Student Guide – How to Play Any Gimkit Activity [2024]

Student Guide – How to Play Any Gimkit Activity 2024 Here we will walk you through everything you need to know as a student for playing any Gimkit game or activity your teacher sets up!


Gimkit is an online multiplayer game platform that is extremely popular among students as an engaging way to review classroom material and study for tests. Teachers often create customized “Gimkits” to reinforce topics covered in class across various subjects like math, science, history, languages, and more.

As a student, you may frequently find your teachers assigning Gimkit activities as interactive study tools or even using them during class lessons. While the platform is designed to be user-friendly, if you’re new to Gimkit, the variety of game formats and settings can seem confusing at first.

What is Gimkit and How Do Teachers Use It?

Gimkit is a free web and mobile platform that allows teachers to transform study materials into fun, high-energy games. It works by having teachers input a series of curriculum-based questions and answers.

The questions are then presented to students in a fast-paced quiz competition. With elements like timers, point schemes, power-ups, and ranks, Gimkit turns reviewing material into an engaging game.

Teachers can use Gimkit games for:

  • Reinforcing concepts learned in class
  • Reviewing material before exams
  • Practicing math skills
  • Memorizing vocabulary terms
  • Mastering historical facts and dates
  • Learning science formulas
  • Studying foreign language
  • And more across all subjects!

Creating a Gimkit Account

To play any Gimkit game, you first need to create your student account, which only takes a minute.

On the Gimkit website or mobile app:

  1. Click Sign Up in the top right corner
  2. Choose the option to sign up as a Student
  3. Enter your name and create a login username/password
  4. Provide your grade level when prompted

Once your account is setup, you’ll be able to access and play any Gimkit activity that your teachers create for your classes!

Joining Your Teacher’s Gimkit Game

For each Gimkit game, your teacher will give you a specific activity code to enter. This code connects you into that Gimkit activity.

Here is the process to join:

  1. Locate the game code your teacher provided. This is usually displayed on the classroom screen or handed out on a worksheet.
  2. Open the Gimkit app/website and select “Play.”
  3. Type in the activity code when prompted and click submit.
  4. Confirm your username and select your class period if you have multiple classes with that teacher.
  5. You’re now joined into the game! Wait for your teacher to launch the activity.

Once the game starts, you can begin answering questions to earn points!

Understanding the Gimkit Game Screen and Controls

When you first enter a Gimkit activity, it may look a little confusing with timers counting down and buttons flashing everywhere. Here’s an overview of what each element on the game screen represents:

Gimkit Game Screen

A. Game Dashboard – Shows your rank in the game, current score, total cash earned from correct questions, and any power-ups you purchase during gameplay.

B. Correct Answer Streak – Displays your current streak of consecutive correct answers. Longer streaks earn more cash rewards per question!

C. Game Question – The current question with 4 multiple choice answers provided by your teacher is displayed here.

D. Buy Power-Ups – Opens panel to purchase power-ups using your earned cash to hinder opponents or help yourself.

E. Game Time Remaining – This countdown clock shows how much time is left in the overall game. Most games last around 5-15 minutes.

F. Skip Timer – If you don’t know the answer, this timer counts down how long until you can skip the question without losing your correct answer streak.

G. Next Question Timer – After answering correctly, this timer counts down the seconds until the next question appears.

Now that you understand what everything on the screen means, let’s go over the basics of actually playing any Gimkit game!

How to Play a Gimkit Activity

When your teacher starts a Gimkit activity, keep these tips in mind as you work through the fast-paced question rounds:

  • Select Answer Quickly – Answering faster earns you more cash per correct answer to spend on power-ups. Use intuition and make your best guess if unsure.
  • Keep Your Streak Going – Build up consecutive correct answers to maximize cash rewards that increase exponentially with higher streaks.
  • Use Power-Ups Strategically – Spend cash on blinding other players or double points for yourself at critical moments! Save some cash reserves for later rounds too.
  • Rejoin After Incorrect Answer – If you answer incorrectly and lose your streak, rejoin the game as soon as possible to limit points opponents earn while you’re out.
  • Have Fun! – Getting questions right or wrong doesn’t really matter – play for fun! The cash and power-ups make competition with classmates enjoyable.

