How does Gimkit Live differ from regular Gimkit games

How does Gimkit Live differ from regular Gimkit games?

How does Gimkit Live differ from regular Gimkit games? Gimkit is a popular online game platform used by teachers and students for fun educational review. It offers competitive, fast-paced quizzing games that keep students engaged while reinforcing classroom lessons.

In 2022, Gimkit introduced a major new feature called Gimkit Live that significantly changes the gameplay and user experience. In this in-depth guide, we will compare and contrast Gimkit Live versus classic Gimkit games to understand exactly how they differ.

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Overview of Regular Gimkit Games

First, let’s recap how the original Gimkit games work for those less familiar with the platform.

Gameplay Basics

In a normal Gimkit game, the host (usually the teacher) creates a quiz with multiple choice, true/false, or free response questions covering topics students need to review. When the game starts, students answer questions to earn virtual currency which they use to buy powerups and sabotages.

Gameplay is fast, competitive, and fun – designed to get the whole class involved. Students race to progress on an endless path by answering questions correctly while strategically using powerups and sabotages against their classmates.

Classroom Learning Tool

Although gameplay is gamified, the purpose of Gimkit is educational. It reinforces knowledge in an engaging way while giving teachers insight into student understanding through the live quiz results. A few key benefits:

  • Encourages competition and engagement from all students
  • Lets teachers instantly see what questions students struggle with
  • Fun and easy quiz revision for tests and exams
  • Versatile for all grade levels and subjects

For these reasons, Gimkit has become a popular classroom learning tool used in over 90% of US schools. But how exactly does the new Gimkit Live compare to this classic game style?

Introducing Gimkit Live

Gimkit Live launched in September 2022 as an entirely new way to play Gimkit. Advertised as “Gimkit 2.0″, its goal is improving the experience for both teachers and students.

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Some key things that set Gimkit Live apart:

  • Live video calling with classmates
  • Interactive multiplayer game shows
  • Customizable avatars and virtual environments
  • Leaderboards across class, school, district, state, country
  • Additional gameplay elements like minigames

With the tagline “Where Classroom Competition Comes Alive”, Gimkit Live focuses heavily on the social aspects by bringing students together face-to-face. Let’s look closer at some specific differences in features.

Game Environments and Avatars

The first thing users will notice in Gimkit Join Live is the customizable environments and avatars.

Fully Personalized Avatars

Every player creates their own personalized avatar to represent themselves instead of having a generic username or icon. You can customize everything including:

  • Hairstyles, hair color, facial features
  • Outfits and clothing
  • Fun accessories like hats, glasses, jewelry
  • Background environments and props

Students enjoy expressing their individuality through their avatar. It’s also easier to recognize classmates compared to just a username.

Teachers can disable inappropriate or distracting clothing items if needed. Certain premium hair, clothes, and accessories can be unlocked by earning achievements.

Range of Themed Environments

In regular Gimkit, all games feature the same minimal blue background regardless of subject or theme. In Gimkit Live, teachers can select from a variety of fun themed environments to match their quiz topics or spur creativity:

  • Oceans, beaches, coral reefs
  • Space stations, rockets, planets
  • Fantasy settings like enchanted forests
  • Holiday themes for seasons like Halloween or Christmas
  • Abstract psychedelic backdrops

The environment stays consistent as the backdrop while students complete quiz questions or play minigames. It makes Gimkit Live feel more immersive, engaging and tailored to different topics.

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These virtual environments let classes hold learning games in imaginative settings as opposed to sterile quiz interfaces. It reflects broader education trends of gamification and edutainment for the digital age.

The added personalization and rich theming make Gimkit Live feel more interactive compared to plain text quizzes alone.

Live Video Calling

Arguably the biggest change with Gimkit Live is the addition of face-to-face video calling functionality built directly into games.

See and Hear Classmates in Real-Time

With Gimkit Live’s video chat features, remote and in-person students alike come together in a virtual environment. You see classmates’ live camera feeds in customizable frames that float around the screen:

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A built-in voice chat lets you talk in real-time as you compete. You can chat about the quiz, discuss questions, or just banter to make it more fun.

This social interactivity aims to recreate the energy and excitement of in-person learning – even when students aren’t physically together.

