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How Teachers Can Use Among Us on Gimkit for Engaging Learning

How Teachers Can Use Among Us on Gimkit for Engaging Learning Here we discuss in all step by step guide

What is Among Us?

Among Us is a 2018 online multiplayer social deduction game by American game studio Innersloth. It features groups of 4-10 players as crewmates aboard a space ship. 1-3 players are randomly and secretly assigned imposters aiming to kill off everyone else. Remaining crew members complete tasks trying identifying the imposter via discussions to vote them off. With colorful interface, multiplayer interaction and mystery solving aspects, Among Us provides an immersive gamified experience.

Why Among Us Appeals to Students

Despite being released back in 2018, Among Us gained mammoth popularity during 2020’s pandemic lockdowns. The ability to play this engaging game with friends provided entertainment and social interaction amidst isolation. Key reasons students love Among Us include:

  • Encourages critical thinking to uncover clues and spot imposters
  • Allow cooperative gameplay promoting teamwork
  • Heightens communication, accountability and decision making
  • Appeals via colorful pleasing aesthetics and animated graphics
  • Provides interactive immersive experience maintaining excitement

What is Gimkit?

Launched in 2020 itself, Gimkit leveraged the lockdown adoption of games for online learning by educators. It has emerged into one of the leading education technology platforms where teachers and students can play learning games like quizzes together. Over 10 million students already actively use Gimkit for in-class gaming saving valuable teaching time via automation.

Why Use Gimkit in Classrooms

Designed exclusively focused on classroom learning games, key strengths of Gimkit include:

  • Easy game creation using pre-loaded education templates
  • Auto grading performance reducing teacher work
  • Fosters healthy student competition via leaderboards
  • Allows differentiation as per skill with adaptive difficulty
  • Integrates smoothly with popular LMS platforms

Scope for Integrating Among Us within Gimkit

With millions of active players apiece, Among Us and Gimkit dominate the gaming landscape aided by pandemic adaptation encouraging online education technology. Savvy educators now integrate the viral Among Us title with Gimkit providing structured learning. It presents a win-win offering teachers ready-made immersive content while optimizing boring curriculums. Students are hooked to class material presented attractively using a globally popular game.

Next section will guide teachers step-by-step to unlock this innovative learning activity within their Gimkit console.

Step-By-Step Guide for Teachers to Setup Among Us Game in Gimkit

Equipped with background of popular murder mystery game Among Us and it’s appeal for students alongside understanding capabilities of classroom gaming platform Gimkit, let’s guide teachers how to unite them.

Step 1: Gain Access to Gimkit

The first requirement is the teacher must signup on Gimkit website using their official school / institutional email ID to access full features. Personal emails work but have limitations.

Upon free registration, teachers gain access their Gimkit Teacher Dashboard to curate games.

Step 2: Set Learning Objectives

Every activity facilitated in classrooms must tie into specific learning goals for students. So within Gimkit dashboard, teachers should:-

  • Identify which topic or concepts they aim to cover using Among Us game
  • Define what students must learn and retain from the exercise
  • Fix measurable metrics like scores to track absorptions of concepts

This establishes a framework preventing the gaming task becoming just entertainment lacking education outcomes.

Step 3: Create New Game in GimKit

  • Within Dashboard, choose option “+ Create New Activity”
  • Select preset template that best matches learning objectives
  • For Among Us suitable options include:-
  • Who is the Imposter?
  • Spaceship: Task List
  • Spaceship: Skeld Map
  • Multiple Spaceship Maps
  • Next customize questions, correct answers, difficulty levels etc
  • Auto grading logic integrated

This allows quickly creating ready-to-use Among Us themed gaming content for students in few clicks thanks to Gimkit’s preset templates.

Step 4: Structure Meaningful Student Gameplay

With game creation completed, focus shifts on orchestrating actual classroom implementation.

  • Group students in teams of 4 to 10 mirroring Among Us
  • Assign player names / avatars matching Crewmate roles
  • Set time limits for completing ship tasks resolving imposter mystery
  • Offer incremental question difficulty as game progresses
  • Conclude with discussions identifying key takeaways

Smooth Gimkit integration allows teachers reproducing signature Among Us gameplay elements aided by templates. Gamifying curriculums boosts attentiveness helping concepts stick.

Step 5: Analyze Student Performance Reports

Post-activity, the powerful Gimkit assessment dashboard presents:

  • Automatically graded quiz scores per student
  • Gameplay metrics like time taken per question
  • Comparative class performance viz-a-viz their game teammates
  • Options to replay session and re-attempt wrong answers

Rich analytics offered by Gimkit platform guides teachers to optimize their efforts for improved student learning outcomes.

