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What is gimkit drawing And How to Play it? complete guide [2024]

What is gimkit drawing And How to Play it? complete guide 2024 This comprehensive guide will provide everything you need to know about getting started and excelling at Gimkit Drawing.

An Introduction to Gimkit Drawing

Gimkit Drawing is a free multiplayer online game created by Alex Homs and Jamal Arif in 2020. It was designed as an extension of the popular educational quiz game Gimkit to incorporate drawing and pictionary elements.

To play Gimkit Drawing, 4-100 players access the game’s website and enter a common room code to join the same game session. One player begins as the illustrator while the others become guessers.

The illustrator is given a random word or phrase and must draw a picture representation of it within 90 seconds. As the picture takes shape, the guessers race to identify the prompt by typing their guesses into the chat. With every correct guess, guessers are awarded points.

After 90 seconds is up or all guessers get the answer right, the round ends. A new illustrator is randomly selected and the game continues with a new word/phrase to draw. This addictive cycle of drawing and guessing repeats for multiple fast-paced rounds until the game concludes.

Gimkit Drawing takes a classic party game concept like Pictionary and adds friendly competition. The more guesses a player gets right, the more points they earn. This creates fun rivalries between players to demonstrate their creative and guessing abilities.

Key Features of Gimkit Drawing

Gimkit Drawing sets itself apart from other draw-to-guess games with these standout features gamers love:

Multiplayer Fun

The multiplayer format is a cornerstone of Gimkit Drawing. Playing solo against a computer just isn’t the same. Going head-to-head against friends and classmates drives engagement through camaraderie and friendly competition.

Up to 100 players can join a single game session through the shareable room code. This high maximum capacity means large groups like big families, classrooms of students, coworkers, etc. can all play together seamlessly.

Plus, a higher number of guessers means more opportunities for laughs as people scramble towards the correct answer. The chat window fills up with humorous wrong guesses and reactions to the drawing.

Randomized Word Generator

Gimkit Drawing assigns random words and phrases spanning hundreds of topics to draw, preventing repetitiveness over multiple rounds.

The extensive word bank prevents players from memorizing past prompts and guesses. You truly never know what you might have to draw next, keepingguessers on their toes.

The randomized words run the gamut from concrete nouns like ant, hammer, telescope to sillier prompts like purple monkey or city made of Jell-O. This adds to the unpredictable fun.

90-Second Timer

Illustrators have just 90 seconds to communicate each unique prompt through their drawings. This tight timer amps up the pressure and intensity.

Rapid sketching skills are put the test as illustrators race capture enough defining details before time expires. Meanwhile, guessers experience rising anticipation wondering what in the world is taking shape on their screens.

The brevity of each round also allows more players to get chances at the drawing seat and keeps the game moving at a fast clip. More drawings mean more laughs.

Points System

Gimkit Drawing tracks players’ correct guesses and sets thresholds for point values. The quicker you solve the drawing, the more points earned!

15 points for the first correct guess
10 points for the second guesser
5 points for each subsequent correct guess

Beyond bragging rights, accumulating points unlocks special perks like custom drawings and themes. This incentive system spices up competition.

Quick-witted guessers can watch their point totals soar and dominate the leaderboard. However, smart illustrators will also rack up points in their turns at the drawing seat. This balance of scoring power prevents any single player from running away with the game.

How to Play Gimkit Drawing

Ready to tap into your inner creative genius and guessing guru? Here is a step-by-step overview of how to play a round of Gimkit Drawing:

1. Visit

Go to the official Gimkit Drawing website on any internet browser. Desktop/laptop computers are recommended for the best user experience.

The site also works smoothly on mobile browsers and tablets but drawing by finger may prove trickier than a mouse.

2. Set Up User Profile

Before joining a game, you will be prompted to create a Gimkit user profile or log into your existing account.

Enter a fun display name and avatar to represent you. Family-friendly names and images are enforced.

3. Join a Game Room

The home page defaults to Quick Play mode which auto-matches you into a game with random players. This is the easiest way to instantly start playing.

However, if you wish to play privately with people you know, click Create Game. Copy the randomly generated room code and share it with friends so they can input it to enter the same game lobby.

There is also an option to enter an existing room code if someone sends you one. Rooms can accommodate 4-100 players.

4. Wait in Lobby

Once in a room lobby, a Launch Game button will appear when the minimum of four players have joined. Click it!

If the room creator locks the room, no additional random players will be added. An unlocked room will continually backfill with new players to reach 100 maximum capacity before starting.

Use this pre-game lobby time to chat with other players and build excitement!

5. Take Turns Drawing & Guessing!

When the round countdown timer ticks to zero, gameplay kicks off by randomly selecting one player as the first illustrator.

The illustrator will receive a secret prompt word or phrase unavailable to the guessers. They must visually depict it within 90 seconds any way they can.

As the illustration takes shape, all other players feverishly type what they think is being drawn into the chat box to register guesses.

Correct guessers are awarded points based on their speed. The earlier you crack the drawing, the bigger your payout!

6. Repeat Rounds

Steps 4 and 5 repeat for multiple fast-paced rounds with a new player in the illustrator hot seat each time.

Rounds continue until the Room Creator ends the game manually or every interested player leaves the room.

Room codes remain active for 24 hours. You can easily rejoin a room later to keep the fun going for hours! The randomness and competition stays fresh.

Beginner Tips & Strategies

With the basics down, let’s get into specific tips and strategies to excel at Gimkit Drawing as both an illustrator and guesser.

