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How do I get a Gimkit code? [2024]

How do I get a Gimkit code? Gimkit is an online educational game platform that allows teachers to create engaging learning games for their students. Games on Gimkit are centered around multiple choice quizzes, with students competing to earn points and climb the leaderboard.

To join a Gimkit game, players need a unique code provided by the teacher. This code allows access to that specific game. As a student, here are some tips on how you can get a Gimkit code to join your teacher’s game:

Ask Your Teacher Directly

The easiest way to get a Gimkit code is to simply ask your teacher. They created the game and have the unique code to provide access.

Before class, politely ask your teacher if they will be using Gimkit that day. If so, request the game code so you can enter it on the Gimkit website. Most teachers will readily provide the code verbally, write it on the board, or project it on the screen.

Pay close attention when they share the code. You may want to write it down or take a photo with your phone so you can accurately enter it when logging into Gimkit.

If the teacher launches the game without sharing the code, raise your hand and ask them to provide it. They may have forgotten to give the code out ahead of time. Just ask kindly for the code and they will supply it.

Look for the Code on Assignments or Announcements

If your teacher uses Gimkit regularly, they may post the game code ahead of time along with assignments or announcements.

Check your school’s learning management system, classroom website, or any online platforms your teacher uses to distribute information. Scan these sites to see if your teacher provided the Gimkit code there.

For example, your teacher may list the game code on:

  • The classroom website alongside the day’s agenda
  • In an announcement post sent the night before or morning of the game
  • On paper handouts or worksheets
  • On the online assignment page

Make checking these resources part of your routine when preparing for class. Look for any mention of Gimkit and the accompanying game code.

Search Gimkit Recent Games

If your teacher has used Gimkit before, their previous games may be searchable on the Gimkit site.

Go to and click “Recent Games” next to the enter code box. This will pull up a list of recent public games.

Scan through the list of game titles, teachers, dates, and class names to see if any match your teacher and class. If you spot one, try entering that code to see if it provides access to your current game.

Teachers often reuse game codes, so there is a chance a previous one will work. It may take some trial and error, but searching recent games can turn up the right code.

Ask Classmates Who Are Already Logged In

Before the game starts, look around at your fellow classmates. See if any have already successfully logged into the Gimkit game.

If so, ask them to share the code with you. Most students will happily provide the code when asked. Just whisper over to a classmate or send them a quick text.

You can even work together and compile the code by having each logged-in student recite one digit at a time. This ensures the whole class is engaged and ready to play.

Contact Your Teacher After Class

If you completely missed the Gimkit code during class, reach out to your teacher afterward and request it.

Send a polite email, message on a learning platform, or ask them next time you see them. Explain that you unfortunately missed the Gimkit code but would like to play the game for practice and review. Most teachers will respond with the code.

You can even ask them to send codes for any future Gimkit games. That way you won’t miss it going forward. Having the code in advance ensures you’ll be prepared to play.

Wait for the Teacher to Share It Again

Don’t worry too much if you missed the code. Most likely your teacher will reuse the game in the future.

Pay attention for when the topic or content comes up again in a future class. Your teacher probably will launch the same Gimkit game again. When they start the game next time, listen closely for the code.

You now know to watch out for the Gimkit code, so you’ll be ready to enter it as soon as the teacher provides it.

Use Gimkit’s Code Recovery Tool

If your teacher enabled the code recovery feature, Gimkit offers a way to look up forgotten codes.

In the app or on the Gimkit website, click the “Forgot Code” link on the login page. Enter your teacher’s email address and select them from the list. You’ll then see relevant game codes for their classes.

Scan the list for a game title, date, or time that matches when you need the code. Click the code to instantly log into that game.

This recovery tool is useful if your teacher regularly reuses codes. You can find the code for the game you missed and access it at any time.

Avoid Guessing Random Codes

While it may be tempting to randomly guess game codes, this is an ineffective strategy. Gimkit codes are randomized and lengthy, making the odds of randomly guessing a working one incredibly low.