Gimkit Game Modes

While the classic competitive Gimkit matches questions with timers and power-ups, your teacher may also set up other game mode variants:


  • Answer enough questions correctly within the time limit to survive each round. After a certain number of rounds, the last players remaining win!


  • Questions come at you rapidly without any wait time between them. Buzz in quickest to answer and don’t get overwhelmed!


  • No powerups are available. Only the speed of your own correct answers will push you towards the top spot!


  • Hints reveal slowly over time to help you puzzle through a batch of unsolved questions. Read them carefully for clues before answering.

There are a few other specialty modes too – listen for your teacher’s instructions if they launch something other than classic Gimkit!

Gimkit Game Settings

Within each activity, your teacher can also customize these game settings, which affect how competitive and hands-on the match is:

  • Auto Buy Power-Ups – Off = Manually buy each round. On = System automatically buys power-ups for you.
  • Rejoin After Incorrect – On = Rejoin after wrong answer. Off = Single life per game.
  • Player Names – On = Names displayed. Off = Anonymous.
  • Cash Rewards – Higher = Bigger payouts per correct answer
  • Question Difficulty – Controlled by the source material difficulty

Getting the Most Out of Gimkit for Studying

While playing Gimkit games is fun, you can use the activities to truly master class material with the right approach:

  • Treat games as learning tools rather than just competitions
  • Thoroughly read and absorb the question/answer explanations that appear
  • Note down any areas where knowledge seems weak to restudy later
  • Don’t just memorize answers, understand the context behind them
  • Practice games multiple times to refine understanding over time

Using Gimkit for actual studying rather than casual play will ensure you excel on your teacher’s exams!

Recap of Key Gimkit Gameplay Takeaways

To recap, here are the key things all students should know about playing any Gimkit activity:

1. Enter your teacher’s class code to join specific game

2. Quickly answer multiple choice questions to earn cash rewards

3. Keep streaks going to maximize points earned per correct response

4. Use power-ups at strategic times to get an edge

5. Rejoin the game immediately after an incorrect answer

6. Play through questions in different class game modes

7. Learn from question explanations to truly grasp concepts

8. Utilize Gimkit games frequently to study for upcoming tests!


Gimkit makes reviewing class material more engaging and interactive for modern digital learners. While the platform may seem confusing when you begin playing teacher-created activities, this guide outlines everything you need to know as a student user.

Focus on quickly answering questions, taking advantage of power-ups, ending guesswork streaks, and learning from question feedback. If you follow these best practices while dedicating time to actively study, Gimkit can help push your academic comprehension and test scores to new levels!


How do I access Gimkit activities?

To access Gimkit activities, simply log in to your Gimkit account or sign up if you’re new to the platform. Once logged in, you’ll find a variety of activities available for you to explore and play.

Can I play Gimkit activities on my mobile device?

Yes, Gimkit is fully compatible with mobile devices. You can access and play Gimkit activities on your smartphone or tablet, making it convenient for learning on the go.

How do I join a Gimkit activity?

Joining a Gimkit activity is easy! Simply navigate to the activity you want to participate in and click on the “Join” button. You may need a join code provided by your teacher or fellow students to access certain activities.

Can I create my own Gimkit activities?

Yes, you can create your own Gimkit activities to share with your classmates or use for studying purposes. Simply click on the “Create” button, follow the prompts to set up your activity, and unleash your creativity!

How does scoring work in Gimkit activities?

Scoring in Gimkit activities is based on various factors such as correct answers, speed, and participation. The more you engage and perform well, the higher your score will be. It’s a fun way to challenge yourself and track your progress.

What do I do if I get kicked out of a game or disconnected?

If you get disconnected from a Gimkit game, try joining back immediately using your teacher’s activity code. As long as the game is still running, you should be able to rejoin where you left off. If issues persist, let your teacher know.

Is there a way to play Gimkit games outside school for extra practice?

Absolutely! If your teacher enables “Public Access” on their Gimkit activities, you can access these anytime for extra practice. Bookmark games or get public codes from your teacher to play more at home.

Is there any way to customize my game avatar?

Yes, customizing your game avatar can make Gimkit even more fun! Tap your avatar on the Profile page in the mobile app or website to unlock accessories, outfits, and other creative items.

What are the best game strategies and powerups to win?

Focus less on winning and more on learning! But brightness blinding at key moments, double points boosts, and streak skips as last resorts tend to work well. Just don’t overspend cash too quickly.

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