Gimkit Hacks for Auto Answer

Gimkit Hacks for Auto Answer [2024]

Gimkit Hacks for Auto Answer. Gimkit is an online multiplayer live quiz game that has taken classrooms by storm. Teachers use it to engage students with fun, fast-paced quizzes. Students love competing against their classmates to get the highest score.

One feature of Gimkit that has caused controversy is auto answer hacks. These allow players to automatically submit answers without having to click them manually. Some view it as an unfair advantage, while others see it as a harmless trick.

In this complete guide, we will cover everything you need to know about using Gimkit hacks for auto answering:

What is Gimkit?

Gimkit is a free game-based learning platform created by Josh Feinsilber when he was a high school student. The game mechanics are similar to Kahoot, but with some key differences:

  • Players earn points for correct answers, which they use to purchase upgrades and power-ups. The goal is to earn the most points by the end of the game.
  • Instead of competing for speed, players in Gimkit compete for efficiency. The less time and clicks you use, the more points you earn per question.
  • Teachers can create quizzes or use pre-made content aligned to academic standards. Quizzes can be played live in class or assigned as homework.
  • Gimkit is designed to be collaborative rather than competitive. Players can buy discounts and other bonuses that benefit the whole team.

Since launching in 2017, Gimkit has been adopted by over 150,000 classrooms worldwide. Educators love the flexibility and motivational elements of the platform.

How Do Auto Answer Hacks Work?

Auto answer hacks allow players to submit answers instantaneously without having to manually click on the answer choice. This gives them a major advantage over players answering normally.

There are a few different methods players have figured out to “hack” Gimkit Join and auto answer:

Browser Extensions

Chrome and Firefox extensions like GimKitTM Auto Answer, GimKitTM Hack, and AutoGim allow players to auto submit answers as soon as the question loads. The extension will automatically select the correct choice.

This completely eliminates the need to manually interact with the page. As soon as the question appears, the answer will be submitted behind the scenes.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Savvy users have discovered keyboard shortcuts that allow submitting answers faster than clicking.

For example, pressing the number keys 1-4 will input those answer choices. So if the correct answer is the third option, hitting the 3 key will instantly submit it.

Players can also use keyboard macros and auto hotkey scripts to automate the submission process. This requires more technical skill but is very effective.

Mobile Tricks

On the Gimkit mobile app, some have figured out how to glitch the game and auto submit answers. One trick is switching between apps quickly right after the question appears.

Others have manipulated screen recording apps to automatically input touch commands that select the correct answer.

Gimkit Auto Answer Bots

The most advanced auto answer hacks use custom bots and scripts that analyze the game in real time. These can automatically detect and submit the right answer within milliseconds.

Bots run independently of the game using computer vision techniques like OpenCV and TensorFlow. This allows them to see and understand what’s happening on screen.

When combined with natural language processing to analyze questions and answers, these bots achieve unbeatable auto answering speeds. However, they require advanced programming knowledge.

Are Auto Answer Hacks Cheating?

Whether auto answer hacks are considered cheating is a controversial issue among Gimkit players and teachers. There are reasonable arguments on both sides of the debate:

The Case That It’s Cheating

  • It gives players an unfair advantage since they don’t have to put in any real work to get the answers right.
  • Auto answering breaks the intended game mechanics and spirit of competition. Efficiency and speed are no longer meaningful metrics.
  • Allowing hacks discourages honest players who want to play by the rules. It isn’t fun competing against bots.
  • Teachers want quizzes to test real knowledge. Auto answering misrepresents students’ abilities.
  • It promotes dishonest behavior and using shady tricks instead of studying properly.

The Argument That It Isn’t Cheating

  • Gimkit is meant to be fun and collaborative. It’s more of a game than an academic assessment.
  • Players are just creatively finding techniques within the game’s existing rules and code to get ahead. It’s legal “hacking” versus unethical hacking.
  • The hacks are publicly known and accessible to all. Those who take the initiative to use them shouldn’t be punished.
  • Teachers can mitigate auto answering by disabling extensions and monitoring phones. It’s on them to enforce fair gameplay.
  • As an educational game, priority should be on engagement over strict accuracy of grades. Auto answering doesn’t invalidate that.

