how to earn gimkit coins [2024]

How to earn gimkit coins 2024 Here, we’ll explain everything you need to know about earning Gimkit coins as a student. With the right strategies, you can rack up huge coin totals and unlock powerful abilities that’ll help you excel in any Gimkit game or activity.

How to Earn Coins on Gimkit

There are a few primary ways to earn coins while playing games on Gimkit. Let’s take a look at each of them:

Answering Questions Correctly

This is the most straightforward way to earn coins – simply answer questions correctly! Every time you select the right answer to a question, you’ll be rewarded with coins.

The amount of coins you earn per correct answer can vary based on the settings chosen by the teacher. But in most cases, expect to receive around 100 coins for each right answer.

So if you make an effort to thoroughly read and understand the questions and answer choices, and carefully select what you believe to be the correct response, you can rack up tons of coins very quickly.

Using Powerups and Multipliers

There are various powerups and multipliers available for purchase in the Gimkit shop using your earned coins. Strategic use of these can dramatically boost how many coins you earn per correct answer.

For example, a 2x multiplier would double the coins you receive per answer. A 5x multiplier would give five times as many coins! There’s also powerups that let you see the correct answer or eliminate incorrect choices. Using those makes getting questions right easier.

Be smart about when you activate your powerups and multipliers for maximum impact. The more questions you can correctly answer while boosted, the exponentially more coins you’ll earn during that time period.

Completing Bonus Activities

Many Gimkit games contain special bonus activities that will instantly reward you with a large sum of coins upon completion.

These can include mini-games, additional quizzes, word jumble puzzles, and more. They generally cost a small amount of coins to unlock initially, but the coin payoff upon successfully finishing them is massive.

Make sure not to skip past any bonus activities or opportunities without at least checking to see what the payout could be! Those big 100,000+ coin payouts can seriously help skyrocket your overall totals.

Long Answer and Essay Questions

For games or activities containing long answer or essay-style questions, there is huge potential for massive coin earnings if you put in high-quality responses.

Unlike standard multiple choice where you can only get a static amount per correct answer, essay questions will reward you with way more coins the longer, more thought out, and accurate your written response is.

Really put time and effort into fully addressing what the essay or long answer prompts ask for. Proofread your responses, add helpful details and examples, and make sure you understanding key concepts that are referenced or asked about. Demonstrating mastery of the subject matter through well-written essays is highly rewarded!

Referring Friends

Gimkit offers loyalty rewards for getting your friends involved. On the Gimkit shop page, you can access your unique referral link to invite new players.

For every friend that signs up with your personal link and completes enough activities to unlock the shop, you’ll receive a hefty coin bonus. The referral bonus often starts at around 20,000 coins, making it well worth spreading the word.

And as an added incentive for them, any friend that uses your link will start with an extra 10,000 coins automatically added to their balance once they unlock the shop! This makes referring others a great way to be rewarded while also helping out your friends.

Gimkit Shop – Unlocking Perks and Powerups

A key aspect of maximizing how many coins you can rack up on Gimkit is strategically spending them within the in-game shop. This is where you can trade coins you’ve earned to unlock various perks and powerups.

As mentioned previously, purchasing certain multipliers or answer-assisting powerups can directly result in you earning way more coins during active gameplay sessions.

But the shop also offers longer-term upgrades and bonuses that will be continually helpful across all your games and activities on the platform. Prioritizing these can really take your overall Gimkit experience to the next level.

Persistent Multipliers

The basic multipliers like 2x or 5x can only be activated during specific games, and only last for a limited number of questions. However, by upgrading to more premium multiplier levels in the shop, you can make your bonuses persistent across all games while also increasing the percentages.

For example, upgrading to the Gold Multiplier item will permanently give you at least a 1.2x bonus to all coins earned — forever!

Since this will passively apply to every question you get right in any and all future Gimkit gameplay, it won’t take long at all for the upgrade to pay for itself (and far more).

More Powerups

Additional one-time use powerups can also be obtained from the Gimkit shop, giving you more options and abilities at your disposal.

Some super powerful ones include endless 2x or 3x multipliers for the duration of an entire game, eliminating half or more of the incorrect answers, or even automatically advancing you past the current question.

Having a diverse toolbox of powerups means you’ll always have the right strategic option for whatever situation arises. And being able to identify and leverage these special abilities at the perfect moments is integral for maximizing coin output.

Custom Avatars, Profiles and More

Another excellent coin investment from the Gimkit shop is customizing and upgrading your student profile with unique cosmetic enhancements.

These include avatar frames, profile backgrounds, statuses, badges and titles exclusive to paying members, colorful rank icons showcasing progression, and more.

Not only do these fun personalizations make participating way more enjoyable and make your profile stand out, they also demonstrate to your teacher and other students that you are fully engaged with excelling on the platform.

