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funny gimkit names [2024]

Funny Gimkit Names. Gimkit is an online game platform that allows teachers and students to create fun learning games. When creating a game on Gimkit, you get to choose a name for your game. Coming up with a funny, clever, or creative name can help your game stand out and attract more players. This comprehensive guide covers over 200 hilarious, witty, and ingenious Gimkit name ideas.

Why Funny Gimkit Names Are Important

Choosing an amusing or ingenious name for your Gimkit game has several benefits:

  • Grabs attention – A funny or punny name will make your game pop out when players are browsing Gimkit games. This increases the chances of it getting played.
  • Makes game more memorable – Players are more likely to remember and return to play a game with a clever or quirky name.
  • Sets tone for game – The name gives players an idea of what to expect from the game and gets them excited to play it.
  • Allows creativity – Coming up with a funny name allows teachers and students to express creativity and humor.

Overall, putting effort into naming your Gimkit game thoughtfully pays off by drawing in more players and making your game more successful.

Types of Funny Gimkit Names

There are a few main approaches you can take when trying to come up with a funny or clever Gimkit Join name:

Punny Names

Puns and wordplay are an easy way to make a name humorous. Some examples:

  • Math & Jesters
  • Speaking in Pun-glish
  • Don’t Flip the Bird (for an anatomy game about birds)

Pop Culture References

Basing the name on a popular movie, TV show, song, celebrity or meme can be an effective tactic. For example:

  • Dunder Quiztion (The Office)
  • How I Met Your Answers (How I Met Your Mother)
  • Math Dashians (Keeping Up with the Kardashians)

Exaggerated or Silly Names

Going with an overly dramatic or nonsensical name can also elicit laughs. Some exaggerated names:

  • The Quiz of Destiny
  • Prepare to Have Your Mind Obliterated
  • The Supreme Quizanomicon

Humorous Parodies

Putting a silly spin by parodying an existing name or concept works very well too. Some examples:

  • Harry Potter and the Quizzard’s Stone
  • The Walking Fred (The Walking Dead)
  • America’s Next Top Quizzer

Fun Acronyms

Acronyms using words that spell out something funny can make for a clever title. For instance:

  • English Lit Is Boring (ELIB)
  • Math Class Is Fabulous (MCIF)

With acronyms, you’re limited only by your imagination!

Funny Gimkit Name Ideas

Below are over 200 amusing, witty, and hilarious name ideas you can use for your next Gimkit game!

General Trivia/Quiz Games

  • Quizpocalypse
  • Random Knowledge Rodeo
  • The Thinker’s Ballroom
  • Cerebral Speed Dating
  • Noggin Joggin’
  • Mental Gymnastics
  • Battle of the Brainiacs
  • The Trivia Thunderdome
  • IQ Interstates
  • Cranium Craze
  • Brain Buffer
  • Random Trivia Ramble
  • Twisted Quizardry
  • The Quizzard of Quiz
  • Wheel of Fortune Telling
  • Query Marathon
  • So You Think You’re Smarter Than Your Teacher
  • The Quizan Games
  • Mother Quiza
  • Trivial Pursuitsanity
  • Are You Smarter Than a Brainiac

English/Reading/Writing Games

  • Grammar Slammer
  • Adjective Armageddon
  • Simile Smackdown
  • Vocabulary Battle Royale
  • Literary Lunacy
  • Read A Palooza
  • Grammar Rodeo
  • Adverb Armageddon
  • Synonym Snap
  • Analogy Anarchy
  • Parts of Speech Pandemonium
  • Question the Quote
  • Fill in the Idiom
  • Rhyme Riot
  • Literary Lasso
  • Readin’ Rainbow Rumble
  • Grammar Anarchy
  • Vocab Fab Lab
  • Spelling Superstar Showdown

Math Games

  • Addition Addicts
  • Multiplication Maniacs
  • Division Daredevils
  • Fraction Fanatics
  • Decimal Dungeon
  • Percentage Pitfall
  • Negative Number Nightmare
  • Integer Idol
  • Algebra Alleyway
  • Geometry Jamboree
  • Trigonometry Tango
  • Calculus Conundrum
  • Math Magicians
  • Equation Expedition
  • Math Ninjas
  • Digit Dash
  • Primetime Prizefight
  • Numerical Marathon
  • Mathletes Extravaganza
  • Countdown Conquest
  • Arithmetic Anarchy

History Games

  • Past Blast
  • Historical Hysteria
  • Bygone Bonanza
  • Yesterday’s News
  • Wayback Whirlwind
  • Trivia Time Warp
  • History’s Mysteries
  • Facts from the Past
  • Know Your Roots
  • Ancient Antics
  • Dead People Trivia
  • Historical Hootenanny
  • Night at the History Museum
  • Date with the Past
  • Trivial Times
  • Ramble through History

Science Games

  • Sciency Nonsense
  • Space Race
  • Anatomy Anarchy
  • Dino Drama
  • Periodic Table Prizefight
  • Scientific Smackdown
  • Biology Battle
  • Chemistry Chaos
  • It’s Elemental!
  • Science Smorgasbord
  • Mad Science Mashup
  • Crazy Lab Experiments
  • Scientific Shakedown
  • Physics Phenomenon
  • Science Storm
  • Wild Science Rumpus

