how to win gimkit every time 6 best tricks? [2024]

How to win gimkit every time 6 best tricks?2024.Here we discuss all important tricks to win gimkit


Gimkit is an addictive online multiplayer live game, often used in classrooms as an educational tool to review concepts. It has gained widespread popularity among students of all ages since its launch in 2017.

The basic premise of Gimkit is that players answer multiple-choice questions to earn virtual currency which they use to buy powerups and sabotage opponents. The player with the most virtual currency at the end of the game wins. Games usually last around 5 minutes.

With its real-time gameplay and emphasis on fast thinking, Gimkit creates a fun and high-energy learning environment. Students love the competitiveness while teachers appreciate the ability to reinforce knowledge in an engaging way.

How Does Gimkit Work?

Teachers create Gimkit games, called “kits”, by uploading multiple choice questions on any academic topic or assigning preset kits. When a game starts, questions pop up on players’ screens and race against the clock to answer correctly before opponents, earning virtual money for right answers.

Players use money to purchase special powerups and effects to give themselves an advantage. Popular powerups do things like doubling your money per question, forcing opponents to answer more questions before getting paid, or even stealing currency from other players. Players also race to buy upgrades that multiply account value. The most money at the end wins.

Games usually last around 5-7 minutes. Teachers can track student performance in real-time with data on percentages correct and money earned.

Key Strategies to Win Gimkit

Succeeding at Gimkit requires fast thinking, quick reflexes, good recall of knowledge, and smart powerup strategy. Here are pro tips that will give you an edge over your classmates:

1. Master the Subject Material

Having command over the content being quizzed gives you an immediate leg up. Thoroughly study guide materials beforehand so answers come quickly when pressed for time during competitive rounds. Memorize key terms, dates, formulas, vocab words, etc. The less time you spend thinking, the faster you’ll answer and earn.

2. Get Familiar with Powerups

Know all the special powerup effects and costs by heart, and have a strategy for which ones benefit your gameplay style. Quickly weigh if certain powerups are worth activating based on question difficulty and opponents’ levels. For example, longer duration powerups tend to give more bang for the buck.

3. Play Offensively and Defensively

The best players alternate between offensive and defensive tactics. When in the lead, buy sabotage powerups that freeze, confuse, or drain opponents. When trailing, invest in multipliers and wild cards to quickly catch up. Always maintain awareness of rivals’ positions on the leaderboard.

4. Master Game Controls and Settings

Get very comfortable with the game interface. Customize settings like fast mode to increase tempo. Know shortcuts like using the spacebar to quickly answer questions. Enable visual and audio alerts. Mastering controls will greatly boost gameplay speed.

5. Play in Optimal Physical and Mental State

Performance in fast-paced games requires peak mental and physical condition. Get good rest before playing competitively. Have proper lighting and device positioning. Avoid distractions. Consume brain-boosting snacks or caffeinated drinks for enhanced mental reaction speed, focus and recall.

6. Use Advanced Gimkit Strategies and Hacks

Employ next level competitive strategies like timing powerup purchases for double effectiveness during 2X events. Exploit game mechanics with techniques like the Swagbucks hack. Use browser extensions that display extra analytics. Every little edge counts when battling for first place.

Detailed Walkthrough on Dominating Gimkit

Follow this start-to-finish guide on exactly when to employ proven Gimkit domination strategies during a typical game session for consistentlyOP results:

Step 1: As Soon As Game Starts

Right off the bat, quickly scan the leaderboard to assess opponent levels. If beginner or intermediate players, blitz the first couple questions as fast as possible to grab an early money lead before anyone realizes what’s happening.

If veteran players present, still answer swiftly but avoid sabotaging yet. Use the buy time to study opponents’ strategies – who spends heavily on upgrades vs powerups, fastest answer speeds, etc. These insights will inform later battle plans.

Step 2: Build an Early Lead

Once in first, start lengthening the lead by maintaining answer speed while quickly buying multipliers after several corrects. The Double Your Money and 2X Account Value boosters further widen the margin.

Resist splurging all cash on expensive attacks this early. But if an opponent tries making a move with basic swipes or freezes, a quick Drain or two will put them right back in their place without cutting too much into reserves.

Step 3: Establish Dominance

With a healthy lead secured, shift to cementing undisputed first place status by triggering an onslaught of disabling attacks against key threats.

In quick succession, nail the current 2nd place player with attacks like Freeze, Revenge Swipe and Double Trouble. Follow up immediately with cash pilfers via Steal and Drain if they recovered money. The combined effects can devastate targets for up to 30 seconds, allowing time to deliver knockout blows.

While offensively sabotaging rivals, stay sharp answering questions correctly yourself. Multipliers should still be active. Let weaker players battle amongst themselves for crumbs while you conclusively shut out true threats.