For Illustrators:

  • Act out gestures and motions – Don’t just draw static stick figures and objects. Use movement and actions to convey meaning.
  • Break Apart Phrases – If you receive a multiple word prompt like “flying rubber duck”, you may want to draw components step-by-step rather than one busy scene.
  • Use Color Carefully – The default black drawing tool allows quick sketching. Limit other colors for key defining features to avoid chaotic rainbow drawings.
  • Write Down Tough Letters/Sounds – Symbols are allowed too! Scribble down hard to draw syllables and letters if stumped.
  • Creative Workarounds – If you blank on how to draw something, get clever with symbolic associations. Ex: draw a $ symbol for “money”.

For Guessers:

  • Yell Out First Instincts – Don’t overthink or hesitate on guesses. Initial gut reactions often hit closest.
  • Pay Attention to Details – Notice subtle clues like exactly where lines are placed and facial expressions.
  • Guess Broad Categories – If stumped by specifics, make guesses about the broader topic or setting depicted.
  • Think Outside the Box – Drawings might not always be literal. Have an open mind to see abstract connections.
  • Ask Clarifying Questions – “Is it a type of animal?” or “Are they playing sports?” can provide helpful nudges.

Customizing Drawings & Game Rules

Half the fun of Gimkit Drawing comes from the wacky drawings people create. Take advantage of options to inject more personality, such as:

  • Colorful pen options beyond basic black allow more dynamic illustrations. Rainbow scribbles or careful color blocking can make objects and characters pop.
  • Upload custom backgrounds like family photos so guesses have contextual visual hints about your sense of humor and style.
  • Favorite themes tailor words to inside jokes or topics your group enjoys. Food themes full of pizza and tacos always rouse laughs!

As Room Creator, you can also set house rules and limitations, including:

  • Require guessers to raise hands before answering to reduce chat chaos.
  • Disable point thresholds to allow everyone guesses without pressure.
  • Impose category restrictions on words to avoid overly vulgar/sensitive content.

Gimkit Drawing is built to be customized for enjoyment by all ages and relationships. Establish norms suitable for your players!

Why Everyone Loves Gimkit Drawing

It’s easy to see why Gimkit Drawing has become a viral phenomenon beloved by groups seeking lively online interactions.

Fosters Creativity & Communication

Drawing outlandish interpretations stretches imagination while guessers reap communication benefits decoding meanings.

As skills improve across rounds, excitement builds seeing ideas brought to life or solved correctly against the clock!

Bridge Generational Gaps

Young kids, parents, grandparents – anyone can grasp the straightforward premises. Age matters far less than artistic attitude.

Mixing demographics sparks precious bonding and insight into diverse perspectives when sharing silly drawings.

Unites Classroom Learning

Teachers transform vocabulary reviews into playful competitions with themed word banks. Students retain concepts better when immersed in engaging games socializing with peers.

No Artistic Skill Required

Stick figures and doodles welcome all talent levels! Abstract shapes and symbols also speak volumes without realistic renderings.

The perfect equalizer for participants hesitant about drawing abilities but eager to puzzle out interpretations.

Screen Time With Substance

Parental controls allow customizing word content suitability for children while still promoting creativity and quick thinking.

Kids beg to extend screen time thanks to the educational merits blending vocabulary, visual spatial skills, social adeptness and more.

Final Thoughts

Gimkit Drawing continues ascending the ranks of popular online multiplayer games by merging trivia, Pictionary and provoking laughs.

Anyone can jump into the basic premise – sketch a drawing inspired by a random word within 90 seconds for friends to guess. Repeat rounds drive healthy engagement sprinkled with competition without overwhelming complexity.

Customizable rules and theming fuel endless inside jokes tailored to the players’ shared interests and sensibilities. This promotes meaningful connections in lieu of tired small talk.

While Gimkit Drawing shines as carefree entertainment, don’t overlook fringe benefits like enhancing visual-verbal dexterity, imagination, decoding inferences and communication.

Have even more fun fueling that creativity gauge by applying tips to unlock your inner sketch artist and guesser extraordinaire. Just be prepared for lots of laughs and maybe a few sore abs along the way!

Let your drawings run wild on Gimkit today!


What is Gimkit Drawing?

Gimkit Drawing is a feature within the Gimkit platform that allows players to express their creativity by drawing images as part of the game. It adds an interactive and fun element to the learning experience.

How do I access Gimkit Drawing?

To access Gimkit Drawing, you need to log in to your Gimkit account and create or join a game session where Gimkit Drawing is enabled. Once in the game, you’ll see the option to draw when prompted.

How does Gimkit Drawing work?

During the game, players may encounter rounds where they are asked to draw something related to the content being studied. They can use the drawing tools provided by Gimkit to create their artwork within a set time limit.

What are the benefits of Gimkit Drawing?

Gimkit Drawing enhances engagement and participation by allowing students to actively create content rather than simply answering questions. It fosters creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking skills.

Are there any safety features in place for Gimkit Drawing?

Yes, Gimkit has safety features to ensure a positive and secure gaming environment. Drawing sessions are monitored, and inappropriate content can be flagged and addressed by moderators or educators.

How does scoring work in Gimkit Drawing?

Scoring in Gimkit Drawing can vary depending on how the game is set up by the host. Typically, points are awarded based on factors such as accuracy, creativity, and speed of completion. Hosts may also assign subjective scores or use peer evaluation to determine point distribution.

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