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join game gimkit. Gimkit is an online multiplayer live game that is taking classrooms by storm. It’s an interactive and engaging way for teachers to review concepts with students, transform assessments, and energize class time. Players join a game pin provided by the teacher and compete to answer questions correctly and earn points. With its real-time leaderboard and lively music, Gimkit brings energy and excitement to learning.


As an educational game, Gimkit promotes collaboration, critical thinking, and retention of knowledge. The competitive elements keep students motivated to improve their scores with each new round. It’s a refreshing change from traditional pencil and paper assessments. Both teachers and students love the platform. In fact, over 12 million games of Gimkit are played each week!

If you’re new to Gimkit, this guide will walk you through everything you need to know to join a game and start playing. We’ll cover:

  • What is Gimkit and how does it work?
  • Benefits of using Gimkit for learning
  • How to join your first Gimkit game
  • Tips and strategies to win at Gimkit
  • Variations and game modes available
  • Customizing your experience and profile
  • Accessing Gimkit analytics as a teacher
  • Limitations and potential drawbacks of Gimkit

So if you’re a student, teacher, or just interested in trying out this popular educational game – keep reading!

What is Gimkit and How Does it Work?

Gimkit Join is a free game-based learning platform created by Josh Fritz, a high school teacher in Las Vegas. It functions like an interactive quiz competition. The teacher launches a game and shares a unique game pin with students.

To join, students simply go to and input the game pin. No account or registration is required unless teachers want access to additional features. Once in the game, questions are presented one at a time on each student’s device.

Gameplay proceeds in rounds where the goal is to answer questions correctly to earn points. With each right answer, students get money added to their balance. They can then use this money to pay for the privilege of answering the next question. Any money left over gets converted into extra points at the end of the round.

It’s an engaging format that rewards both speed and accuracy. Students have to balance choosing higher value questions with answering enough easier questions to build up their money reserves. The real-time leaderboard creates excitement as students watch their rankings rise and fall each round.

Unlike traditional tests, Gimkit encourages collaboration. Students can team up to devise strategies and even gift money to each other during gameplay. The game integrates seamlessly with Google Classroom making launch easy for teachers. Questions can be imported from existing materials or created manually.

Benefits of Using Gimkit for Learning

Gimkit is much more than just a fun classroom activity. When used effectively, it promotes:

Engagement and Motivation

The game dynamics of scoring points, racing the clock, collaborating, and competing on leaderboards taps into students’ natural desires for accomplishment and status. Even students who normally dread assessments get into the spirit of competition. It’s a welcome break from lectures and worksheets.

Retention of Knowledge

Trying to actively recall information in a quiz game format is proven to strengthen retention and long-term learning. The repetition of concepts across multiple rounds of gameplay allows details to really sink in. Studies show we remember things better when learned in a context of play.

Instant Feedback

Students get immediate feedback on their answers, reinforcing lessons on what they know and where they need to improve. Teachers also gain insights into individual student and class-wide knowledge gaps to inform future instruction.

Differentiated Learning

Within the same game, teachers can include questions tailored to different ability levels or learning needs. Advanced students can take on greater challenges for bigger rewards while others solidify foundational knowledge.

Collaborative Learning

While students accumulate individual scores, the game mechanics like gifting money and power-ups enable peer-to-peer teaching. Students are encouraged to work as a team to boost scores. Higher-level thinking skills are developed through discussion and strategy.

Real-Time Assessment

Watching the leaderboard and student responses in real-time allows teachers to see exactly who understands the material and who needs more help. Misconceptions become immediately clear. Difficulty and question order can also be dynamically adjusted based on class performance.

Gamification of Learning

Gimkit taps into students’ natural love of games and competition to motivate them to willingly participate in academic review. The multiplayer format makes it more fun versus working solo. By gamifying assessments, students develop positive associations with testing rather than fear or boredom.

How to Join Your First Gimkit Game

Ready to experience Gimkit for yourself? Just follow these simple steps to join your first game:

1. Get the Game PIN from Your Teacher

If your teacher has already created a game in Gimkit, they will provide you with the unique game PIN needed to enter. The game pin is a 4 or 5 digit number. Gimkit game pins can only be used once, so you’ll need a new pin each time you play a new game.

2. Go to

Open any web browser on your computer, phone, or tablet. Type in the URL This will take you to the Gimkit homepage.

3. Click “Play Game”

On the Gimkit homepage, click the large blue button marked “Play Game”. This opens up a page to input the game pin.

4. Enter the Game PIN

Type the game pin provided by your teacher into the “Game PIN” box.

5. Choose Your Display Name

You can play anonymously by just clicking “Play” after entering the pin. Or choose a fun display name for the leaderboard by typing it into the “Display Name” box before joining.

6. Join the Game!

Once you enter a valid game pin and display name, click “Play” to join! You’ll now be connected to the game in progress and can start answering questions and racking up points.

It’s that easy to start playing Gimkit! No account registration or download required. If you make a mistake entering the pin, you can always click “Back” and re-enter it correctly.