Step 6: Refine & Iterate the Learning Process

Education is continuous improvement. Hence teachers should:

  • Encourage student feedback on the Among Us activity
  • Run multiple variations testing different use cases
  • Benchmark best practices from global teaching community
  • Customize question banks and templates further
  • Retain elements working well while tweaking weaker areas

With familiarity, teachers master integrating Among Us within Gimkit gaining higher rewards. Students also refine gameplay strategies with guidance.

Benefits of Blending Among Us Game Elements into GimKit Learning

Having provided clear step-by-step instructions for educators to simulate popular Among Us game dynamics for scholastic goals leveraging Gimkit’s capabilities, let’s examine key advantages unlocked for stakeholders:

#1 Engaged Students

Gamifying lessons by evoking the excitement of imposter-hunting adventure competition in teams, students stay hooked. Retention potential for framed concepts is higher thanks to embedded memorable experience.

#2 Effective Concept Testing

The mystery-solving aspects allow teachers to “secretly” inject academic questions into the plot. Students absorb and apply knowledge unconsciously in their quest to eliminate imposters.

#3 Healthy Peer Competition

The individual vs team format promotes healthy competition. Students tutor each other and share techniques to outsmart opponents. Group victory focus detoxifies ego.

#4 Improved Comprehension

With performance-linked incremental content difficulty adaptive to correct answers, students solidify grasp automatically at their pace sans demotivation.

#5 Reduced Teacher Workload

Automated grading, scoreboards, analytics dashboards, reusable game templates minimise admin workload for teachers running such activities on Gimkit.

#6 Recyclable EdTech Investment

Configured Among Us games can rerun for multiple new batches by simply updating batch-specific rosters in Gimkit. Lifetime value far exceeds setup efforts.

Hence blending viral pop culture gaming phenomenon like Among Us with dedicated education platforms like Gimkit improves learning effectiveness for students and optimises teaching delivery efficiency.

Final Thoughts for Teachers Looking to Gamify Classrooms

This guide should equip teaching professionals with end-to-end perspective and tactical steps to replicate massively popular play phenomenon Among Us on structured classroom gaming software Gimkit.

  • Tap into pop culture video games students are already hooked onto for higher engagement
  • Align gameplay format, roles and sequences to teaching concepts for subconscious learning
  • Automate grading and assessments using platforms like Gimkit minimizing admin overheads

With millions of players having already experienced Among Us dynamics, transplanting identical team-based interactions aided by ready templates makes comprehension intuitive. Core mechanics remain consistent for students while teachers get freedom customizing underlying academic quiz content per evolving needs.

Adopting these research-backed edtech integration principles by leading educators globally, school teachers can also transform classrooms into dynamic labs sustained by healthy competition, peer accountability and playful interactions backed by measurable metrics instrumented into the flow. Learning goals become invisible while fun takes centerstage – the Holy Grail of Impactful Education!


What is Gimkit and Among Us?

Gimkit is an online educational tool that allows teachers to create interactive quizzes and games for students. Among Us is a popular multiplayer game where players work together to complete tasks while trying to identify impostors among them.

How can teachers integrate Among Us into Gimkit?

Teachers can incorporate elements of Among Us into Gimkit quizzes by creating questions related to teamwork, problem-solving, deduction, and critical thinking, similar to tasks and challenges within the game.

What are some examples of Among Us-themed Gimkit quizzes?

Teachers can design quizzes where students must work together to solve a mystery or identify the impostor through answering questions related to the subject matter. They can also create quizzes based on in-game tasks, such as completing assignments or solving puzzles.

How does integrating Among Us into Gimkit benefit students?

Integrating Among Us into Gimkit adds an element of fun and engagement to the learning process, motivating students to participate actively in quizzes and reinforcing their understanding of the material through gameplay.

Are there any considerations for using Among Us on Gimkit in the classroom?

Teachers should ensure that the content of the quizzes remains relevant to the curriculum and learning objectives. Additionally, they should monitor student interactions during gameplay to ensure a positive and inclusive learning environment.

Are there any educational benefits to using Among Us on Gimkit?

Yes, integrating Among Us into Gimkit can enhance students’ cognitive skills, such as logical reasoning, deduction, and decision-making. It also promotes cooperative learning, problem-solving, and strategic thinking, all of which are valuable for academic and real-world success.

Can Among Us on Gimkit be used for remote or hybrid learning environments?

Yes, Among Us-themed quizzes on Gimkit can be utilized in remote or hybrid learning environments to facilitate interactive and engaging virtual lessons. Teachers can conduct quizzes synchronously or asynchronously, allowing students to participate from anywhere with internet access.

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