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How does the Gimkit affiliate program work?[2024]

How does the Gimkit affiliate program work?2024 The Gimkit affiliate program allows users to earn commission by promoting the Gimkit platform. As an affiliate, you can share your unique affiliate link and earn money when someone signs up for Gimkit through your link.

What is Gimkit?

For those unfamiliar, Gimkit is an educational gaming platform built for classrooms. It turns traditional schoolwork into multiplayer video games that students absolutely love. Students are highly engaged answering questions in order to earn points and upgrades for their avatar.

Gimkit is used by over 5 million students and 300,000 teachers globally. It’s proven to boost academic performance in classrooms by making learning fun and addictive.

Why become a Gimkit affiliate?

Here are some key reasons to join the Gimkit affiliate program:

Earn 10% lifetime commission

You can earn 10% of every subscription payment for any teacher or school that signs up via your unique affiliate link. This applies to all subscription plans and continues for as long as the school/teacher remains an active paying subscriber.

Recurring passive income

As an affiliate, you earn commission on an ongoing basis from recurring subscription fees. This means you can build up a growing passive income stream by referring new Gimkit subscribers over time.

High converting product

Gimkit has very high customer satisfaction and retention rates thanks to its educational value and addictively fun gaming format. This makes it easier to convince potential subscribers to sign up through your link.

Support classroom learning

By promoting Gimkit, you help connect more teachers and students with this innovative platform – making learning fun and boosting academic achievement. This provides great social value on top of the financial rewards.

How to become a Gimkit affiliate

Signing up as a Gimkit affiliate is quick and straightforward:

  1. Create an account – Go to the Gimkit affiliate registration page and click “Apply Now”. This allows you to create an affiliate account.
  2. Get approvedGimkit will review your application and approve you as an official affiliate within 1-2 business days in most cases.
  3. Access affiliate tools – Once approved, you gain access to special affiliate resources within your account dashboard. This includes your unique affiliate link, marketing tools, real-time performance tracking and payout information.

And that’s it! You can then start driving traffic and referrals to begin earning affiliate commissions.

Promoting your Gimkit affiliate link

There are various ways you can effectively promote your unique Gimkit affiliate link to earn commissions:

Email marketing

Send emails to any teachers or school contacts you may have, sharing the benefits of Gimkit and encouraging them to sign up via your affiliate link. Make sure to capture their interest quickly and include a strong call-to-action.

Social media

Post about Gimkit on your social profiles, highlighting the key features and educational value it provides to classrooms. Share posts intermittently and include your affiliate link or affiliate tracking URL within your social bio.

Content marketing

Create blog posts and articles that provide useful information on classroom gaming, student engagement techniques, Gimkit features, case studies etc. Embed your affiliate links within the content to catch reader interest. Guest post on educational blogs to gain added exposure.

Influencer marketing

Partner with educational influencers, teachers with an engaged social following, parent groups and community leaders. See if they can share about Gimkit’s benefits through their channels using your affiliate link to drive sign-ups.

Direct outreach

Identify your target customers (teachers, principals, school admin, homeschooling parents etc) and reach out to them directly by email or phone with a personalized pitch about Gimkit and your affiliate promo offer. This hands-on approach converts very well if done right.

Affiliate networks

Join some affiliate marketing networks that are relevant to the education sector. This gives you access to more affiliate programs and resources you can utilize to boost your promotions and earnings.

Wait for organic sales

Sometimes you can simply rely on organic sales driven by Gimkit’s main advertising efforts. But you’ll maximize conversions faster by actively promoting your affiliate link through one or more of the above strategies.

Gimkit affiliate program policies

When promoting Gimkit as an affiliate, you need to adhere to certain program policies:

  • Provide authentic recommendations on Gimkit based on your honest opinions and experience. Do not make any misleading claims.
  • Clearly disclose your financial relationship as a Gimkit affiliate on any promotional content.
  • Only use Gimkit branding assets (logos, screenshots, videos) provided within the affiliate media kit.
  • Follow Gimkit’s guidelines on acceptable types of traffic sources. No incentivized or fraudulent traffic sources are permitted.
  • Uphold relevant laws and regulations when running affiliate campaigns targeted at schools and educators.

Make sure you read Gimkit’s full affiliate T&Cs so you are familiar with all program rules. Violating any policies could lead to non-payment of commissions or suspension from the program.

