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what is a gimkit code?

What is a gimkit code? Here we discuss step by step about gimkit code.Gimkit codes are an integral part of the educational game platform Gimkit. When you enter a Gimkit code, you gain access to a specific game that was created by a teacher or student. Gimkit codes allow you to join custom games rather than just the public games available on the platform.

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What is Gimkit?

For those unfamiliar, Gimkit is a free game-based learning platform created by Josh Feinswog while he was still a high school student. It’s used by over 4 million teachers and students around the world as an engaging way to help reinforce classroom concepts and learn new material across all subjects.

The platform uses a unique system where students answer multiple choice questions to earn currency. That currency can then be used to buy powerups which make you more efficient at answering questions or slow down other players. This creates fun competition between students in games.

Teachers can use Gimkit to create their own content and customized review games for students rather than relying solely on pre-made games. The ability to create private games is key.

How Do Gimkit Codes Work?

Gimkit codes are randomly generated letters and numbers that give access to these customized private games.

Without a Gimkit code, you would only be able to access public games on the platform, rather than the specific one created by your teacher for your class.

Here’s an example of what a Gimkit code looks like:


When a teacher or student makes a unique game in Gimkit, the platform assigns it an exclusive code similar to the one shown above.

The teacher then shares that code with their students, allowing the students to input it and instantly join the private game session.

So in summary:

  • Gimkit codes are randomly generated strings of letters and numbers
  • They provide access to private, custom game sessions
  • Teachers and students need to share codes to allow access to specific games
  • Only people with the code can join, keeping each game session private

This allows classrooms to utilize the Gimkit platform while keeping the game experience exclusive to only students in their class.

Why Use Custom Gimkit Codes?

Using Gimkit codes for private games has several notable benefits:

Keep Games Exclusive to Your Class

With public games on Gimkit, anyone on the platform can join. This means random people from around the world may end up in games intended for specific classrooms.

Gimkit codes solve this issue by only allowing access to people with the code, keeping the game private.

Customize Game Content

Public Gimkit games feature pre-made questions on general topics. With private games, teachers can customize all the content to match exactly what they’re covering in class.

Track Student Progress

With private games, teachers get access to enhanced analytics and score reports that allow them to closely track student performance. This allows you to see which students are excelling at certain topics and which need extra help.

More Control Over Game Settings

In public games, all settings are pre-configured and can’t be changed. With Gimkit codes for private sessions, teachers control all settings like time limits, question types, winning scores and more.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using a Gimkit Code

Using a Gimkit code to join a game is simple. Just follow these steps:

1. Go to

The Gimkit website can be accessed from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. No special software or downloads required.

If you have an account already, log in. Otherwise, you can join as a guest.

2. Click “Join Game”

On the Gimkit homepage, the main call-to-action button is “Join Game.” Click or tap this pink button to open a popup.

3. Enter the Gimkit Code

In the popup, you’ll see a text box with placeholder text that reads “Enter game code here…”

Delete that text and precisely type or paste in the specific Gimkit code you were given.

Note: These codes are case sensitive, so capital and lowercase letters matter.

4. Click “Play” and You’re In!

Once the correct code is entered, the “Play” button will activate. Click it to instantly join that private game created for your classroom!

From there, you compete just like any other Gimkit game – answering questions to gain points and currency.

And that’s all there is to using a Gimkit code! It provides access in just seconds with these simple steps.

Tips for Teachers Creating Gimkit Codes

As a teacher using Gimkit, keep these tips in mind for managing game codes:

Generate a New Code for Each Game

Rather than reusing the same code over and over, create a fresh one for each new game you make. This ensures old games don’t clutter up student access.

Share Codes Privately

Only share Gimkit codes directly with your class through private channels like classroom handouts or your school’s learning management system. Don’t post them publicly.

Remind Students to Join Promptly

Once you provide students with the Gimkit code, remind them to input it right away rather than waiting until the last minute. This prevents rushing and frustration.

Pro tip: Share your screen and display the game code so students can simply copy/paste it rather than manually entering a complex code.

Disable Access After the Game Ends

Within your game settings, set an end time to automatically disable the code and prevent repeat access later. This clears room for new games.

Following these best practices ensures a smooth, controlled game experience for your students!

Gimkit Codes Allow Engaging, Customized Learning Games

That covers the basics of how to utilize Gimkit codes to unlock private, customized learning games rather than just public games.