In-Game Reactions and Emotes

On top of live video and voice, Gimkit Live has Discord/Twitch-style emoji reactions and animated emotes for quick communication without unmuting your mic. React with a laughing emoji when a friend misses an easy question or dance when you grab a lead.

These real-time social tools make Gimkit Live feel vibrant, lively, and connectivity. Classmates aren’t just disembodied usernames when you see them emulate, chat, and react.

No Awkward Silence or Dead Air

Vocal classroom participation is proven to improve attentiveness and information retention. But mandated unmuted mics can easily create awkward silences.

Gimkit Live’s optional voice chat means students engage verbally when they want to, not just because they have to. There’s no pressure for constant discussion nor accidental background noise.

The ambient chatter creates comfortable white noise while gameplay and reactions fill any silence gaps. Students stay engaged while avoiding forced participation.

New Quiz Show Format

While Gimkit’s core purpose remains education and review, Gimkit Live transforms the experience into an interactive multiplayer game show.

Game Show Theme and Structure

Gimkit Live sessions have a defined start and end time like episodes with countdown timers keeping pace. Teachers become the game show “hosts” setting the tone and moderating gameplay similar to TV presenters.

Question topics are represented visually by colorful spinning category wheels. Upbeat tunes drive competition momentum during intense quizzing bursts.

This shift towards real-time social quiz shows likely draws inspiration from pandemic phenomena like the co-viewing platform Netflix Party or the Zoom-based game show Chip In.

But unlike those third-party addons, Gimkit interweaves the game show components directly into the platform for a more seamless and optimized experience.

Opportunity for Engagement

These game show trappings aim to make sessions more participatory and exciting while maintaining an academic purpose.

Teachers can engage the class through roleplay and performance like an energetic TV host while students compete not just for grades but for social rewards like attention and recognition.

In contrast to silent independent quizzing, Gimkit Live’s game show flare fuels healthy social motivations. Students try earning cool avatar items to show off or top the school leaderboards that classmates can view.

Just like live streams on platforms like Twitch or TikTok, participating in a social performance creates accountability and incentive driving greater engagement.

Additional Gameplay Elements

Besides transforming into a multiplayer game show, Gimkit Live also expands core gameplay elements like powerups. New features broaden the experience.


In addition to the classic quiz race course, Gimkit Live adds special rounds of timed minigames between questions:

  • Pattern Pandemonium – Repeat a pattern by stepping on glowing tiles
  • Color Coordination – Find the object that doesn’t match a color sequence
  • Shape Shift – Memorize then recreate a series of shapes displayed

These quick reflex challenges test focus and memory while adding variety beyond just Q&A. They also give students a chance to catch up or extend leads by earning bonuses.

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Minigames make sessions less repetitive and break up long stretches of quizzing with brainteaser-style obstacles all players navigate simultaneously.

Upgraded Powerups and Sabotages

The classic powerups that let you upgrade movement speed or steal currency from opponents now have enhanced graphics and animations for clarity.

New powers only available in Gimkit Live include:

  • Reveal Answer – Temporarily see the correct response
  • Extra Life – Get an extra chance if you answer incorrectly
  • Reward Steal – Snag currency bonuses earmarked for the leader
  • Freeze Opponents – Stop all other players briefly

And sabotages like erasing rivals’ powers or forcing them backwards now actively display who targeted who.

Between minigames and expanded powerups, Gimkit Live has more gameplay variety and strategic opportunities compared to basic quizzing alone.

Customizable Rulesets and Options

While Gimkit Live currently lacks a few settings from classic Gimkit, in other ways it offers teachers more customization and control options.

Expanded Question Settings

Adding questions in Gimkit Live better accommodates different subject matter and topics. Question settings like:

  • Math formula entry
  • Fill-in-the-blank and open-ended questions
  • Rich text formatting in answers
  • File attachments for media

These more robust question types suit Gimkit Live’s gameplay beyond just rigid multiple choice.

Teachers can reuse existing Google Forms and export questions through add-ons like Flubaroo. More flexibility creating content or porting questions over makes setup easier.

And when conducting sessions, hosts can now:

  • Toggle question timers on/off
  • Set different times per question
  • Hide answer choices to offer oral quizzing
  • Alter scoring speed mid-game through a game dynamics menu

These live adjustments let teachers better calibrate pace and difficulty in the moment reacting to class performance.

