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Gimkit Discord – how to join it in 2024?(step-by- step-guide)

Gimkit Discord – how to join it in 2024?(step-by- step-guide) In this blog post, we’ll provide an in-depth look at Gimkit Discord – how to join it, what you can do there, the active community, and how it enhances the overall Gimkit experience.

What is Gimkit? A Quick Overview

For those unfamiliar, Gimkit is a free online game and learning platform created by Josh Feinsilber when he was just 15 years old. It was launched in September 2017 and has quickly grown to have over 3 million registered players.

On Gimkit, teachers can create a variety of quiz and survey style “kits” for their students/classes to play. Kits often feel similar to popular TV game shows. Students join these teacher created kits via an invite code and compete to answer questions correctly and rack up points. Correct answers allow you to earn virtual currency which you can use to sabotage opponents or unlock powerups. Gimkit creates an entertaining, game-like environment designed to make learning engaging and fun.

Beyond the classroom, a worldwide Gimkit community exists where anyone can create or find public kits made by fellow players on every topic imaginable – trivia, math, geography, history, pop culture, and much more.

Overview of Discord

For the uninitiated, Discord is a free voice, video, and text chat platform originally built for gaming communities but now used by all types of online groups and fandoms. On Discord, these communities create and join Discord “servers” focused on a particular topic or game.

Once in a Discord server, members can chat via text in public chat rooms and private messages, voice chat in dedicated channels, video call friends, coordinate playing games together, and more. Servers also allow admins to create organized rooms, channels, roles, permissions, bots, and integrate other apps and tools.

This has made it vastly popular not just in gaming but also for online learning, remote work teams, hobby groups, and all types of communities. According to Discord in early 2023, they have over 150 million active monthly users spread across tens of millions of active servers.

Discord is free to use across devices like desktop, phone, tablet, and browsers. The vast flexibility and customization of servers plus easy voice/video features have helped fuel its surge in popularity in recent years as an online gathering place.

Gimkit’s Official Discord Server

Given Discord’s popularity and features that lend itself well to building gaming communities, it was a natural fit for Gimkit to launch an official Discord server.

Dubbed “Gimkit Class”, the official community can be joined by anyone via this invite link. It currently has over __active members (as of March 2023).

Within the Gimkit Class Discord server, members can chat with fellow players, coordinate games, discuss strategy, learn about new updates, ask questions, share creations, and hang out with the worldwide player base.

There are also special members-only giveaways plus sneak peeks and access granted by the Gimkit development team who are active on the server. It’s become the central hub for the passionate Gimkit community.

Let’s explore some key highlights of what the server offers…

Chat Channels & Rooms

The Discord server features many public chat rooms segmented by topic including:

  • #general – General chatter about Gimkit with the full member community. Great place to meet fellow friendly players, ask everyday questions, or see what’s happening in the Gimkit world.
  • #kit-showcase – Where members can share kits they’ve created and find great kits made by others to play. Use this channel to show off your kits or discover new fun kits on intriguing topics.
  • #kit-help – Need help troubleshooting an issue or challenge you’re facing while designing your own kit? Post your questions here to get assistance from other creators.
  • #game-discussion – For hardcore fans who want to dive into the inner workings of Gimkit, debate advanced strategies that give you an edge when competing, and analyze clan match game film.

Beyond these public rooms, members have access to many other channels on subjects like giving feedback, finding teammates, jobs/interning related to Gimkit, non-English channels for international members, and more niche interests.

Members can also direct message each other privately to chat one-on-one or in smaller private group messages.

Voice Channels

If text-based chat isn’t enough, members on the Discord server can voice chat in real time using their microphone & headphones.

Voice channels facilitate personal conversations, allowing members to actually talk to fellow players around the world. This creates a tight-knit feeling community, especially for members who actively participate in voice chats.

Voice channels are also popular for collaborating while playing Gimkit matches as a party or clan against others. Voice communication allows seamless real-time coordination and strategizing.

Common voice channels include #party-up for finding other players to game with and #clan-discussion for your clan members to privately discuss tactics and performances.

Gimkit Developers Engagement

What makes the official Gimkit Class Discord server really special is that the game’s creators actively participate as members themselves.

Gimkit founder Josh Feinsilber and various members of his development team are accessible on the server. They will occasionally answer community questions, seek input/feedback on potential new features, and notify players of major updates.

Josh himself has been known to randomly compete against players in games which is quite the thrill and honor!

