how to get infinite money in gimkit ?[2024]

How to get infinite money in gimkit ?2024.Here is step by step guide to earn infinite money. Students earn coins for answering questions quickly and correctly during gameplay. They can then use these coins to purchase power-ups that provide special advantages, like doubling their earnings per question or forcing their opponents to skip a turn. Unspent coins even carry over from game to game.

But what if you could take your Gimkit coin earnings to another level? What if there was a way to get an infinite supply of coins on Gimkit and unlock everything? Well, keep reading to find out!

Is Getting Infinite Money on Gimkit Really Possible?

Technically, no. Gimkit has implemented controls server-side to prevent users from obtaining unlimited coins. Things like editing local data, hacking the API, or manipulating packets sent to the server will not work. You may even get your account banned for trying exploits like these.

However, there are some clever tricks and workarounds that can help you stockpile a storehouse of coins on Gimkit. With enough coins, you essentially have an unlimited supply to spend on whatever power-ups and items you want while playing.

Prerequisites for Getting Tons of Coins

Before we get into the specific tricks, here are some prerequisites you need to maximize your Gimkit coin earnings:

Have Multiple Accounts

The more accounts you have for playing Gimkit, the more total coins you can accumulate across all accounts. Try creating 2-3 alternate accounts besides your main one. Use different emails and usernames for each account.

Use Referral Links

When you sign up new accounts on Gimkit, make sure to use referral links. Referral links award coins to both the referrer and referee. Refer your alt accounts from your main one.

Participate in Teams

Playing Gimkit in teams multiplies the coins you win. Join a team with your main account, then switch to your alt accounts. Configure your gameplay settings to be on the same team. This allows all accounts to profit.

Cash in External Rewards

Gimkit allows earning coins via accomplishing tasks on external reward websites. Check for available offers under the “Cash” section. Try to cash in rewards across all accounts to maximize earnings.

Pro Tips for Earning More Coins in Gimkit Games

Once you’ve got multiple accounts configured and linked, it’s time to start employing strategies to optimize coin earnings during actual gameplay:

Target Longer Games

Try to find kits that have a large number of questions or an unlimited number of rounds. The longer you can keep answering questions correctly, the more coins you can accumulate. Avoid short games with only 10-15 questions.

Enable Team Power-Ups

Before starting a gimkit game, make sure “Allow Team Power-Ups” is enabled in the settings. This allows you to activate sharing perks like bank boost and lucky wheel that increase payouts for the entire team.

Use Alt Accounts for Power-Ups

Conserve the coins on your main account. Use alt accounts to purchase team power-ups that benefit your main account. This saves coins on your primary account while growing its earnings.

Activate Bonus Multipliers

Combining bonuses like the “2x” bonus multiplier power-up with team earnings boosts causes coin payouts to skyrocket. Time the activation of these bonuses together with daily reward multipliers for optimal effect.

Bet Big in Winner-Take-All

In Winner-Take-All mode, players can bet coins against each other on quiz performance. Use alt accounts to make risky max bets against your main account. Try to win these bets with your main account to double its coins.

Exploit Daily free Kits

Some gimkit creators offer free coins just for playing a daily kit. Discover these kits and repeatedly play them with all accounts before the daily reset. Easy coins!

Hacking Gimkit for Unlimited Money – Why You Shouldn’t Do It

At this point, you may be wondering “Why not just hack Gimkit for infinite coins?” While hacking might sound tempting, there are good reasons to avoid it:

  • Account Bans – If caught exploiting, Gimkit will permanently ban your account. All your hard-earned progress will be wiped out.
  • IP Bans – Gimkit may ban your device’s IP address for hacking attempts, preventing access from your computer or network.
  • Legal Issues – Tampering with online games violates terms and conditions. You could face civil or criminal liability.
  • Malware Downloads– “Cheats” or “hacks” often have malware that can infect your device. This exposes you to data theft.
  • Harms Legitimate Players – Exploiting impacts the game economy and ruins fairness. Coins become worthless.

Essentially, hacking Gimkit introduces all sorts of risks with serious repercussions. Additionally, the platform has multiple backend fraud detection measures, making successful exploitation practically impossible.

For these reasons, we don’t recommend even attempting to hack Gimkit for unlimited money under any circumstances.

Advanced Strategies to Earn Coins from Gimkit Creators

Beyond just playing games, power users know there are opportunities to earn bonus coins directly from the creators who make Gimkit kits. Here are some creative ways to get creators to reward you:

Provide Kit Feedback

Many creators offer small coin rewards in exchange for playing their kit and leaving constructive feedback. Provide thoughtful suggestions to improve their quizzes. Not only will you earn coins, but you’ll help the community.