Blindly trying random codes will likely just result in landing in unknown games or classes. This could disrupt others if you end up incorrectly entering their game.

Instead of guessing, use other methods like asking classmates, checking announcements, or directly contacting your teacher. This will provide the proper code and avoid any confusion.


Getting a Gimkit code is easy when you use the right strategies:

  • Ask your teacher directly before or during class
  • Check assignments and announcements ahead of time
  • Look for the code on recent Gimkit games
  • Have logged-in classmates share the code
  • Contact your teacher after class if you missed it
  • Wait for the code when the teacher replays the game
  • Use Gimkit’s code recovery tool if available
  • Avoid randomly guessing codes

Using these methods, you can easily get the official game code from your teacher. You’ll then be ready to enter it on the Gimkit website and start playing the fun class game!

Frequently Asked Questions About Gimkit Codes

Getting a Gimkit code to play your teacher’s game is easy when you follow the right steps. Here are answers to some common questions about obtaining game codes:

How do I ask the teacher for the Gimkit code?

Politely raise your hand before or during class and say “Excuse me, could you please provide the Gimkit code so I can play the game?” Most teachers will readily give you the code verbally, write it on the board, or project it on the screen.

You can also send a quick email or message after class requesting the code. Explain you unfortunately missed it earlier but would like to play the game.

What if my teacher posts the code online?

Many teachers post Gimkit game codes on classroom websites, learning management platforms, or assignment pages. Be sure to check these locations when prepping for class. Look for any mention of Gimkit and the accompanying game code.

Can I find the code from previous games?

Yes, go to and click “Recent Games.” Scan through the list of public games from your teacher. If you see one with a matching title or date, enter that code to see if it works for your current game. Teachers often reuse game codes.

What if I enter the wrong code?

Don’t worry, entering an incorrect code won’t cause any issues. You will simply land in a random game that isn’t yours. No harm done.

To avoid this, avoid blindly guessing codes. Instead use suggested strategies like asking classmates, checking posts, or contacting your teacher directly to get the proper code.

Can my teacher recover past game codes?

If enabled, the Gimkit code recovery tool allows teachers to view all prior game codes. Ask your teacher to look up and share a past code if you missed it earlier. This allows you to access the game at any time.

Why shouldn’t I randomly guess game codes?

Guessing is ineffective since Gimkit codes are long and randomized. You will almost never guess a working code by chance. Blindly trying codes can also accidentally disrupt other classes if you end up entering their game.

What’s the best way to remember my Gimkit code?

Write the code down or take a photo after your teacher shares it. That way you have an easy reference to ensure you accurately enter it. Having the code saved prevents you from forgetting and needing to request it again.

Read Any Pre-Game Instructions

Before your teacher launches the Gimkit game, take a moment to carefully read over any instructions or prep materials they provide. This info will explain the rules, objectives, and particular settings of your upcoming game.

Understand if it is an individual or team game, how points are earned, bonuses available, time limits, and other variables. Ask your teacher if you need any clarification. Having a full grasp of the game structure will help you strategize and excel.

Make Sure You Have a Computer or Device Available

You obviously need a computer, phone, tablet or other device to participate in the web-based Gimkit game. If you don’t have a personal device, be sure that your school has a computer or lab available.

Arrive early or speak with your teacher to ensure you will have a device on hand in class. You don’t want to be left out because you don’t have a way to access the game. Coordinate ahead of time to guarantee you can participate.

Position Yourself for Success

Think about where you learn and focus best in the classroom. Try to get a seat where you can fully see and hear the teacher, concentrate on the game, and collaborate with teammates as needed.

If possible, avoid sitting near chattier classmates or other distractions. Find a solid spot that sets you up to succeed. Having the ideal position in class helps you take full advantage of the learning game.

