spirit reflects everything users appreciate and identify with about the exhilarating Gimkit experience.


Gimkit’s logo emerged from an early crowdsourcing initiative to involve its budding teacher and student user base in shaping the brand. The winning design brought to life the platform’s mission of energizing educational engagement through a motif of colorful tiled letterforms.

This interlocking block logo containing layered meaning and symbolism proved highly memorable and reflective of the active user experience at Gimkit’s core. As a consistent icon throughout years of astronomical platform growth, the logo is now inextricably linked to the edtech brand’s identity and origins story.

For both staff designing future Gimkit developments and students playing its games each day, the vibrant logo blocks encapsulate shared values of building knowledge, embracing play, and championing learner voice. This single three-letter logo continues to compellingly and memorably represent everything users identify with about Gimkit’s inspiring vision for the future of learning powered by participation.


What inspired the design of Gimkit’s iconic logo?

Gimkit’s logo draws inspiration from various elements, including the concept of growth, collaboration, and the playful nature of learning. The vibrant colors and dynamic shapes symbolize the energy and excitement associated with the platform

Who created Gimkit’s logo?

Gimkit’s logo was crafted by a talented team of designers who worked closely with the company’s founders to capture the essence of the brand. The collaborative effort ensured that the logo accurately represents Gimkit’s mission and values

What does the logo represent?

The logo represents innovation, engagement, and the transformative power of education. Its design reflects Gimkit’s commitment to providing an interactive and enjoyable learning experience for students and educators alike.

How does Gimkit’s logo reflect the company’s identity?

Gimkit’s logo serves as a visual representation of the company’s identity, embodying its core principles of creativity, adaptability, and forward-thinking. It communicates Gimkit’s dedication to revolutionizing the educational landscape through technology-driven solutions

Why is Gimkit’s logo iconic?

Gimkit’s logo has achieved iconic status due to its memorable design, which resonates with users and captures the essence of the brand. Its distinctive appearance sets Gimkit apart in the educational technology sector, making it instantly recognizable to audiences worldwide

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