Once in the game, the main question will appear on screen with a countdown timer. Answering correctly earns you money to spend on more questions. Check the leaderboard periodically to see how you rank against other players.

When the round ends, any unused money gets converted to extra points. Then a new round begins with fresh questions! Rounds continue until the teacher ends the game.

Tips and Strategies to Win at Gimkit

Now that you know how to join a Gimkit game, let’s go over some tips to maximize your points and climb the leaderboard:

Quickly Answer Easier Questions

At the start of a round, click on the lower value questions to quickly answer several in a row. This builds your money faster to spend on pricier questions before time runs out. Don’t get too bogged down on any one tough question early on.

Collaborate with Classmates

You can gift money to other players or receive money gifts. If there is a student who seems to know the material well, gifting them money can allow them to rack up more points for your team.

Use Power-Ups Strategically

Power-ups offer advantages like stopping the timer or eliminating wrong answers. Use them for questions you aren’t fully confident on to avoid point deductions. But don’t waste power-ups when you already know the answer.

Let Your Teacher Know if Questions Are Unclear

If a question seems poorly worded or misleading, speak up so the teacher can clarify the intent or remove it if necessary. Don’t dwell on confusing questions. Flag them and move on so you don’t lose time.

Review Between Rounds

Glance over the leaderboard and your personal progress during round transitions. This is a prime opportunity to discuss strategies with teammates or identify knowledge gaps to improve on for the next round.

Manage Your Bank Balance

Don’t spend all your money with lots of time left – you want to have enough questions remaining to earn more. But don’t hoard money either – leftover funds don’t help you! Strike the right balance of earning and spending.

Have Fun!

While you want to win, don’t lose sight of having fun! The friendly competition and classroom dynamic makes Gimkit enjoyable. Stay positive and use mistakes as a chance to learn. With strategies and practice, your scores will improve over time.

Using these tips can help maximize your points earned with each game of Gimkit. But the best advice is to stay engaged, collaborate with your fellow students, and maintain a healthy sense of competition.

Game Modes and Variations

While the classic Gimkit gameplay is enticing enough, there are also lots of variations and game mode options to change things up:

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5 faqs of this


Here are 5 frequently asked questions about the different game modes and variations in Gimkit:

What are the different game modes in Gimkit?

There are several game modes that change the mechanics and winning conditions:

  • Classic – The default mode focused on the highest individual score.
  • Team Mode – Students work in teams and share scores. Teams compete for the highest combined point total.
  • Survival – No scores, just a battle to eliminate players by getting questions wrong. Last student standing wins.
  • Knockout – Like survival but instead of elimination, players drop to the bottom of the standings with each wrong answer.
  • Chaos – Questions have multiple correct answers and scoring is erratic. Unpredictable and entertaining.

What special game variations can be enabled?

  • Powerups – Items like time stoppers, wrong answer eliminators, and point multipliers can be purchased with in-game money.
  • Negative Scoring – Wrong answers deduct points instead of just earning zero. Risk vs reward element.
  • Anonymous – Hides player names and pictures for unbiased gameplay.
  • Speed Round – Faster pacing and quicker question turnover.
  • Untimed – Questions are not timed allowing students to answer at their own pace.

How do game modes affect strategy?

Different modes require tailored strategies. Classic values speed and accuracy. Team mode requires collaboration. Modes like Knockout prioritize consistency over riskier high-value questions. Chaos just emphasizes adapting quickly to new twists.

Can teachers switch modes and variations mid-game?

Yes, the game host can alter most settings in real-time during gameplay to switch things up. New modes keep students engaged across multiple rounds. The exception is anonymous mode which cannot be turned off once enabled.

Can teachers save preferred game settings?

Gimkit allows saving customized game templates with preferred modes, variations, question types, and more already pre-configured for instant reuse. This allows teachers to quickly launch games tailored to different needs.

The possibilities are endless! Part of the appeal of Gimkit is toggling all the customizable options to find the most fun and educationally meaningful combinations. Don’t be afraid to experiment to discover which modes motivate your students and enhance their learning. The replayability keeps the game exciting over repeated playthroughs.

join game gimkit


What options are available for question types?

Teachers can select from multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank, clickable image, matching, and more. Mixing up question formats keeps students on their toes.

How does the Gift Money feature work?

Students can gift in-game money to other players, even anonymously. This allows them to support classmates who may be struggling or collaborate to maximize team points. Teachers control if gifting is enabled.

Can power-ups be customized?

Yes, teachers can configure what power-ups are available for purchase, their cost, and effects. For example, a 2x bonus multiplier for 10 seconds or removing two wrong answers for 5 game bucks.

What anti-cheating measures does Gimkit have?

Questions and answers are only visible on student devices, not the projector. Teachers can also enable anonymous mode or shuffle player order between rounds. These minimize potential cheating.

Can students create and share their own games?

Gimkit Classroom allows student accounts where they can build games to review with classmates. Shared teacher oversight prevents inappropriate content. Student game creation fosters creativity.

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