how to get infinite tokens in gimkit?[2024]

How to get infinite tokens in gimkit?2024.Here we find step by step how to get infinite tokens by following process 2024


Gimkit is an online game platform that is taking classrooms by storm. Originally created by high school student Josh Feinsilber in 2017 as a fun way to study for tests, Gimkit has grown into a viral phenomenon played by over 15 million students worldwide.

So what exactly is Gimkit and why is it so popular? At its core, Gimkit is a fast-paced online multiplayer game for practicing academic content. Students join a “game pin” entered by their teacher to answer multiple choice questions as quickly as possible. With its colorful animations, catchy music, and race-to-the-finish format, Gimkit makes reviewing for tests and quizzes incredibly fun and engaging.

And that’s not all. As students answer questions correctly, they earn virtual “tokens” that can be strategically banked or risked to sabotage opponents with annoying animations. This adds an exciting level of strategy and friendly competition to the classroom.

But while Gimkit takes studying to fun new heights, students are always clamoring for more tokens to gain an edge over their classmates. So how do you get infinite tokens in Gimkit to dominate the gameboard? Let’s find out…

How the Gimkit Tokens System Works

Before learning how to get unlimited tokens, it’s important to understand how tokens are earned in Gimkit.

When a teacher starts a game pin, they set the max number of tokens players can earn per correct answer. This ranges from 100 tokens to 10,000+ tokens if the teacher wants a really high scoring game.

Players have the option to either “bank” their earned tokens safely to themselves, or risk some portion of their tokens to try and freeze/thaw/unlock opponents for double tokens. Risking allows skilled players to build huge token leads very quickly.

Additionally, teachers may allow power ups and other special items purchasable via tokens during gameplay to give players fun advantages like extra time on questions or immunity from attacks.

So in summary:

  • Players earn tokens for answering questions quickly and correctly
  • Tokens can be banked safely or risked to sabotage and steal from opponents
  • More tokens allows buying more game-changing power-ups

This token economy creates an exciting risk vs reward meta-game on top of just practicing academic content. But is there a way to bypass token limits and guarantees yourself infinite tokens?

Using Gimkit Hacks and Exploits

Over the years, various hacks and exploits have been uncovered for gaining massive advantages in Gimkit by manipulating the token systems behind the scenes.

While Gimkit fixes and patches these vulnerabilities very quickly, crafty students leak the exploits online before they are fully squashed. If executed properly, you can essentially give yourself unlimited tokens and dominate any gameboard against your unsuspecting classmates!

Gimkit Token Adders and Generators

The most common Gimkit hack comes in the form of an online generator tool. Students will create a special link that when clicked, runs a script that searches the Gimkit servers for your active gameplay session and directly adds 100,000+ tokens to your account.

While fantastically effective when operational, Gimkit cracks down on these quickly and they go offline in just a few days. But clever hackers reupload new versions all the time for students willing to take the risk.

WARNING: Downloading files from unofficial sources to run always poses some security risks. Be very careful before running anything not trusted fully.

Browser Console Inspection Hacks

For hackers who know JavaScript, sometimes vulnerabilities can be found by inspected Gimkit’s client code that runs in your web browser.

By digging into the site source and Console panel, you can search for variables that store token values. If found, it’s possible to manually override the numbers to 999999 or higher give yourself instant fortunes.

Similarly, you can retrigger functions that run to add tokens each time you answer a question correctly. This makes it appear on your screen like you earn tokens endlessly without answering anything at all!

Gimkit Mobile App Exploits

With over half of all students accessing Gimkit via smartphone apps, hackers have focused attention there for injection opportunities too.

While specifics change with each new update, concepts are similar to browser hacks – either by intercepting the API calls between the mobile app and Gimkit servers to modify requests/responses, or unpacking local encrypted data files the apps use like SharedPreferences on Android devices.

This allows directly changing values like current token counts. And combined with hacking the token earning/logic locally, has provided nearly unstoppable mobile token generation glitches.

Social Engineering Attacks

For those unwilling or unable to understand and deploy hardcore technical exploits, social engineering attacks present another path to infinite tokens.