Gimkit’s platform offers teachers incredible power to shape games to their lesson plans while allowing students to review material in an entertaining, competitive format.

The games made possible by these special codes keep students engaged with classroom concepts and promotes retention of knowledge in a way lectures simply can’t replicate.

So next time you receive a strange string of letters and numbers from your teacher, remember – it’s your ticket to a fun Gimkit game personalized just for your class. Simply input that Gimkit code correctly, then enjoy showing off what you know!

Additional Gimkit Tips and Strategies

Now that you understand the purpose and use of Gimkit codes for accessing private game sessions, let’s explore additional ways teachers and students can maximize success with the platform.

While the coded games themselves provide engaging learning, proper usage tactics are crucial as well.

For Teachers: How to Create Effective Gimkit Games

Designing your own Gimkit games takes more than just creating questions. To drive student progress, apply these best practices:

Align Games to Current Lessons

The content of your Gimkit game should directly reinforce what students are currently covering in your class. This supplemental practice ties into wider learning goals.

Vary Question Formats

Simply having all multiple choice questions becomes dull over time. Mix short answers, true/false, matching and other types for variety.

Include Test Prep Questions

Many classes involve standardized tests at the end of the semester or school year. Use Gimkit as a portal to expose students to actual test questions in your subject, increasing their familiarity and comfort for exam day.

Allow Retakes on Wrong Answers

Rather than making wrong answers final, enable the “Retry” function. This allows students to learn from mistakes without penalty or frustration causing disengagement.

Structure Content Difficulty

Alternate easier review questions with more challenging, thought-provoking items. Avoid either overwhelming difficulty or mindless easiness.

Special Game Customizations

Beyond question types, teachers can utilize built-in customizations for Gimkit games:

Time Limits

For quick pep rallies or end-of-class review, enable time limits forcing faster responses. Or allow unlimited time for informal practice.

Anonymous Mode

Hide student names and profiles during games to reduce judgment or embarrassment over wrong answers in front of classmates.

Team Mode

Split students into separate teams to drive collaboration and peer support in achieving goals.

Allow/Block Powerups

Let students spend currency on fun boosts and sabotages, or prohibit them for pure trivia competition.

Custom Avatars

Rather than generic images, upload a class photo or school logo to represent student players with familiar faces or branding.

Gaining Teacher Insights

Gimkit provides data beyond just student scores to reveal wider classroom trends. Use these analytics guides:

Question Reports

See percentages of right and wrong answers per question. This helps identify knowledge gaps needing review.

Response Analytics

Time taken per question and changes in responses show thinking patterns. Fast wrong guesses indicate more reading needed, for example.

Player Breakdowns

Details on each student’s question performance, powerup usage and currency gains allows pinpointing personalized strengths/growth areas.

For Students: Gimkit Gameplay Tips

While teachers structure challenges in Gimkit games, success ultimately relies on effective play strategy.

1. Stick With Your First Choice

Statistically, your initial answer choice is most likely to be correct according to educational research. Don’t second-guess!

2. Handle Hard Questions Slowly

Rather than impulsive guessing when you don’t know, apply logic by eliminating certainly wrong options first.

3. Let Currency Build Up at First

Don’t spend all your Gimkit money right away. Save up then strategically buy bonuses on harder questions.

4. Sabotage Selectively

Target weaker opponents smartly without spreading yourself too thin trying to slow everyone.

5. Stay Attentive to Powerups

Watch for icons by your name indicating bonuses/penalties from other players. React accordingly!

Variations Beyond School Use

While Gimkit is designed primarily as an educational tool for classrooms, its game platform offers appeal beyond just students:

Business & Marketing Teams

Rather than dry meetings, companies use Gimkit sessions for engaging product reviews, testing ad campaign concepts and building team rapport.

Party Entertainment

At family gatherings or birthday celebrations, customized trivia games make for lively entertainment proving “who knows best” with friendly competition.

Youth Group Events

Faith organizations create games reviewing Bible verses and religious traditions as an interactive way to connect with scriptures.

Virtual Team Building

Remotely dispersed groups like community organizations, book clubs and support networks play online during virtual meetings to unite members and break the ice.

Friends & Family Functions

From sleepovers to reunions, customized games mixing nostalgia and inside jokes are perfect icebreakers thanks to the shareable room code required for access.

Expanding Scope With Gimkit+

While the core free version has tremendous capabilities, Gimkit also offers an upgraded premium platform called Gimkit+ with additional features for schools and groups.

