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5 Steps to Earn $2000 Per Month as a Gimkit Affiliate [2024]

5 Steps to Earn $2000 Per Month as a Gimkit Affiliate 2024.Top Gimkit affiliates easily generate over $2000 in recurring monthly commissions. So the income potential is very real.

This in-depth guide will teach you proven steps to maximize your earnings as a Gimkit affiliate this year.

Step 1: Understanding Gimkit’s Value Proposition

Before promoting any product, you need to fully grasp its core value proposition for the target customers. This allows you to create authentic and compelling marketing messages.

So what does Gimkit Affiliate offer in the crowded edtech space?

The Elevator Pitch

Gimkit turns traditional homework and revision into live multiplayer games. It makes learning crazy fun and improves academic performance. Over 5 million students use it globally.

Key Benefits

Here are the main benefits Gimkit provides students and teachers:

  • Addictively fun format – feels like playing a video game rather than boring schoolwork
  • Multiplayer element keeps engagement high during lessons or homework
  • Kids learn faster and retain more in this rewarding game environment
  • Analytics help teachers identify student weaknesses and tailor support
  • Supports major curriculum topics in math, sciences, languages, humanities etc
  • Used by over 300,000 teachers with proven learning outcomes
  • Available across devices (Mac, Windows, Chromebooks, iPads, Android tablets)

This unique fusion of education and entertainment in a multiplayer gaming platform offers immense value for classrooms looking to boost attentiveness, retention and grades.

It ticks all the boxes for an effective edtech solution: Easy to adopt → Highly engaging → Measurable learning impact.

And that’s the core messaging you need to communicate to your audience.

Educators are searching for tools offering these attributes. So highlighting Gimkit’s strengths will convince subscribers to signup via your affiliate link.

Now let’s move to more tactical steps to optimize conversions…

Step 2: Get Approved for Gimkit’s Affiliate Program

Hopefully you’re already signed up with Gimkit’s affiliate program. If not, here is the simple process:

  1. Visit the Gimkit Affiliate Page
  2. Click “Apply Now” and fill in your account details
  3. Gimkit will review and approve your application within 1-2 business days

Once approved, you get access to special resources:

  • Unique affiliate link
  • Trackable URLs to share across channels
  • Marketing collateral
  • Banners, email templates, social posts
  • Real-time performance dashboard
  • Impressions, conversions, commission data
  • Dedicated affiliate manager for support

So Gimkit gives you all the tools required to immediately start earning from promotions.

Step 3: Identify Profitable Affiliate Marketing Tactics

Driving high value signups requires smart marketing tactics tailored to your niche.

Here are proven Gimkit affiliate promo ideas that convert well:

A. Email Outreach

The most direct and effective approach.

Pitch teachers – Send personalized emails to teachers or school contacts highlighting Gimkit’s classroom benefits. Include a strong CTA with your affiliate link.

Newsletter sponsors – Have educational newsletters/groups promote Gimkit to their teacher mailing lists in exchange for commission share.

Edtech partners – Reach out to other education companies with aligned target users. Propose an incentive for them to co-promote Gimkit signups through your affiliate link.

B. Content Marketing

Publish in-depth content that positions you as an authority.

Blog posts – Provide tips, guides and case studies on classroom engagement, edtech adoption, homeschooling tools etc. Embed contextual affiliate links.

Guest articles – Approach education blogs and get them to feature articles discussing Gimkit’s utility within classrooms. Ensure they include your affiliate link with proper disclosure.

Social graphics – Create fun infographics and stats visuals highlighting benefits of gamification and share across social media platforms.

C. Social Media Marketing

Leverage social platforms to drive conversions.

Hashtag marketing – Join in Twitter chats for education professionals. Contribute your perspective and mention Gimkit as a recommended solution including your affiliate link in the posts.

Edtech groups – Actively participate in LinkedIn Groups and Facebook Groups for educators to build connections. Occasionally highlight Gimkit’s offering with a CTA to your affiliate link.

Video testimonials – Get student & teacher testimonials on video discussing their experience using Gimkit. Compile these into snippets and share across TikTok, YouTube, Instagram etc.

D. Influencer Partnerships

Activate influencer partnerships to boost reach.

Microinfluencers – Collaborate with teachers who have 1,000+ engaged social followers. Compensate or offer commission for them sharing Gimkit with their community through your affiliate link.

Parent groups – Connect with organizers of parent meetups and community networks. Have them pitch Gimkit to their members with your affiliate code.

Podcast sponsors – Guest feature or sponsor education podcasters. Script a personalized endorsement for them to read discussing Gimkit’s offering and your custom affiliate link as the signup CTA.

E. SEO Backlinks

Build backlinks on niche sites to enhance organic visibility.

Article directories – Publish articles showcasing Gimkit on sites like that get indexed by Google.