Gimkit’s servers track users via sessions and cookies. So if a hacker can gain access to the teacher account credentials initializing a game session, they can override all gameplay rules.

Through phishing emails, compelling the teacher to click remote access links, or spying visual snooping for passwords, stealing the teacher login offers full control.

With admin power, enabling infinite tokens for yourself is trivial by adjusting session variables user-side. Just be careful not to be too obvious if you want the free tokens to go unnoticed!

How Teachers Can Stop Gimkit Token Hacking

While token hacking allows students to dominate Gimkit games unethically, thankfully teachers can utilize various safeguards to protect game integrity.

Here are some top recommendations to prevent token manipulation cheats:

  • Update Gimkit Frequently – Make sure Gimkit is updated to latest version so known exploits are patched. Turn on auto-updates if possible.
  • Monitor Student Browser Tabs – Require students to keep browser tabs open during games so cheating tools are visible.
  • Randomize Game Pins – Use randomized game pins students don’t know ahead of time so hack setup is harder.
  • Watch Leaderboards Carefully – Note any massive, improbable token scores jumping suddenly as likely cheats.
  • Limit Outside Site Access – Block access to hacking sites via firewall/network rules students are playing on.
  • Threaten Consequences – Remind students serious academic dishonesty penalties if caught cheating tokens.

While no online system is completely unhackable, taking security precautions can greatly reduce Gimkit token manipulation to preserve quiz integrity teachers expect.

Ethical Concerns with Gimkit Hacking

Before attempting to exploit Gimkit’s systems for infinite tokens, students should carefully consider ethical impacts:

  • Cheating harms your own learning, preventing knowledge retention long-term
  • Unfair advantages worsen classroom culture, creating resentment and hostility
  • Automating gameplay via scripts robs legit fun from other players

Additionally, intentional hacking likely violates academic honesty policies enforced harshly at most institutions. Penalties including failing grades, suspensions, black marks on records, and even full expulsions are possible if caught and identified.

Students must determine themselves if unfettered access to imaginary currency in a classroom game is worth inflicting real damage upon their education futures and relationships with teachers and peers who may feel betrayed.


Gimkit has skyrocketed to become a beloved tool for making studying more exciting for millions globally. While limitations on earnable tokens motivate engagement, some students can’t resist pushing boundaries further with hacks for unlimited wealth.

Manipulating Gimkit’s systems may offer temporary glory dominating leaderboards, but will ultimately undermine classroom trust and your own learning. Seek instead to master content legitimately and refrain from spreading techniques harming others’ enjoyment.

As game developers continue addressing exploits that arise, the platform can keep progressing as an innovative way bringing fun into academics for all.


Is it possible to actually get unlimited tokens in Gimkit?

While various hacks and exploits have given students seemingly unlimited tokens temporarily, Gimkit developers quickly patch loopholes that allow manipulating token counts through technical or social means. So unlimited tokens are never officially possible long-term.

Can I get banned from Gimkit for cheating tokens?

Yes, using hacks or exploits to gain unfair token advantages can get you banned. Teachers and Gimkit admins actively monitor gameplay for improbable scores indicating manipulation, and regularly ban accounts caught cheating.

What are some warning signs my account may get banned?

Signs include: suddenly jumping to #1 on leaderboards despite previously lower scores, achieving over 100,000+ tokens when limits are set to less, playing multiple games simultaneously at improbable speeds, and having teachers report visible cheating through browser tab snooping.

Could I get in legal trouble for Gimkit hacking?

Potentially yes, if damages cross thresholds. While tiny classroomsite, manipulation could be covered under unauthorized access laws. And since many students use school-issued devices, those computer fraud statutes may apply as well carry serious penalties.

What if my friends want me to share hacking techniques?

You should avoid spreading Gimkit exploits, despite pressure from classmates. By teaching others to cheat, you further undermine the gameplay integrity for legitimate students focused on learning. Refrain from starting that cycle.

Can teachers recover hacked student accounts?

If tokens are manipulated on school accounts rather than personal ones, administrators can directly wipe and restore to reset hacking damages. But they can’t undo official service bans enacted by Gimkit against personal accounts engaging misconduct. Those remain permanent mark on record.

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