Purchasing custom upgrades shows you actively use Gimkit and really value the learning experience it provides. This can potentially motivate your teacher to assign more activities, resulting in even more coins earning opportunities for you!

Strategy Guide – Start to Finish Gameplay Walkthrough

Now that we’ve covered all the basics of how to earn coins on Gimkit, let’s do a walkthrough of strategic, high-level gameplay from start to finish to highlight best practices in action.

Follow these methods, and you’ll absolutely dominate any game mode while accumulating tons of spendable coins along the way!

Read Everything Carefully

As soon as you begin a new Gimkit game, carefully read details for all available coin bonuses, objectives, special tasks, ways to get boosted multipliers, powerups and anything else relevant to maximize money making potential. Make sure you understand all rules and systems at play before diving in.

Buy Powerups That Will Upgrade Your Coins Per Correct Answer

At the very start of a game, focus first on using your existing coins to purchase answer-streak multipliers, persistent bonuses multiplier upgrades or powerups that reveal correct answers. Getting more questions right off the bat results in exponentially more coins.

Maintain a Correct Answer Streak for as Long as Possible

Make your primary goal maintaining a lengthy streak of correct answers, rather than rushing to finish questions quickly. The longer your active streak, the more the streak multiplier increases – meaning dramatically more coins earned per additional correct response.

Activate One-Time Powerups at Key Moments

Use any powerups with limited uses or durations at critical points when they’ll have peak impact. For example, use answer eliminating powerups on really difficult questions. Use the infinite multiplier powerups when lots of essay or bonus activity questions seem likely back-to-back. Perfect timing maximizes their profit potential.

Always Complete Bonus Activities

Never skip bonus games, quizzes, puzzles or other special activities. Not only are they very profitable from all the questions you’ll answer correctly along the way, but clearing them specifically triggers massive coin payout bonuses as well. Easy way to build up quick wins.

Provide High Quality Essay Responses

For any open-ended essay questions that arise, put in the time and effort to provide genuinely strong, well-thought out responses reflecting complete understanding. These types of questions offer by far the largest coin rewards when you showcase in-depth comprehension.

Only Redeem Coins at the End

Avoid spending any coins until the very end of a game session once gameplay is fully completed. This way you aren’t drained of coins you could otherwise use mid-game to purchase


Earning coins on the educational game platform Gimkit is not only super fun, but also incredibly rewarding. With the right strategies, you can accumulate tons of virtual currency to spend on major upgrades and bonuses that will help you excel in your learning activities.

Carefully read all instructions and details before starting games so you understand how to maximize earnings potential. Maintain long correct answer streaks whenever possible to trigger multiplier increases. Use powerups at precisely the right moments for peak impact. Never skip bonus questions or essay opportunities. And hold off spending any coins until your gameplay session is fully finished.

Following the methods outlined in this guide, you’ll be raking in the big coin rewards in no time! Soon you’ll have enough to deck out your student profile with custom cosmetics, unlock permanent helpful perks across all games modes, and literally pay for correct answers on tough questions when you need to.

So get out there, start dominating some Gimkit challenges, and get that virtual coin fortune stacking higher than you can imagine!


Does it cost real money to buy coins on Gimkit?

Nope! Purchasing coins is only done with the virtual currency you earn totally for free through gameplay. Real money is never required or accepted.

Do my coins from one Gimkit class or activity carry over to others?

Yes, absolutely. Your coin total is tied to your unique student account, so it aggregates across all games you play over time – regardless of different teachers, subjects, quiz topics, etc.

Is there a limit to how many coins I can earn overall?

There is no ceiling on the total coins you can rack up. With enough time and strategic play, you can collect millions of Gimkit coins – or even billions if you get really dedicated!

What happens to my coins balance if I don’t play Gimkit for a while?

Your coins will never expire or decrement over time, even if you take long breaks between play sessions. So no need to worry about losing your savings if you step away for a bit.

What are Gimkit Coins?

Gimkit Coins are the virtual currency used within the Gimkit platform. They serve as a valuable resource for unlocking various features and enhancing your learning experience.

How can I earn Gimkit Coins?

You can earn Gimkit Coins by actively participating in learning activities on the platform. This includes answering questions correctly, completing challenges, and achieving high scores.

Are there any other ways to earn Gimkit Coins?

Yes, you can also earn Gimkit Coins by inviting friends to join Gimkit and by participating in special events or promotions hosted by the platform.

Can I purchase Gimkit Coins?

Currently, Gimkit Coins cannot be directly purchased. However, you can acquire them through gameplay and engagement on the platform.

Do Gimkit Coins expire?

No, Gimkit Coins do not expire. Once you’ve earned them, they remain in your account until you choose to use them.

Are Gimkit Coins refundable?

Gimkit Coins are non-refundable. Once they are spent or used within the platform, they cannot be reversed or exchanged for other forms of currency.

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