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Top 5 Games Like Gimkit [2024]

Top 5 Games Like Gimkit 2024 Here, we’ll explore the top 5 games like Gimkit that offer engaging learning experiences


In this digital age, educational gaming platforms have become increasingly popular for engaging students in learning. One such platform, Gimkit, has gained significant attention for its interactive features and customizable quizzes. However, if you’re looking for alternatives or similar games to expand your options, you’re in luck. In this article, we’ll explore the top 5 games like Gimkit that offer engaging learning experiences.

What is Gimkit?

Before diving into alternatives, let’s briefly understand what Gimkit offers. Gimkit is an educational gaming platform designed to make learning fun and interactive. It allows teachers to create and customize quizzes, which students can then play individually or in teams. With features like power-ups, leaderboards, and real-time feedback, Gimkit enhances student engagement and learning outcomes.

Criteria for Choosing Similar Games like gimkit

When selecting alternatives to Gimkit, it’s essential to consider certain criteria to ensure a similar experience. These criteria may include:

  • Interactivity: The game should offer interactive features to keep students engaged.
  • Customization: Like Gimkit, the game should allow teachers to create and customize quizzes according to their curriculum.
  • Feedback: Real-time feedback is crucial for student progress and motivation.
  • Accessibility: The game should be easily accessible across devices and platforms.

Benefits of Game-Based Learning

Research shows that game-based learning offers many benefits, including:

  • Increased student engagement and motivation
  • Improved knowledge retention and recall
  • Opportunities to apply and test knowledge
  • Promotes teamwork and social learning
  • Appeals to different types of learners
  • Provides instant feedback to support growth

Educators are increasingly adopting game-based online tools like Gimkit to take advantage of these benefits. While Gimkit has proven enormously popular, both teachers and students eventually seek out new games to mix up gameplay and keep things interesting.

Top 5 Games Like Gimkit


Quizizz is a popular games like gimkit. Quizizz allows teachers to create gamified quiz games for students to compete in teams in real-time.

The platform offers access to over 100 million ready-made quizzes spanning every academic subject, minimizing prep time for teachers. Quizizz games feature avatars racing through fantastical environments as students answer, adding to the playful vibe.

After launching a hosted game, students join using a unique code and are sorted into teams. They race to complete all the quiz questions correctly as fast possible. Instant feedback, memes, and rewards like power-ups make the experience social and engaging.

Quizizz has all of Gimkit’s core features plus some unique additions like study and diagnostic modes. These allow students to prepare at their own pace or be assessed privately without pressure. It’s an excellent all-around alternative.


Kahoot! is another hugely popular game-based learning platform and Gimkit competitor. It functions very similarly, allowing teachers to create fun multiplayer quiz challenges or pick from millions of existing public games spanning academics, pop culture, and more.

Like Gimkit and Quizizz, students join live Kahoot games by entering a PIN code which sorts them into teams. Quiz questions are displayed on the shared main screen while students answer on their own devices. Their avatars then race ahead based on who responded correctly and fastest per question.

Kahoot really stands out in its presentation. Music, sound effects, memes, and colorful visuals create an lively game-show feel that engages students of all ages. The platform also has advanced features like Microsoft and Google integrations. With over 5 billion cumulative players to date, it’s easy to see why Kahoot is beloved by students globally.

Quizlet Live

Quizlet Live offers a unique team-based spin on the multiplayer quiz game format. Like Gimkit, it allows teachers to launch live game sessions that students join on their devices by entering a access code.

What makes Quizlet Live special is its cooperative mechanics. Students are split into teams and each member is randomly assigned part of the full quiz question/answer sets. To complete the game, teammates must work together to correctly match each card.

This forces groups to communicate, negotiate, and leverage each individual member’s strengths. Students get the opportunity to teach and learn from peers in a high engagement environment. Quizlet Live facilitates meaningful discussions and peer learning opportunities not found in standard quiz games.

For teachers that want students to move beyond competing as individuals and work on collaboration skills, Quizlet Live is an impactful option that will get your classroom


Classcraft is an epic role-playing game that transforms the classroom into an adventure. Teachers become ‘Gamemasters’ while students play as wizards, warriors etc. on magical quests for wisdom and glory.

Core subjects like math, history, science are gamified with storylines, monster battles, mystical powers and rewards used to motivate students on their heroic journey through the curriculum. Classcraft fully taps into learners’ imagination to make education an thrilling adventure.

The platform helps teachers guide progression, track student performance in fights/challenges, and allow perks like bonus attempts to encourage growth mindset when students fail quests. Teams unlock abilities and bonuses by working together, keeping classmates accountable.

