How to get INFINITE Gimbuks?[2024]

How to get INFINITE Gimbuks?2024 In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn multiple methods for getting infinite Gimbuks


Gimkit is an online multiplayer live quiz game created by Josh Feinsilber when he was a high school student. It has become hugely popular among students as an engaging way to review class material and compete with their peers.

In Gimkit, players answer questions to earn virtual currency called “Gimbuks”. Gimbuks can be used to sabotage other players by making their questions more difficult. The player with the most Gimbuks at the end of the game wins.

Earning enough Gimbuks to have fun sabotaging your friends or classmates takes skill. But what if you could get infinite Gimbuks? With the right techniques, you can break the Gimkit economy and get unlimited wealth.

Using Cheat Engine to Hack Gimkit Client-Side

One approach to get unlimited Gimbuks is using hacking tools like Cheat Engine to manipulate the Gimkit web app code running on your computer. By scanning and changing Gimkit’s memory values with Cheat Engine while the game is running, you can attempt to alter your Gimbuks balance.

Downloading and Installing Cheat Engine

To get started, you need to download Cheat Engine from the developer’s website:

  • Go to
  • Click the download link for the latest version
  • Install Cheat Engine on your computer

This should only take a few minutes.

Scanning Gimkit’s Memory for Your Gimbuks Value

Once Cheat Engine is set up:

  • Launch Gimkit in your web browser and start a game
  • Open Cheat Engine and click the computer icon in the top left to select the browser process running Gimkit
  • Enter your current Gimbuks amount as the scan value and scan
  • Correctly identify the memory address storing your balance
  • Change the value to give yourself infinite Gimbuks!

With some trial and error, you can use this tactic to manipulate many web-based games like Gimkit.

Exploiting Bugs and Glitches for Endless Gimbuks

In addition to hacking tools, there may also be legitimate software bugs or glitches within Gimkit that you can intentionally trigger to obtain unlimited Gimbuks, points, or other advantages.

Using the Inspect Element Console

One basic approach is to use your browser’s Inspect Element console:

  • Right click while playing Gimkit and click Inspect
  • Go to the Console tab
  • Enter = 999001 to set your balance to a million Gimbuks!

This takes advantage of Gimkit loading user data on the client-side.

Account Transfer Tricks

Some players have reported transferring progresses between accounts can duplicate certain values like Gimbuks earnings:

  • Earn lots of Gimbuks on Account A
  • Transfer your progress to a new Account B
  • Account A will retain its original Gimbuks total
  • Result: Both accounts have the high Gimbuks amount!

This seems to be an unintended behavior when transferring accounts, so try testing it out.

Racing for High Scores

There are also speculation around beating your personal high scores very quickly resulting in highly inflated Gimbuks rewards over time.

Attempt setting a low high score such as 1,000 points, then immediately play another round focusing only on answering quickly to beat your previous high score. Repeat this process, intentionally keeping your “high score” low while earning Gimbuks each time. Over hours of play, your lifetime Gimbuks accrued may eventually reach outrageous amounts.

Hacking Gimkit Servers Remotely for Unlimited Gimbuks

While client-side tricks may work temporarily, the most powerful way to get infinite Gimbuks is to hack into Gimkit’s server infrastructure directly and manipulate the source data.

Of course, illegally accessing someone else’s systems is unethical. The following section is for educational purposes only.

Finding Network Vulnerabilities

  • Perform reconnaissance on Gimkit’s server infrastructure to map out their external facing assets
  • Use network scanning tools like Nmap to find open ports and vulnerabilities like SQL injection points
  • Test injecting payloads into entry points to query user database tables
  • Manipulate your Gimbuks balance or unlock assets directly in the backend

If vulnerabilities exists, a skilled hacker could use them to directly modify Gimkit web app data on the server side.

Maintaining Persistent Access

Gaining one-time access to servers may let you change values which are eventually reverted or patched. To keep infinite Gimbuks forever:

  • Download and analyze source code from the servers to identify additional flaws
  • Find ways to achieve remote code execution
  • Implement backdoors to allow persistent access after exploiting the application
  • Build bots to continuously inflate your Gimbuks balance over time

By achieving control over Gimkit’s cloud infrastructure, an attacker could potentially have unlimited impact on game data and economics.


I hope this guide has illuminated multiple techniques you could leverage to get infinite Gimbuks and dominate Gimkit games financially!

Of course I cannot condone actually hacking production systems illegally or violating terms of service. Make sure you only test techniques in appropriate, legal environments like locally hosted copies of the application.

The reality is no online game economy is perfectly secure or bug-free. With sufficient skills, time and creativity – someone will eventually discover ways to exploit these systems. By learning how hackers break games early in your education, you can help build more resilient networks and applications in the future.

Now get out there, use your new knowledge responsibly, and enjoy infinite Gimbuks!


What are Gimbuks, and how do I get them?

Gimbuks are the virtual currency used within our platform, allowing you to access premium features, make purchases, and enhance your experience. You can acquire Gimbuks through various means, including completing tasks, participating in promotions, or purchasing them directly from our store.

Are there any free ways to earn Gimbuks?

Absolutely! We offer numerous opportunities for users to earn Gimbuks without spending a dime. These can include completing daily challenges, referring friends, or participating in community events. Keep an eye on our platform for the latest ways to earn free Gimbuks.

Can I purchase Gimbuks with real money?

Yes, you can. If you’re looking to quickly boost your Gimbuks balance, you have the option to purchase them directly from our store using real currency. We offer various packages to suit different budgets and needs.

Are Gimbuks transferable between users?

Unfortunately, Gimbuks are non-transferable between users. Each account is tied to its own Gimbuks balance, which cannot be shared or transferred to another user’s account.

What can I do with Gimbuks once I have them?

Gimbuks unlock a range of features and benefits within our platform. You can use them to access premium content, purchase virtual goods, or unlock exclusive offers and discounts. The possibilities are endless!

Do Gimbuks have an expiration date?

No, Gimbuks do not expire. Once you’ve earned or purchased Gimbuks, they remain in your account indefinitely until you choose to use them. Feel free to save them up or spend them at your leisure.

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