Disabling Features

When first using Gimkit Live, some classes may find elements like voice chat too distracting. Now teachers can toggle on/off:

  • Webcams if face-to-face interaction proves overstimulating
  • Background music and sounds for fewer audio distractions
  • Access to avatar editing or rewards to limit irrelevant distraction
  • Anonymous play if students feel self-conscious amid peers

With all these rule customizations, Gimkit Live offers more options for different class subject material, ability levels, and needs.

Universal Compatibility and Accessibility

Finally, a technical but vital improvement is Gimkit Live’s universal compatibility across all modern devices.

Full Mobile Experience

Unlike older Flash-based Gimkit relying on mouse/keyboard controls, the Unity-based Gimkit Live extends full functionality to mobile and tablet.

That means students can fully participate Whether using:

  • Laptops or desktop computers
  • Mobile phones and tablets
  • Some game consoles via browser

Mobile compatibility also enables augmented and virtual reality hardware potentially down the road.

By supporting touchscreens alongside keyboard/mouse input, no one gets left out or disadvantaged if they lack certain devices.

Improved Accessibility

Relatedly, upgrading architecture also improves accessibility shortcomings in classic Gimkit games. Enhancements include:

  • Screen reader and keyboard navigation
  • Color correction filters for color vision deficiencies
  • Captions and visual sound indicators
  • Customizable UI sizes to aid visibility

With mobile-friendly responsive design, all students can join in Gimkit Live games regardless of individual device or special needs.

No app download separates users across platforms. Just share a browser link and classmates seamlessly unite thanks to web-based tech.

Better accessibility and compatibility also ease implementing Gimkit school- or district-wide.

Recap: How Gimkit Live Differs from Classic Gimkit

In this detailed guide, we compared old school Gimkit versus the new Gimkit Live upgrade. To recap key differences:

  • Customizable Avatars and Themed Environments – Personalized characters and stylized backgrounds make Gimkit Live feel more immersive than plain text quizzes
  • Live Video Calling – Seeing and hearing classmates in real-time creates face-to-face social engagement and accountability
  • Game Show Format – Hosted sessions with timers, buzzers, and leaderboards recast games as participatory quiz shows
  • Minigames – Special brainteaser rounds add variety beyond just Q&A races
  • Upgraded Powerups – New strategic abilities expand possibilities for custom game dynamics
  • Rule Customization – More controls over session settings like anonymity or muting let teachers tailor gameplay
  • Mobile Compatibility – Full phone and tablet experience enables broader access regardless of device or ability

Altogether these perks aim to make games more engaging, exciting, customized, and accessible for modern online learners.

While Gimkit Live currently lacks a few features from classic like study guides or student reviewing, developers actively listen to user feedback. We should expect continual improvements integrating the most popular old features.

But already in its launch state, Gimkit Live stands strong as a massive upgrade empowering social interactivity and roleplay creativity for quizzing in the 2020s digital classroom.

Experience Gimkit Live’s Next-Gen Edutainment Yourself

Want to see firsthand how Gimkit Live enriches classroom learning? Visit the website and request educator access to setup your own game show sessions.

Bring together students from multiple classes or schools for:

  • Test prep trivia competitions
  • Vocabulary spelling bees
  • History game shows reviewing course topics
  • Math quiz races or other subject events

Gamified quizzing platforms continue growing in popularity for good reason – they work! Gimkit Live removes remaining barriers to make games more inclusive and immersive for all.

Teacher Experiences: Setting Up and Running Sessions

For teachers, Gimkit Live overhauls the session creation process with both benefits and drawbacks compared to regular Gimkit games.

Streamlined Setup

Some aspects of hosting a session see notable improvements in Gimkit Live regarding convenience and flexibility:

Simplified Session Launching

  • Start pages provide one-click session launching rather than navigating menus
  • Save multiple preset sessions instead of recreating each time
  • Launch options support planning periods or subjects

User Permission Defaults

  • Class rosters pre-populate from SIS integrations like Clever
  • Custom user permission roles (host, player, etc) enable broader access

Quicker Question Importing

  • Batch import questions via CSV spreadsheet uploads
  • Directly import Google Forms or Microsoft Forms quizzes
  • More importing integrations planned post-launch

Intuitive Live Editing

  • Alter game settings mid-session via interactive menus
  • Disable avatar customization or powerups if distracting
  • Change question timers and scoring speeds on the fly

Overall, these upgrades make starting and facilitating Gimkit Live quicker with more flexibility for in-session adjustments.