Let’s explore key components newly unlocked with a Gimkit+ subscription:

Custom Branding

Apply your own visual branding to game lobbies and loading screens promoting your school, company or organization beyond just using an avatar.

Advanced Analytics

Detailed data likeflagged questions, player history logs and exportable reports assist next-level insights into learning gaps.

More Game Customization

Further controls allow teachers and creators to truly tailor game experiences like setting win conditions, locking shortcuts and involving live hosts.

Group Classes & Updates

Administrators can segment users into multiple class rosters for easier game launch and tracking. Assign teachers specific sub-groups within a larger organization.

Priority Support Access

Paid subscribers receive faster one-on-one assistance from Gimkit developers for any issues operating the platform. Free users have community forums.

While buying Gimkit+ may not be feasible for individual teachers, institutions often purchase organization-wide access to be distributed departmentally.

Over 4,000 schools actively use Gimkit+ for their premium needs. Group plans are also available for youth programs, volunteer groups and workplaces starting under $20 monthly.

For the highest grade learning games with enhanced directing capabilities, administrators should strongly consider the benefits of upgrading.

The Future of Digital Game-Based Learning

As technology continues trending further into education, what lies ahead for platforms like Gimkit blending academics with interactivity?

Growing Demand

The global market for e-learning gaming platforms is forecasted to expand over 500% by 2028 as digital natives enter school systems according to leading market research firm Emergen. This enormous demand will fuel rapid innovation.

Virtual Reality Integration

Imagine putting on e-goggles transporting students directly into historical or scientific scenarios to problem solve firsthand. VR worlds are the ultimate in experiential education.

Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

Smart algorithms will allow games to customize difficulty pacing precisely to each student’s ability level in real-time. More adaptive personalization means superior engagement.

Cross-Platform Accessibility

As ourlives blend hardware devices, software now must sync cohesively across smartphones, tablets, computers, televisions and emerging platforms seamlessly through cloud saving.

As technology progresses, so will the boundaries of educational gaming.

Final Thoughts

Gimkit continues ascending as a transformative edtech platform. The secrets behind those coded game links unlock a powerful new way for classrooms and teams to connect.

Savvy students realize mastering the currency system within each game speeds success. Veteran instructors understand how customizing content to lessons and analyzing performance metrics enables targeted growth.

Now you can count yourself amongst those “in the know” about maximizing Gimkit’s potential at your school, workplace or next group gathering.

So when you see a fresh string of numbers and letters for accessing your next game session, crack a smile knowing fun and academic enrichment awaits on the other side. Game on!


What if my gimkit code isn’t working?

Double check that you entered the gimkit code exactly as given, with proper capital and lowercase letters. Also try having your teacher re-share the code in case there was a typo. Codes expire after some time too. Ask your teacher for a fresh code if the game seems to have already ended.

How many games can I create on the free version?

Regular non-paying accounts on Gimkit can build up to 5 custom games for sharing via code access. Upgraded Gimkit+ subscriptions allow unlimited created games.

What happens if students share the game code publicly?

For classroom containment, it’s important to counsel students not to share Gimkit codes beyond classmates intended to play the teacher’s private game. Outside players can disrupt sessions.

What is a Gimkit code?

A Gimkit code is a unique alphanumeric sequence generated for each Gimkit game session. Players use this code to join a specific game created by a host or teacher.

How do I use a Gimkit code?

To use a Gimkit code, simply visit the Gimkit website or app, enter the code provided by the host or teacher, and follow the prompts to join the game. It’s a quick and easy process to get started!

Where can I find a Gimkit code?

Gimkit codes are typically provided by teachers or hosts who create and organize Gimkit game sessions. You may find the code shared in a classroom setting, on educational platforms, or via digital communication channels.

Is a Gimkit code reusable?

No, Gimkit codes are usually generated for single-use game sessions. Once the game session ends, a new code is generated for subsequent sessions. This ensures that each game is fresh and unique.

Do I need an account to use a Gimkit code?

While having a Gimkit account enhances the experience by allowing you to track progress and access additional features, it’s not always necessary to join a game using a Gimkit code. You can often participate as a guest without signing up.

Can I create my own Gimkit code?

Yes, if you’re a teacher or host, you can create your own Gimkit game sessions and generate unique codes for others to join. This feature allows for customized learning experiences tailored to specific topics or curriculum objectives.

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