Step 4: Maintain Aggression

By this midpoint stage, clear “haves” and “have nots” emerge. As the definitive first placer, block efforts by envious opponents to close gaps by continually blitzing with attacks every chance powerups recharge:

  • Unleash fresh Freezes, Drains and Swipes on rebuild attempts
  • Add layers of confusion and frustration via Scramblers
  • Squash comeback hopes with precision Bankrupts
  • Laugh sadistically as foes futilely try counterattacking while disabled

Rinse, lather, repeat while racking up more correct answers yourself. The rich get richer. Leave the suffering lower classes choked on your dust.

Step 5: Exploit Final Stretch 2X Event

In the end phase, Gimkit triggers a site-wide 2X multiplier event. By stockpiling powerups until right before 2X, you can devastate rivals for maximum impact:

For example, a Scrambler normally costs 500 and confuses for 5 seconds. But trigger it just seconds before 2X, and confusion lasts a crushing 10 seconds instead right as answers start doubling!

Other powerup combos work similarly by overlapping effects during 2X for added devastation against opponents likely already drained of cash from earlier beatdowns.

Meanwhile, your own multipliers purchased long ago keep paying exponential dividends – easily overshadowing smaller 2X gains by less prepared players. Feel free to buy even more upgrades or attacks as the clock expires.

Step 6: Finish With Decisive First Place Lead

In the final seconds, blasting one last Freeze attack on any late comeback tries ensures you can coast comfortably to a dominant first place victory!

When the scoreboard pops, don’t hold back on exuberant gloating at crushed rivals. Mock them for dare challenging a proven Gimkit master. But magnanimously (and condescendingly) offer advice for improvement before starting the next round and destroying dreams again.


With masterful application of these advanced competitive strategies and exploitation of game mechanics, achieving consistent first place victories in Gimkit is assured.

The high from conquering opponents while proving intellectual superiority is incredibly addicting. So while teachers may have initially created Gimkit as an educational review tool, students like you will keep playing just for the thrill of total domination itself!


Is it possible to win Gimkit every time?

While there’s no guaranteed strategy to win Gimkit every time, there are tips and tricks you can use to improve your chances. Focus on mastering the material, using power-ups strategically, and staying focused throughout the game.

What are some tips for winning Gimkit?

To increase your chances of winning Gimkit, try to pace yourself, prioritize questions based on their point values, use power-ups strategically, and stay focused on the game objectives. Additionally, practice regularly to improve your knowledge and speed.

Are there any strategies for earning more in-game currency in Gimkit?

Yes, there are strategies for earning more in-game currency in Gimkit. Focus on answering questions correctly and quickly to earn more money. Additionally, consider using power-ups strategically to maximize your earnings.

Can teamwork help in winning Gimkit?

Yes, teamwork can be beneficial in winning Gimkit. Collaborating with classmates or friends can help you answer questions more efficiently, strategize better, and earn more in-game currency together.

What should I do if I’m struggling to win Gimkit?

If you’re struggling to win Gimkit, don’t get discouraged. Instead, focus on improving your knowledge of the material, practicing regularly, and experimenting with different strategies. Additionally, consider seeking help from classmates or teachers for additional support.

How can I get started with Gimkit?

To get started with Gimkit, simply visit the website and create an account. From there, you can explore different features, join or create games, and start studying in a fun and engaging way!

Are there ways to cheat in Gimkit?

Some players use techniques like searching answers on Google or sharing questions and answers out-of-game with teammates. However, this violates the spirit and rules of the game. The most sustainable approach is to thoroughly prepare by studying the review material.

What should I do in the 2X event at the end?

The 2X event doubles all money earned in the final 45 seconds of a game. Save your most expensive powerups until just before this event, then blast opponents to maximize damage when the multipliers hit. Meanwhile, powerups you previously bought will earn you exponentially more as well.

How can I practice to improve?

Play regularly, focus on remembering the material, get very familiar with powerups and strategy, and analyze opponents’ moves to continue improving. Over time, your skills will strengthen. Review practice kits offline as well to master content.

What is the Swagbucks hack?

The Swagbucks hack involves opening the Swagbucks webpage in another browser tab while playing Gimkit. You can then run automated videos on Swagbucks to earn SB points, which you can use to purchase powerups that will aid your Gimkit gameplay. This tactic takes advantage of Swagbucks’ automated earning to fuel your powerup purchases in Gimkit.

What are the best powerups to buy?

Some of the most effective powerups include: Double Money (double the money you earn per correct answer), Account Value Multiplier (permanently multiplies all money earned), Freeze (temporarily freezes an opponent), Drain (takes money from an opponent), and Scrambler (makes opponents’ upcoming questions scrambled).

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