Steeper Learning Curve

However, the added features also introduce complexity requiring more upfront configuration and troubleshooting:

More Steps Configuring Sessions

  • Multiple pages of options to set rules, environment, permissions
  • Features like question randomization or anonymity toggle are buried
  • Sessions stop automatically after runtime unlike infinite classic games

Gameplay Customization Can Overwhelm

  • Many settings impact the game flow and pace
  • But guides and tooltips lack details on gameplay modifiers
  • Hard to determine ideal values for first-timers

Technical Difficulties More Impactful

  • A dropped network connection disables all gameplay
  • Losing video chat reduces social interactivity and engagement
  • Troubleshooting audio issues complex with service dependencies

While regular Gimkit just launches basic text quizzes, successfully orchestrating Gimkit Live’s multimedia social experience involves more forethought and technical finesse.

There is a steeper learning curve. Mastering the tools may require some trial-and-error. But added live editing options let teachers adapt sessions to what best suits their class.

Classroom Management: Oversight and Controls

For teachers managing active classrooms, handing over some control to make games more social raises valid oversight concerns.

Gimkit Live balances increased freedoms with moderator tools to steer positive behavior.

Granular Participant Muting

Unlike rigid “all mics on” or “all mics off” policies, Gimkit Live offers nuanced muting options. Hosts can:

  • Mute an individual student causing a distraction
  • Disable just incoming audio to present without interruption
  • Set push-to-talk thresholds to prevent background noise

Temporary focused quiet avoids punishing the whole class for a few outliers. Students also mute themselves voluntarily to avoid awkward open mics.

Block Inappropriate Customization

While personal expression through avatars and backdrops engenders creativity, it risks mishaps either intentionally or accidentally.

Safeguards allow hosts to:

  • Restrict clothing types (e.g. no hats or sunglasses)
  • Ban search terms when selecting environments
  • Limit visibility of accessories prone to misuse

Student creations stay walled off from public galleries. And downloading player-created content requires permission.

Suspend Users Mid-Game

For serious cases like harassment or cheating, hosts can instantly:

  • Mute audio, hide video, freeze input for an individual
  • Temporarily ban a problematic user
  • Privately message students to resolve issues discreetly

Unlike classic Gimkit which lacks mid-game moderation, live oversight means faster intervention curbing detrimental behavior.

Review Participation Insights

Post-session analytics provide visibility into contributions quantifying aspects like:

  • Questions answered and accuracy
  • Use of powers and sabotages
  • Peer reactions sent and received
  • Time present in video chat
  • Environments and avatars selected

Data guides rewards for top performers and uncovers students needing help or accommodations.

With better insight and more selective controls instead of all-or-nothing nuclear options, hosts skillfully steer participation towards positive ends.

Student Experiences: Gameplay and Progression

Students partaking in Gimkit Live will discover an enriched gameplay loop with long-term progression mechanics aimed at continual engagement.

Clear Scoring and Progress Tracking

Updated user interface elements better communicate key game state status:

  • An explicit energy gauge indicates question opportunities
  • Distance counter marks overall progress along the race track
  • Persistent scoreboards avoid losing place awareness between questions
  • Multiplier effects clearly display scoring rate impacts

Transitions between quizzing, powers, and minigames feel seamless thanks to consistent positional anchors rather than wildly shifting scenes.

Steady Progression Between Sessions

Carrying progress between sessions encourages continual participation while allowing reasonable incremental goals:

  • Students keep earned cosmetics and currency persisting long-term
  • Unlock pathways guide progress towards new avatar items
  • Rarity tiers for cosmetics indicate aspirational content
  • school/regional leaderboards foster healthy competition

Feeling a sense of legacy across multiple years disincentivizes misbehavior threats like account bans. Ownership develops through ongoing identity cultivation.

Ultimately Gimkit Live nurtures students better than disconnected ephemeral games failing to track history.

Avoiding Content Lockouts

Unlike predatory games coercing spending or grinding achievement points as prerequisite for basic activities, Gimkit Live aims for inclusive accessibility allowing players to:

  • Experience all Live functionality without restrictions
  • Hide owned cosmetics without affecting gameplay
  • Maintain reasonable costs for desired avatar items
  • Prevent gameplay imbalances between free and premium users

Optional cosmetics bring personal flair without interrupting core education-focused experience for anyone.