Clear Your Screen of Other Distractions

When it’s time to start Gimkit, close down any irrelevant tabs, apps, or windows you may have open on your device. Only have the Gimkit tab showing. This avoids lures toward browsing, social media, or other distractions during the game.

Put your device in airplane mode if allowed and silence notifications. Limit anything competing for your attention so you can fully focus on the game. The more engaged you are, the better you’ll comprehend the material and earn points.

Use Proven Gimkit Strategies

Experienced Gimkit players recommend certain game strategies to maximize your performance. Earn upgrades like double and triple point bonuses right away. Build your multiplier before answering easier questions. Avoid guessing to prevent multiplier penalties.

Look up guides or ask savvy classmates for their top tips. Applying proven techniques will help you play most effectively. Implementing the right strategies goes a long way.

Familiarize Yourself with the Topic Material

If possible, review the topic or lesson that will be covered in the Gimkit game. Studying the material ahead of time will make the questions easier. The more familiar you are, the faster you’ll be able to answer correctly.

Ask your teacher what content will be addressed or check previous assignments and quizzes. Quickly skim through related textbook sections, notes, or online resources. Having existing knowledge of the material is a big advantage.

Make Sure Your Device is Fully Charged

Running low on battery during a Gimkit match is no fun. The anxiety of your device dying can ruin your focus and gameplay. Prevent this by charging your phone, tablet, or laptop fully the night before class.

Bring your charger just in case you need more juice. Consider plugging into a classroom outlet as an extra precaution. Set yourself up so you can play the entire game uninterrupted by battery warnings.

Collaborate and Communicate with Teammates

If your Gimkit game has a team component, connect with teammates beforehand to strategize. Figure out your roles, how you’ll collaborate, and the best way to communicate during the actual game.

Agreeing on a game plan with your group ahead of time leads to more coordinated success. Smooth teamwork and communication results in more points for everyone.

Turn Off Distracting Notifications

The dings and buzzes of arriving texts, social media alerts, and other app notifications can break your focus during a game. Turn off these distractions in your settings before starting Gimkit.

Maintaining concentration is key, especially as the pace ramps up at higher point levels. Keep your device silent to avoid disruptive notifications that throw off your gameplay and cost points.

Don’t Stress Too Much!

At the end of the day, Gimkit is an educational game meant to engage students while reviewing material. Don’t get overly stressed about earning points or beating classmates. Simply try your best and have fun with it!

Focus more on comprehending the content rather than competing. Improving your knowledge is the ultimate goal. Keep things in perspective and enjoy the unique learning experience.

Help Struggling Teammates

If playing a team game, help boost teammates who may be struggling with certain topics or questions. Provide pointers and advice to help them improve, which in turn earns more points for the overall group.

Offer encouragement and support to ensure no teammate feels singled out or left behind. Guiding each other results in the whole team learning and succeeding together.

Take a Quick Break if Frustrated

Gimkit’s fast pace and competition can sometimes lead to frustration if you get questions wrong and lose your multiplier. If you feel yourself getting annoyed, take a short break to clear your head.

Step away from your device briefly, take some deep breaths, stretch your arms, or get a drink of water. Resetting mentally will help you return focused and determined. Don’t let temporary frustration derail your game.

Review Mistakes and Learn from Them

Pay attention to any questions you get wrong during the game. Make a note of these topics so you can review and improve your knowledge later.

Studying your mistakes helps you fully comprehend those challenging areas. Turn your errors into learning experiences. Gimkit Join shows you what material needs more work.

Thank the Teacher for the Fun Activity

After the game, thank your teacher for taking the time to create it. Let them know you enjoyed the engaging learning experience. Gimkit gameplay breaks up lectures and workbook assignments.

Teachers appreciate positive feedback. Your quick thanks might motivate them to organize more interactive learning games. Supportive comments help build an effective and communicative student-teacher connection.

Strategize with Teammates Afterwards

If you played a team game, meet up with your group afterwards to discuss your successes and areas for improvement. Analyze what strategies worked well together and where your collaboration could be stronger.