The developers also operate special private channels just for privileged roles. For example, select moderators help manage the server and have extra responsibilities. Trusted “beta testers” get exclusive sneak peeks at features pre-release.

Special in-server games and giveaways are also run for members only giving you chances to win premium currency along with social clout and recognition.

This access and involvement from the game makers themselves helps make the Discord server a focal point for top fans rooting for Gimkit’s success.

Benefits of Joining the Gimkit Discord Community

Hopefully the highlights above have shown the vibrant community and engaging discussion found on the Gimkit Class Discord server. Let’s summarize some key benefits you’ll gain by joining:

Connect with Passionate Players

Gimkit attracts bright, motivated students and trivia/game show fans who love learning new things. Discussing everything from academics to pop culture with such a thoughtful member base leads to insightful and entertaining conversations.

Lifelong friendships and study partners are formed on the server daily. Like-minded people can better learn from and motivate each other while moving up leaderboards.

Learn Advanced Strategies & Techniques

Beyond casual discussion, much dialogue goes deeper into gameplay strategy and kit creation techniques. Glean wisdom from top players and creators who have mastered skills you likely haven’t even considered yet.

Then implement next-level strategies about optimal use of powerups, game theory informed wagering, fast buzzer reflexes, crafting kits for virality, and more tips you’ll only find from connected active community members.

Stay Updated on the Latest Features & News

As fast as Gimkit evolves with new feature launches and updates, it’s hard to keep up with every change if you just occasionally play some public kits. But server members constantly discuss and dissect new additions meaning you’ll actually understand how impactful changes affect high level play.

You’ll also get early previews and tester access to features the Gimkit team is building. This allows you to strategically prepare for how the evolving metagame impacts the optimal way to play and create kits going forward.

Compete Against Friends & Foes

While random public matches have some appeal, nothing beats playing Gimkit versus friends and rivals you know well. The Discord community facilitates this by helping you meet players with whom you can form lasting gameplay relationships.

Having dependable teammates allows strategizing advanced “pro gamer moves” together during matches for more exhilarating victories against difficult opponents. And rivalries born from close games lead to escalating grudge matches as you constantly trade trash talk and bragging rights.

Express Your Creativity via Custom Kits

If playing Gimkit isn’t enough, many server members enjoy flexing their creative muscles by building custom quiz kits. Get inspired seeing what format other top kits utilize or simply admire some FAQ style kits documenting the game itself.

When you craft your own kit masterpiece, leverage the community to crowdsource questions, test for bugs before launch, brainstorm viral marketing ideas, and showcase the final creation. Their support leads to higher quality work that reaches wider audiences.

As you can see, joining Gimkit’s Discord server connects you with a wealth of knowledge plus community support to enhance playing, creating, competing, and staying up to date. Both newbies and advanced players have much to gain from the friendly atmosphere aiming to make learning fun.

How to Join the Server (Steps)

Want to become part of Gimkit Class server? Joining is simple and easy by following these quick steps:

Step 1 – If you aren’t already a Discord user, download the Discord app or create an account at to signup. It’s 100% free.

You can use it conveniently on any device through their apps or browser version. Takes just seconds to create a basic account.

Step 2 – Click this instant invite link to join the Gimkit Class server or manually enter this text code: gimkitclassroom (Case sensitive)

Step 3 – You’ll immediately enter and view the Discord server’s rooms and channels based on your default role/permissions.

Step 4 – Review the #rules-info channel so you know any guidelines or restrictions in discussions and interactions. This covers etiquette expectations.

Step 5 – Introduce yourself in #general chat then explore channels like #kit-showcase or #game-discussion based on your interests.

And that’s it! Now chat using text, voice, video, and GIFs to join an amazing community super fans. Engage often to make new friends, learn winning strategies from top players, and level up your capabilities creating clever kits.

Enjoy this addicting way to socialize around balancing fun trivia competition with engaging peer learning methods.

Common Questions from New Members

As a first timer joining Gimkit’s Discord server, it’s normal to have lots of questions. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions to help you get started:

How do I add friends on the server?

  • Start by introducing yourself in #general stating some common interests. Engage actively with thoughtful comments over a couple weeks. Direct message friendly members you vibe with asking to become Discord friends. Mutual friends can private message, voice chat, screenshare while playing together, and more.

Is there a list of top players or highest rated kits somewhere?

  • Check #hall-of-fame pins for some historical snapshots recognizing elite creators and competitors. But the level of talent evolves so fast, your best bet is engaging in #game-discussion or #kit-showcase asking veterans for latest opinions on who and what kits are considered top notch these days.