Share Kits via Social Media

Creators trying to promote their kits may offer coins for sharing on social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. Repost their links or embed their kits in blog posts to earn rewards.

Complete Custom Activities

For educational kits, some creators award coins to students who go through the process of actually learning from their content outside of the game, like watching a video or reading an article.

Participate in Contests

Creators running Gimkit contests for things like art, essays or gameplay challenges provide prizes in coins to winners. Grind out contest entries across your accounts to maximize wins.

Beta Test New Kits

As creators develop new kits, they need beta testers to try early versions and provide feedback. Sign up to beta test half-finished kits in return for bountiful beta coins.

Promote Affiliate Products

Creators integrating affiliate marketing may give coins for purchasing or trialing products they promote via kits. Just be aware of potential subscription traps.

As you can see, actively engaging with the creative side of the Gimkit ecosystem opens up more coin-earning opportunities through mutually beneficial engagement.

How to Use Alt Accounts for Gimkit Coin Arbitrage

Here’s another pro tip for multiplying coins across accounts: Use alt accounts to transfer funds back to your main via arbitrage.

The approach works like this:

  1. Alt account plays high betting Winner-Take-All match against main account.
  2. Alt account goes all in with maximum bet against main.
  3. Main purposefully loses the match by answering incorrectly.
  4. Alt account’s bet pays out 3x, earning coins from main.
  5. Repeat betting gradually accumulates main account’s coins in alt.
  6. Later, transfer coins back from alt to main via shop purchases at 1:1 rate.

While complex, the tactic essentially allows you to “store” excess coins beyond the account maximum limit across accounts for withdrawal later. Just be careful not to actually go bankrupt on your main!

Frequently Asked Questions About Gimkit Money Exploits

Here are answers to some common questions about getting unlimited coins or otherwise exploiting Gimkit:

Can you really get unlimited money on Gimkit?

No. It is technically impossible to obtain literally unlimited coins due to Gimkit’s server-side protections against hacking, exploitation, and fraud. You should not attempt to access unlimited funds – your account will get banned.

Can you get banned for trying to exploit Gimkit?

Absolutely. Attempted hacking, coin generation, account theft, API abuse etc. will trigger permanent account bans, no exceptions. Gimkit’s terms prohibit exploiting loopholes or design flaws for financial gain.

How much money can you actually make with Gimkit?

Realistically, most players earn 5,000 – 50,000 coins per week through legitimate gameplay. Using coin-earning tips you can push earnings somewhat higher, but still not unlimited. Manage expectations – you’ll never break the Gimkit economy.

Is there actually a Gimkit money glitch that works?

No. Purported “glitches” allowing coin generation or duplication are invariably old, patched bugs or outright scams trying to steal your password. Any existing exploits would be well-hidden secrets, not publicly posted about. Assume all “free money” offers are fake or malware.

Can you legitimately earn real money on Gimkit?

Sort of. Gimkit allows cashing in-game coins for gift cards to various retailers. So while you can’t directly convert coins to actual money, gift cards provide an indirect equivalent you can spend at real stores. Just don’t expect to earn a meaningful income solely from Gimkit gameplay.

Common Types of Gimkit Scams

Here are typical gimmicks fraudsters use with malicious Gimkit promos:

Phishing Pages

Phony pages impersonate the legitimate Gimkit site and prompt entering credentials to “unlock” free coins. In reality, they steal account logins.

Downloadable Hacks

Promises of downloadable “hacks” or “generators” for unlimited funds often harbor Trojans and spyware instead of working exploits.

Survey Wall Offers

Completing endless surveys on shady websites for promised coins winds up earning nothing while exposing personal data.

Browser Extensions

Browser extensions claiming to automatically earn or multiply coins typically inject annoying ads at best or steal browsing data at worst.

Fake Authentication

Redirecting through a series of sites often ends at a fake login mimicking Gimkit’s real identity verification to capture passwords.

As you can see, practically all free Gimkit money offers involve malicious scams, rather than legitimate rewards. Fortunately, avoiding these traps takes only basic precautions.


At the end of the day, no working exploit exists to obtain unlimited Gimkit coins or money. While you can optimize legit gameplay earnings to stockpile coins faster, hacking attempts will only get accounts banned. Focus on having fun learning with Gimkit while responsibly maximizing coin gains. Avoid shady workarounds promising fake fortunes.

We hope these Gimkit money-making strategies and warnings provide helpful insights. Game on!

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