Press mentions – Pitch Gimkit as a recommended learning tool for inclusion within roundups on education technology blogs.

Q&A citations – Provide helpful responses discussing Gimkit’s utility to education questions posted on Quora and Reddit.

Trying out a selection of the above strategies will help reveal the customer acquisition tactics that work best for your abilities and audience. You can then double down on the high converting marketing channels.

Now let’s look at maximizing conversion rates…

Step 4: Optimization Tips to Boost Conversions

Driving high volumes of raw traffic means nothing unless visitors actually sign up through your affiliate link.

So you need to optimize every aspect of your promotions funnel to maximize conversions:

Landing Pages

Lead capture – Have affiliate landing pages offering a compelling lead magnet (free guide, cheatsheet etc) in exchange for email signup. This lets you retarget leads multiple times.

Benefits-focused – Clearly articulate Gimkit’s classroom benefits on the landing pages to establish value quickly in visitors’ minds. Support claims with credible statistics and expert opinions.

Simple layout – Remove visual clutter and distractions. Draw attention towards the key USPs, testimonials, imagery and clear call-to-action to signup via your affiliate link.

Creative Assets

Education imagery – Use affiliate creatives showing students, teachers, classrooms, learning concepts etc rather than generic stock photos. This helps audience resonance.

Video demosCreate explainer videos showing the Gimkit platform interface and gameplay functionality. Post these across social channels and landing pages to pique visitor curiosity.

Localization – Localize creatives and copy to connect better with each target country’s education context, terminology, cultural nuances etc. This helps conversions.

Affiliate Links

Campaign parameters – Append UTM codes when sharing affiliate links across different platforms like email, social media, blogs etc. This helps gauge which channels drive the most conversions based on your analytics dashboard.

Retargeting pixels – Install Facebook Pixel or Google Tag Manager on landing pages. This enables you to create retargeting ads for visitors who don’t initially convert, nudging them to come back and signup.

Link shorteners – Shorten lengthy affiliate links using Bitly or Rebrandly. Customize these URLs to make them clean and memorable. Track clicks on these for performance insights.

Exclusive promos – Give exclusive signup incentives only available through your affiliate links and creatives. For example limited time discounts or free trials using a coupon code. Sweetening the deal can increase signups.

Continuously refinement of your conversion funnel over time helps squeeze more value from the referral traffic.

Now let’s crunch the numbers…

Step 5: How to Get to $2000+ in Monthly Affiliate Earnings

Gimkit pays one of the most generous recurring commissions – 10% lifetime value on all subscriptions referred.

So how much can you actually earn? Here is a realistic blueprint:

Affiliate Earning Metrics

Monthly target = $2000+

Affiliate commission % = 10%

Minimum payout threshold = $100

Payment frequency = Monthly


The Gimkit affiliate program presents a rewarding opportunity in 2024. By referring just 400 annual subscriptions you can realistically achieve $2000+ in monthly income through their generous 10% lifetime commissions.

Implement an optimized marketing strategy combining email outreach, content creation, social promotions, influencer partnerships and lead gen campaigns. This multi-channel approach helps drive the subscriber volumes required to maximize your recurring affiliate earnings each month.

Ready to tap into this high potential income stream? Get started right away by signing up for Gimkit’s affiliate program.


What commission do Gimkit affiliates earn?

You earn 10% lifetime value of any subscriber you refer. This applies to all subscription plans and renewals.

How much traffic is needed to make $2000/mo?

You need about 400 annual signups based on average customer value and commission rate. Driving this volume is achievable through an optimized affiliate marketing plan.

How soon are commissions paid out?

Payments are made monthly when you hit the $100 pending balance threshold and request a withdrawal. You get paid within 30 days via your chosen payment method.

What marketing tools do affiliates get?

You gain access to personalized affiliate links, banner creatives, newsletter templates, promo guides, product logos, real-time analytics dashboard and dedicated support.

What is the typical commission split for influencer partners?

Common commission split with influencers is 50-50 or 60% (affiliate) / 40% (influencer) once T&C thresholds are met.

Can I offer signup discounts through my affiliate link?

Yes, you can create exclusive discount promo codes or extended free trials to incentivize signups through your affiliate link.

How soon after launch can I expect to hit my monthly income goal?

It may take 2-3 months to optimize your funnel and scale up traffic. But with consistent effort, hitting $2K/month within 6 months is a realistic timeline.

What average order value can I expect from teacher vs school subscriptions?

Individual teachers average around $300 yearly subscription value. Schools range from $1,000 to $10,000+ depending on number of teachers/students per account.

Is any specific niche more profitable for affiliates?

The K12 school segment sees massive demand. But substantial opportunity also exists in community colleges, vocational institutions, private tuition etc.

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