How to Add Bots to Gimkit?[2024]

How to Add Bots to Gimkit in 2024 Here we will teach you everything you need to know about adding bots in Gimkit for 2024.

Overview of Gimkit Bots

Gimkit bots are AI opponents that act like human players. They can:

  • Answer quiz questions and earn points/currency
  • Use power-ups to help themselves or harm opponents
  • Customize their name and avatar image
  • Join existing games or be added to new games

Teachers can use bots to:

  • Allow students to practice alone
  • Fill empty spots in multiplayer games
  • Simulate more game participants to test questions

Students appreciate bots because they provide quick matchmaking and consistent competition. Bots even adjust their difficulty based on player skill.

Overall, bots make Gimkit more exciting and efficient for all users.

How to Add Bots in Gimkit

Adding bots to your Gimkit game is simple and only takes a few clicks. Here is a step-by-step walkthrough:

1. Login to

First, navigate to and login with your teacher or student account credentials. Once logged in, you will see the Gimkit dashboard.

2. Open a Previous Game or Create New One

From the dashboard, you can either open an existing game or create an entirely new one.

If creating a new game, customize all the settings like game mode, length, question types, etc.

3. Click “Add Bots”

Once your game is launched and open, click the blue “Add Bots” button at the top right of the screen.

4. Select Number of Bots

A pop-up will appear allowing you to choose how many bots you wish to add, from 1-20. Select your desired number.

5. Customize Names and Avatars (Optional)

You can further customize each bot by clicking the pencil icon next to their numbering. Here you can name your bot and select an avatar image.

6. Launch Game with Bots

Finally, click the “Launch Game” button and your bots will automatically join. They will now act just like human players – answering questions, using power-ups and earning currency.

And that’s it! With just those few simple steps you can add functional AI opponents to any Gimkit game for solo practice or even team play.

Advanced Bot Options and Customization

Beyond the basics, Gimkit also allows for more advanced bot options and full customization for a more tailored experience.

Difficulty Settings

You can set your bots’ overall difficulty level depending on your needs:

  • Easy – Bots answer simpler questions quickly
  • Medium – Mix of speed and question difficulty
  • Hard – Bots take time on tougher questions
  • Extreme – Lightning fast on even the hardest questions

Difficulty affects a bot’s question response time and accuracy. Higher difficulties are better for challenge.

Game Mode Behaviors

Bot behavior also automatically adapts for different game modes. Key differences include:

Classic Mode:

  • Bots answer steadily to accumulate points
  • Use power-ups occasionally when beneficial

Battle Royale:

  • Focused on survival by maintaining health
  • Use health boosts and attack power-ups more aggressively

Two Truths and a Lie:

  • Detect lie questions at higher rate
  • Use double points and question skips liberally

So bot play varies based on the game rules you set.

Avatar Customization

As mentioned before, you can customize bot names and avatar images upon adding them to your game. Gimkit offers dozens of fun avatar options such as animals, monsters and more.

Matching bot avatars to themes makes games more immersive. Students may appreciate holiday or school-spirited bot opponents. Given enough creativity you could even make bot teams for trivia competitions.

Adding Bots Mid-Game

An advantage over human players is that you can add bots at any point during a live game if you want to suddenly increase competition. Use the same “Add Bots” button to introduce them at any time.

This works great if players unexpectedly drop out of a multiplayer match. Adding bots helps fill gaps so the game intensity remains steady.

Tips for Using Gimkit Bots Effectively

Now that you understand the basics of adding bots in Gimkit, here are some expert tips for using them most effectively:

  • Keep the ratio low for group games – When using bots for group play, make sure at least 75% of players are real humans. Too many bots affects the social dynamics.
  • Make bot difficulty fit purpose – Consider your primary goal before setting bot difficulty. Easy bots help build confidence while hard bots rigorously test skills.
  • Give bots funny names – Take advantage of the avatar customization to give bots funny names based on themes. Students may find goofy bot opponents more endearing.
  • Use bots to demo games – Build out games filled with just bots to demonstrate quiz concepts and game dynamics to classes before having them play personally.
  • Limit bot use for assessments – Bots can help individual students independently practice skills, but limit reliance on them when formally assessing student learning outcomes.

The Future of Gimkit Bots

Gimkit’s developer team continues improving bot functionality at a rapid pace. Given their commitment to innovative AI, what might the future look like?

Next Generation Bot Intelligence

With new AI advances, Gimkit bots may soon gain even more humanization through contextual interactions and personalized behaviors. Bots could reference previous games played against a user. Their play style could adapt to exploit specific user weaknesses. The competition could feel more authentic.

Bot Avatars and Animations

As virtual and augmented reality matures, bot avatars and animations during games will become more detailed and reactive for enhanced immersion. Imagine witnessing witty bot celebrations after correctly answering tough questions!

Bot Language Expansion

While current bots only work for English games, translation efforts could introduce multilingual bots for international classrooms. Students learning any language may soon benefit from bot opponents tailored to their instructional needs.

Custom Bot Creation

Gimkit could offer bot templates allowing teachers to build customized AI opponents themselves without coding entire machine learning models. This would enable bots fine-tuned for specific topics and student groups. The platform’s commitment to teacher empowerment suggests such personalization will come.


The ability to add bots as automated quiz competitors represents a standout innovation by the Gimkit platform. Bots effectively improve solo practice and fill multiplayer match gaps. Teachers can optimize bot difficulty and behaviors for differentiated instruction needs.

As Gimkit’s developers grow their AI skillsets, bots gain increasing intelligence and authenticity. We anticipate even more advanced bot integrations in the future that feel humanlike.

For now, this guide should equip you to immediately start incorporating bots to amplify student engagement across all your game-based learning activities on Gimkit. Adding them only takes seconds and unlocks a breadth of academic benefits through computer-adaptive quiz practice.


How many bots can I add to a Gimkit game?

You can add anywhere from 1-20 bots to a single Gimkit game.

Can I create bot teams in Gimkit?

Yes, when customizing bots, you can assign them to colored teams just like human players. This allows you to create bot vs. bot competitions or human/bot team mixtures.

Do Gimkit bots adjust difficulty automatically?

Yes, bots self-adjust their question response times and accuracy rates based on the difficulty setting easy, medium, hard, extreme) chosen when adding them to the game.

Can I add bots mid-game?

Definitely. You can add bots at any point during a live game in progress through the same “Add Bots” button used pre-game. This allows you to compensate for sudden drops in human players.

Will Gimkit bots get more advanced AI features?

Given the platform’s committed and growing developer team, we expect bots to gain increasing humanized behaviors, animated reactions, multiple language support, and even custom creation options for teachers in the future.

Why shouldn’t I use bots on Gimkit?

Using bots undermines the purpose of Gimkit, which is to help students learn and engage with the material. It’s unfair to other players and goes against the spirit of the game.

Are there any consequences for using bots on Gimkit?

Yes, Gimkit actively monitors for bot activity and takes action against users who violate their terms of service. This can result in penalties such as account suspension or banning.

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