Make a plan for working even better as a coordinated unit next time. Teammate synergy improves with ongoing communication. Discuss ways to build more seamless collaboration.

Provide Feedback to the Teacher

Politely share constructive feedback with your teacher on the game itself. Let them know what game settings and rules you found most helpful for learning. Provide suggestions to make it an even more educationally effective experience.

Your respectful input helps teachers shape better games. Speaking up guides them in designing the most engaging activities. You and your classmates ultimately benefit from this feedback.

Apply Your Gimkit Knowledge

The content you reviewed during the Gimkit game will likely appear on upcoming quizzes, tests, and assignments. Make sure to fully understand it rather than just recognizing questions from the game.

Study thoroughly after Gimkit. The deeper your comprehension, the better prepared you’ll be to apply that knowledge in various ways. Let Gimkit guide your overall learning of the material.


Getting the game code is just the initial step. Setting yourself up for success in Gimkit requires additional preparation like reading instructions, implementing game strategies, charging your device, collaborating with teammates, minimizing distractions, and reviewing your mistakes after play.

Following these tips will help you get the most educational value out of fun Gimkit activities. You’ll engage more with the content, earn more points, and boost your learning. Proper preparation leads to a great game experience.

More Gimkit Game Tips

Here are some additional ideas to excel at Gimkit and maximize the learning experience:

  • Play practice games at home to get more comfortable with the format before a big class game. Familiarity builds skill.
  • Handwrite notes on topics you struggle with during gameplay. Writing sticks better in your memory.
  • Make flashcards on questions you got wrong to review later. Flashcards drill key facts into your head.
  • Take screen breaks during longer games to rest your eyes and brain. Gimkit’s fast pace can be mentally draining. Short breaks help you recharge.
  • Suggest new game elements and features to your teacher to keep things interesting over time. Teachers appreciate creative input.
  • Explain Gimkit to your parents so they know it’s an educational game, not just an online distraction. Informed parents are supportive parents.
  • Play respectfully. Never mock struggling teammates or brag when you’re ahead. Be gracious, mature, and supportive of others.
  • Balance your time. Too much Gimkit can distract from other assignments. Let your teacher know if gameplay becomes excessive.
  • Don’t obsess over the leaderboard. Focus more on learning than where you rank. Turn off the leaderboard if it stresses you out.
  • Report any glitches or technical issues to your teacher quickly so they can address problems and improve the game.
  • Thank your teacher and classmates after an engaging match, win or lose. Expressing gratitude encourages more teamwork in the future.
  • Stay hydrated during longer games by keeping water at your desk. Dehydration can negatively impact your stamina and focus.
  • Appoint group leaders if playing a team game to better coordinate strategies. Leaders help build teamwork.
  • Most importantly, have fun! Gimkit turns learning into a game, which is pretty cool. Enjoy the unique educational experience.

With the proper preparations and strategies, you can get the most value out of Gimkit learning games. Mastering both the material and gameplay means winning on two important fronts.

Gimkit code


What is a Gimkit code?

A Gimkit code is a unique alphanumeric code that allows you to join a specific game or session on the Gimkit platform. It is used to identify and connect players to the correct game.

How do I get a Gimkit code?

To get a Gimkit code, you need to either create a game as a host or join a game as a player. Hosts can generate a code when creating a game, and players can join by entering the code provided by the host.

How can I create a Gimkit game code?

To create a Gimkit game code, log in to your Gimkit account, click on “Create” to start a new game, customize your game settings, and then generate a code. Share this code with other players to invite them to join your game.

Where can I find a Gimkit code to join a game?

If you’ve been invited to join a Gimkit game, you’ll receive the code from the host. The host can share the code with you through various means, such as a direct message, email, or on a virtual classroom platform.

Can I use a Gimkit code more than once?

No, Gimkit codes are typically single-use and are valid for one game session only. Once the game is over, a new code will be generated for the next session, if applicable.

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