While Classcraft doesn’t offer live multiplayer quiz competitions, its engrossing narrative approach to gamification can take engagement to new levels. For teachers looking to go beyond testing games and reimagine learning as an epic journey, Classcraft delivers.


Factile is a unique Jeopardy-style take on the Gimkit model. Like other alternatives, it allows teachers to quickly create or import engaging review games and hosts them as live student vs student competitions.

Where Factile differs is its game board mechanic. Student teams race around the board to uncover hidden questions by correctly answering easier or harder trivia questions. This creates variety and strategic decision making as teams weigh risk vs reward in hunting for high value questions.

Another special feature is that Factile games can integrate dynamically with Google Classroom gradebooks. Performance in Factile review games automatically pass back to Google Classroom as grades. This incentivizes students to compete while allowing teachers to efficiently track academic progress.

Factile’s fresh approach combines trivia night excitement with a useful grading integration teachers love. If you’re looking for a new spin, Factile is a top choice.

Comparison of Each Game with Gimkit

While each of these games offers similar features to Gimkit, they also have their unique strengths and weaknesses. Quizizz excels in its meme-based gameplay, Kahoot! in its multiplayer functionality, Quizlet Live in its collaborative learning approach, Gimme More in its customizable quizzes, and Quizalize in its formative assessment features.

Key Features to Look in games like gimkit

When evaluating new games to rotate into your classroom lineup for variety, keep these key features in mind:

Customization – The ability to fully customize games with your own material is vital for relevance. Importing questions via Google Drive etc. should be easy.

Multiplayer – Head-to-head competition between students in teams massively increases engagement over single player games.

Accessibility – Games should work seamlessly on all devices. Students should be able join instantly using easy access codes.

Analytics – Data on student performance, engagement etc. allows you to fine-tune games to skill levels and learning needs.

Growth Mindset – Games that encourage persistence and learning from failure avoid demoralizing struggling students. Unlimited attempts, power-ups and bonuses are helpful here.

Prioritizing games with these attributes will ensure you provide the most educational value and enjoyment for your classroom.

Pros and Cons


  • Interactive and engaging gameplay
  • Customizable quizzes
  • Real-time feedback
  • Versatile learning experiences


  • Some platforms may require paid subscriptions for advanced features
  • Limited options for certain subjects or topics

How to Get Started with Alternatives

To get started with alternatives to Gimkit, simply visit the respective websites or download the apps from app stores. Most platforms offer free basic accounts with limited features, while premium subscriptions unlock additional functionalities. Explore the options, create an account, and start creating quizzes tailored to your students’ needs.


Gimkit has shown the power of turning assessments into competitive multiplayer games. However, rotating in fresh formats keeps engagement high while allowing students to learn new skills like collaboration.

Platforms like Quizizz, Kahoot, Factile, Quizlet Live and Classcraft each provide unique benefits. Mixing up the gameplay keeps energy and excitement levels up in your classroom while challenging students in new ways.

Exploring the range of creative gamified learning platforms out there can meaningfully boost student growth and your own professional toolbox.


What are the benefits of using games like Gimkit in the classroom?

Games like Gimkit promote active learning, boost student engagement, and provide instant feedback on student performance. They also help teachers identify areas where students may need additional support or instruction.

Can I create my own quizzes and study sets on Gimkit?

Yes, one of the key features of Gimkit is its ability to allow educators to create custom quizzes and study sets tailored to their specific curriculum and learning objectives.

Is Gimkit suitable for all age groups?

While Gimkit is primarily designed for use in educational settings, it can be adapted for learners of all ages, from elementary school students to adult learners.

Is Gimkit free to use?

Gimkit offers both free and premium subscription options. The free version provides basic functionality, while the premium version unlocks additional features and customization options.

Are there any games like Gimkit?

Yes, several games like Gimkit. Some popular options include Quizizz, Kahoot, Quizlet Live, and Socrative.

How does Quizizz compare to Gimkit?

Quizizz shares similarities with Gimkit in terms of gamified quizzes, but it offers a more straightforward question-and-answer format without the customizable game features like earning and spending virtual currency.

What distinguishes Kahoot from Gimkit?

Kahoot is another interactive quiz platform, but unlike Gimkit, it follows a more traditional quiz format with timed multiple-choice questions displayed on a shared screen.

How does Quizlet Live differ from Gimkit?

Quizlet Live focuses on collaborative learning through team-based challenges, whereas Gimkit emphasizes individualized learning experiences with customizable game features.

Is Socrative similar to Gimkit?

Socrative is an assessment tool that allows teachers to create quizzes and collect responses in real-time, but it lacks the gamified elements and personalized learning features found in Gimkit.

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