Pop Culture Games

  • Pop Fiction
  • Celebrity Spectacular
  • Cinematic Smackdown
  • Binge Watching Bonanza
  • Gamer’s Paradise
  • Karaoke Clash
  • Pop Princess Power Hour
  • TV Land Tour
  • Music Maestros
  • Meme Masterminds
  • TikTok Taboo
  • Reality TV Recap
  • Pop Culture Potpourri
  • Internet Icons
  • Listen to the Lyrics
  • Name That Tune

Sports/Gaming Games

  • Arcade Showdown
  • Controller Throwdown
  • FIFA Fanatics
  • Madden Mayhem
  • NBA Jam Session
  • eSports Extravaganza
  • Gaming Greats
  • Nintendo Nostalgia
  • Video Game Villains
  • Pokémon Pros
  • Sports Stats Smackdown
  • ESPN Euphoria
  • Ball Brawl Bonanza
  • Athletic Awesomeness
  • Football Fanatics
  • Sports Trivia Smackdown
  • NCAA Nerds

Humor/Fun Games

  • Funny Business
  • JK! Just Kidding
  • Silly Goose Chase
  • Hilarious Hullabaloo
  • Meme Masterminds
  • Ironic Iconics
  • Tickle My Trivia
  • Funny Bunny’s Joke Book
  • LOL Lab
  • Giggle Challenge
  • Comedy Corner
  • Funny Bone Ticklers
  • Pun-tastic Party
  • Memes and Dreams
  • Snark Tank
  • Funny Quizness

Special Occasions

  • Love Quiztionnaire (Valentine’s Day)
  • Eggheads (Easter)
  • Pumpkin Spice Trivia (Fall)
  • Turkey Day Trivia (Thanksgiving)
  • Naughty or Nice? (Christmas)
  • Trick or Trivia (Halloween)
  • Bowl Game Bonanza (Super Bowl)
  • Quizzical Cupid (Valentine’s Day)

Challenging Games

  • Mission: Impossible Quiz
  • Hardcore Trivia
  • The Quiz Gauntlet
  • Impossible Quizquest
  • Stump the Teacher
  • Mastermind Marathon
  • Genius Mode
  • Brainiac Battlegrounds
  • IQ Interrogation
  • Quiz Inquisition
  • Lightning Round
  • Expert Edition
  • Brain Buster Bonanza

Easy Games

  • Baby Genius
  • Piece of Cake Quiz
  • No Brainer
  • Child’s Play
  • Brain Freeze
  • Easy Peasy Trivia
  • Beginner’s Luck
  • Smooth Sailing Quiz
  • Breezy Quiz

Unique Concepts

  • Two Lies and a Truth
  • This or That?
  • Fill in the Lyrics
  • Guess the Drawing
  • Finish the Quote
  • Fact or Fiction?
  • Who Said It?
  • Guess the Movie/Song
  • Photo Memory Quiz
  • Pick the Celebrity
  • Match Game Mania

What’s in a name? With these funny and clever Gimkit name ideas, you can set your game up for success and draw in lots of eager players. Try out a punny, exaggerated, parody, or pop culture name for your next trivia game. Get creative and humorous with it! Most importantly, have fun coming up with the perfect funny name to showcase your game.

funny gimkit names


How do I make a Gimkit name funny or clever?

Using puns, wordplay, pop culture references, silly exaggerations, and other humorous tactics can help make a Gimkit name more funny or clever.

Should my Gimkit name relate to the quiz topic?

It’s often helpful for the name to connect to the quiz subject, as it sets expectations for players. However, an unrelated funny name can work too.

Is it okay to use other brands or trademarks in my Gimkit name?

Referencing pop culture characters or brands lightly is generally fine, but avoid anything that could be seen as infringing on trademarks. Get creative with parodies instead.

How long can my Gimkit name be?

Gimkit names can be up to 50 characters long. Concise, catchy names tend to work best.

Can I use emojis in a Gimkit name?

Yes, inserting relevant emojis into a Gimkit name can help make it more eye-catching and fun!

Should I include my name in the Gimkit title?

It’s optional – including your name or initials can help identify it’s your game, but a creative title alone also works.

How can I make sure my Gimkit name is appropriate for students?

Avoid profanity, controversial topics, or overtly negative names. Keep it light-hearted and student-friendly.

What makes a Gimkit name memorable?

Short, punchy phrases with wordplay, alliteration, rhymes, and pop culture ties help a name stick in players’ minds.

Can I change the name after publishing my Gimkit game?

Yes, you can edit the game name at any time by going into the game settings.

Should I ask for name ideas from my students?

Absolutely! Students often come up with very clever game names. Let them have fun brainstorming title ideas.

Do clever names really help games get more plays?

Catchy, funny names will grab players’ attention more and make your game stand out when browsing Gimkit.

Is it okay to parodic other games or shows in my name?

Light, playful parody of well-known titles is generally fine, just avoid anything potentially offensive.

Can I name my game after an internet meme or trend?

Meme or viral inspired names can be fun, but double check they are school appropriate and not fleeting.

What makes a bad Gimkit name?

Avoid names that are overly long, hard to say/spell, inappropriate, or generic/nondescript.

How can I incorporate my students’ interests into the name?

Referencing things students are passionate about – music, TV, movies, etc. – helps the name appeal to them.

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