Can I recommend new channels or features be added to server?

  • We love feedback! Use the dedicated #suggestions channel to request channels or bots you think would improve community experience. Upvote ideas you agree with. The hardworking mod team reviews popular requests and discusses viability with Josh Feinsilber himself.

Is there Gimkit Discord merch available?

  • Yes – scroll down the #welcome-rules channel info to find links to the official Gimkit Class Store. There you can buy mugs, shirts, hats and more sporting clan logos and insider reference designs. Not just announcing your fandom but also financially supporting future development!

How often are there giveaways and events?

  • Special member rewards and events tend to happen multiple times per month. Giveaways usually involve GimiPoints currency but occasionally offer premium subscriptions or merch. Join #events to see current contests like invite recruitment drives. Enable notifications so you never miss a shot at prizes!

Final Thoughts

As highlighted in this extensive guide, Gimkit Discord delivers an enormous value add for engaged players, creators, clans, and fans of the rapidly growing web/mobile learning game.

Offering community connectivity enhances enjoyment constructing clever quizzes, competing in game show style trivia battles, and embedding retention-focused study techniques into playful interactions with classmates and friends around the world.

The invite-only access to Gimkit’s creators, unlocking pro tips, finding reliable teammates and testing cutting edge features creates a special atmosphere that takes the experience to another level.

Casual players have room for fun banter and socializing while ultra competitive elite clans dig into the strategic minutiae in pursuit of rising to the top of leaderboards.

Overall the passionate, loyal, and quickly expanding membership provide rewards making the free game even more entertaining for adults and students alike.

If this deep dive has convinced you to get involved, don’t hesitate to click the Discord invite link and start connecting over shared affection for this disruptive STEM education focused gaming app!


What is Gimkit Discord?

Gimkit Discord is an online community platform dedicated to Gimkit users, where members can connect, share strategies, ask questions, and participate in discussions related to Gimkit.

How can I join Gimkit Discord?

To join Gimkit Discord, you need to have a Discord account. Once you have an account, you can either search for Gimkit Discord in the Discord server directory or use an invite link provided by Gimkit or other users.

Where can I find the invite link to Gimkit Discord?

Invite links to Gimkit Discord may be shared on Gimkit’s official website, social media channels, or by other Gimkit users. You can also search for Gimkit Discord invite links on platforms like Reddit or Discord server listing websites.

Are there any requirements to join Gimkit Discord?

Generally, there are no specific requirements to join Gimkit Discord other than having a Discord account. However, some Gimkit Discord servers may have rules or guidelines for participation, so it’s essential to review and adhere to them.

What can I expect once I join Gimkit Discord?

Upon joining Gimkit Discord, you can expect to engage with other Gimkit users, share tips and tricks, seek help with gameplay, discuss updates, and participate in community events organized within the Discord server.

Is Gimkit Discord an official platform endorsed by Gimkit?

Gimkit Discord servers are typically created and managed by Gimkit enthusiasts and community members rather than the official Gimkit team. While Gimkit may acknowledge the existence of these Discord servers, they are not officially endorsed or managed by Gimkit.

Can I invite my friends to join Gimkit Discord?

Absolutely! Once you’ve joined Gimkit Discord, you can invite your friends by sharing the invite link with them. This allows you to build a community of Gimkit enthusiasts and enjoy the platform together.

What kind of channels are available on Gimkit Discord?

Gimkit Discord typically features various channels covering different topics such as general discussions, gameplay strategies, troubleshooting, announcements, and more. These channels provide organized spaces for members to engage in specific discussions.

Are there moderators on Gimkit Discord?

Yes, most Gimkit Discord servers have moderators who oversee the community, enforce rules, and ensure that discussions remain respectful and on-topic. Moderators play a crucial role in maintaining a positive and welcoming environment for all members.

Can I receive support for Gimkit-related issues on Gimkit Discord?

Yes, Gimkit Discord servers often provide channels dedicated to support where members can ask questions, report bugs, or seek assistance with technical issues related to Gimkit. Moderators or experienced community members may offer help and guidance in resolving these issues.

How do I stay updated with Gimkit Discord news and announcements?

To stay informed about news, announcements, events, and updates related to Gimkit Discord, make sure to regularly check the announcement channels within the server. Additionally, you can enable notifications for specific channels to receive alerts whenever new information is shared.

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