Through these decisions, Gimkit Live spurs engagement while dodging detrimental consequences like addiction seen in gamified learning platforms lacking compassionate design.

Privacy and Security Safeguards

Maintaining student privacy remains crucial as classrooms utilize more cloud-based edtech tools. Gimkit Live implements several key protections:

Limited Data Sharing

Unlike sites directly connecting strangers, Gimkit Live data stays compartmentalized. Users only interact with:

  • Explicit classroom roster members
  • Anonymous regional leaderboard grouping

Teachers fully control enrollments. Stranger danger gets avoided as all participants share existing relationships.

Child Safety Certifications

As an education platform for children, Gimkit complies with:

  • COPPA safe harbor terms under an IAB license
  • FERPA educational record confidentiality
  • GDPR internationally recognized data standards

These policies govern securing accounts, minimizing unnecessary data collection, and parental rights for information access.

Video Security Features

Direct camera feeds raise unique safety considerations which Gimkit addresses:

  • Encrypted video transmission via WebRTC protocol
  • No external live streaming to sites like YouTube
  • Review permissions before downloading video clips
  • Allow opt-out from appearing in group session recordings

Young students avoid exposure risks lingering outside classroom contexts. All video stays ephemeral or tightly access controlled.

Ongoing Updates and Improvements

While these comparisons highlight some Gimkit Live advantages over classic games, the newer platform inevitably has gaps as product development continues reacting to user feedback.

Forthcoming Enhancements

Specific features slated on the Gimkit roadmap include:

  • Saved Progress – Save sessions mid-game to resume later
  • Expanded Metrics – Additional analytics like engagement over time or common wrong answer patterns
  • Assignment Integration – Embed Live sessions directly into LMS platforms like Canvas or Google Classroom with grades syncing

And many promised areas planned for expansion:

  • Augmented reality functionality
  • Accessibility accommodations
  • BYOD flexibility and customization
  • Question library content diversity
  • Real-world social impact programs

Gimkit built a stellar foundational product. Expect rapid iterative improvements aligned to classroom needs.

The Future of Social Gamified Learning

Education continuously evolves adapting new technologies to engage digitally-native generations through familiar interactive mediums that make schoolwork less tedious.

Why Gimkit Live Signals a Promising Direction

This purpose-built edutainment platform moves the needle towards ideal social learning environments by:

  • Supporting a spectrum of devices to prevent exclusivity biases and level playfields
  • Designing mechanics promoting healthy competition not dangerous obsession
  • Empowering teachers to calibrate the right settings for their unique classroom dynamic
  • Advancing data privacy protections for vulnerable student groups

Embedding quizzing inside live multiplayer game shows boosts information retention through:

  • Active recall facilitating knowledge application
  • Social accountability improving attentiveness
  • Uplifting roleplay unlocking reasoning skills

Final Verdict

Gimkit Live delivers groundbreaking instructions technology fulfilling key criteria for responsive personalized learning aligned to research-backed engagement strategies.

The promising vision should prompt adoption in schools seeking to prepare inclusive digitally-enabled curriculums benefitting all backgrounds.

Indeed, the greatest achievement may be establishing an ethical foundation spurring further innovation within the rapidly accelerating social gaming industry.

With Gimkit paving the way, get ready for a vibrant new era of world-building experiments transforming dusty lectures into mixed reality magic!

How does Gimkit Live differ from regular Gimkit games


What is Gimkit Live?

Gimkit Live is a feature of the Gimkit platform that allows students to join a live game session hosted by a teacher or presenter in real-time.

How does Gimkit Live differ from regular Gimkit games?

Gimkit Live differs from regular Gimkit games in that it allows for synchronous gameplay, where all participants play at the same time and can see each other’s progress in real-time.

Can I use Gimkit Live to play with friends outside of a classroom setting?

Yes, you can use Gimkit Live to play with friends outside of a classroom setting by creating a game session and sharing the join code with your friends.

What are some advantages of using Gimkit Live over regular Gimkit games?

Some advantages of using Gimkit Live include increased engagement and interaction among participants, as well as the ability to see immediate feedback and progress.

Can I customize the settings for a Gimkit Live game session?

Yes, you can customize various settings for a Gimkit Live game session, such as the number of questions, time limit, and whether or not to include power-ups.

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