Tracking affiliate link performance

Gimkit provides sophisticated analytics so affiliates can monitor the performance of their promotional efforts:

Real-time dashboard

Your affiliate account dashboard gives you real-time visibility on your latest traffic, conversions and order value. So you can see right away how well your marketing campaigns are working.

Conversion metrics

Important metrics provided within the dashboard include:

  • Impressions – Total # of times your Gimkit affiliate links were displayed
  • Clicks – Total clicks on your affiliate links
  • Sign-ups – # of new Gimkit subscriptions generated
  • Commission earned – Total lifetime value of commissions
  • Recent conversions – Details on your latest affiliate referrals

Monitoring these key affiliate metrics helps you identity the most profitable traffic sources and campaigns. You can then optimize further to maximize conversions and commission income over time.


You can also export performance reports from your Gimkit affiliate dashboard. Reports can be filtered by date range providing in-depth data on your affiliate link activity and commission earnings.

Getting paid your affiliate commissions

As a Gimkit affiliate you get rewarded for your marketing efforts through generous commissions:

10% lifetime value

You receive 10% commission on the total lifetime spend of any Gimkit subscriber you refer. This covers all subscription fees they pay over months and years ahead.

$100 minimum payout

Affiliate earnings are aggregated until you reach the $100 minimum threshold for payout. Once you hit this amount, you can request a withdrawal.

Monthly payments

Payouts are processed on a net-30 basis. So you receive your affiliate commission payment within 30 days of submitting a payout request.

Payment methods

Gimkit offers affiliate payouts via:

  • PayPal
  • Direct bank transfer
  • Prepaid cards (Mastercard, Visa)
  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin)

You can select your preferred payment method within the affiliate dashboard.

And that sums up the key details on how the Gimkit affiliate program works. In summary, you get to earn ongoing 10% commission by promoting this highly useful education platform to teachers and schools.

So if you have an audience in the edtech sector, definitely consider joining Gimkit’s affiliate program to start earning.


The Gimkit affiliate program offers a great opportunity to earn recurring commission income in the education sector. You simply have to sign-up as an affiliate, promote your unique referral link, and earn 10% lifetime value from any new Gimkit subscriptions you drive.

With a high-converting product that teachers and students love, the program makes it easy to get results from your marketing efforts. And you get to support wider use of this innovative gaming platform designed for better learning outcomes.

Ready to get started? Join hundreds of existing affiliates by signing up at the Gimkit affiliate program site.


How much can I earn as a Gimkit affiliate?

Earnings depend on your marketing reach and conversion rates. Top affiliates generate over $2000 per month by referring new school and teacher sign-ups across Gimkit’s subscription plans.

What resources do I get as an affiliate?

You gain access to a media kit with branding assets, customized affiliate links, marketing collateral, real-time performance dashboard, reporting, and dedicated support.

When do I receive my affiliate commission?

Commissions are aggregated and paid out monthly once you hit the $100 minimum threshold and request a withdrawal. Payments are processed within 30 days.

Can I use incentives to drive sign-ups?

No incentives should be offered to potential subscribers without formal approval from Gimkit, as per program terms. All marketing must comply with local regulations.

Is there a deadline to apply for the affiliate program?

No, the Gimkit affiliate program remains open year-round for new sign-ups. But we advise applying sooner to maximize your potential commissions.

What territories can I promote Gimkit subscriptions in?

You can refer subscribers from most countries worldwide. However some regions may have compliance restrictions. Check the latest info within the affiliate portal.

Can I share my affiliate link on coupon sites?

Yes, coupon and deal sites are an option to drive more conversions. Just ensure your listings follow program policies and clearly disclose your financial relationship.

Is there a dedicated affiliate manager I can contact?

Yes, Gimkit provides personal support to affiliates via email and chat. You can get assistance on link creation, marketing tools, performance optimisation and payment queries.

Can I refer other affiliates to the program too?

Yes, Gimkit has a multi-tier affiliate system. You can also earn a percentage from any affiliates you directly refer to the program in addition to your teacher/school referrals.

Is there a way to gain visibility on top performing affiliates?

Gimkit showcases the monthly leaderboard highlighting affiliates driving the most conversions across its school network. Use this for inspiration on best practices.

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