There are merits to both viewpoints in this debate. Ultimately, it comes down to how an individual teacher wants to handle auto answering in their specific classroom.

Educational Value of Gimkit Hacks

While clearly controversial, some teachers have found creative ways to incorporate Gimkit auto answer hacks to teach valuable skills:

Learn Programming and Technology

Creating scripts and bots for Gimkit requires applying computer programming and engineering concepts. Teachers can nurture these talents by encouraging capable students to develop auto answer projects.

Seeing their code succeed in game can motivate students to further pursue programming and technology interests.

Think Critically About Ethics

Gimkit hacks spark important ethical discussions, like where the line is between fair and unfair advantages. Teaching students to critically analyze pros and cons of actions improves moral reasoning skills.

Understand Online Security

The techniques used by auto answer hacks demonstrate principles of cyber security and hacking that are good for students to understand, like exploiting browser extensions and using keyboards shortcuts.

Improve Typing Skills

For manual keyboard shortcut methods, students get valuable practice optimizing their typing speed and accuracy which is useful for productivity.

With care and planning, questionable hacks can be reframed into positive educational experiences for both programmers and ethicists.

How Teachers Can Prevent Gimkit Auto Answering

If you are a teacher who wants to crack down on Gimkit auto answer hacks, here are some effective precautions you can take:

  • Explicitly ban usage of hacks and extensions in your class policy for Gimkit games. Make it clear this is considered cheating.
  • Actively monitor students during games. Walk around the room and check for suspicious behavior like switching screens.
  • For live games, require students to put phones in sight but out of reach, such as face down on the corner of the desk.
  • Use Gimkit’s settings to disable extensions which blocks many auto answer methods. Turn on manual answer submission.
  • Limit questions to short single word or numerical responses. Avoid longer written responses which are easier to hack.
  • Structure games so students are rewarded based on participation and effort, not their final point total.
  • Run games as review and low-stakes practice, not summative assessments. Make the rewards small tokens to reduce incentive to cheat.

With well-designed rules and monitoring, you can minimize the impact of auto answering. Focus on creating a fun, fair environment.

Top Gimkit Game Strategies (Without Hacks)

For students who want to excel at Gimkit the honest way, these are some top proven strategies:

  • Learn the Question Types – Pay attention to cues like the color of the vertical bar to predict what kind of question is coming up.
  • Master the Upgrades – Prioritize upgrades that increase earnings like Interest and Combos. Resist splurging on unnecessary power-ups.
  • Go Slow to Go Fast – Take a second to be sure of the right answer. Rushing causes mistakes that waste time and money fixing.
  • Let Go of Perfectionism – Trying to keep a perfect streak isn’t worth the stress. It’s okay to miss a few.
  • Type Fast – Use proper typing technique to answer quickly once you know the choice. Practicing typing skills pays off.
  • Use Deductions Wisely – Deduct wrong answers from players strategically. Target opponents close to you on the leaderboard.
  • Buy Discounts Early – Discount upgrades are cheap and boost earnings from every question. Purchase them first before other upgrades.
  • Specialize in a Category – Study up on your best academic area to dominate those questions.

With practice and the right techniques, you can excel at Gimkit with your genuine knowledge and skills, not cheap tricks. Play with integrity.

Educational Alternatives to Gimkit

While Gimkit is fun and engaging, the susceptibility to hacking has teachers looking for alternative game-based learning platforms. Here are some of the top options:


The OG game-show style quiz platform that started the trend. Kahoot doesn’t have upgrades or bonuses, just pure racing to answer multiple choice questions. This makes it more hack-proof.


Like a mix of Kahoot and Gimkit, Quizizz allows players to set their own pace while racing against the clock. No auto answering advantages.

Quizlet Live

Teams compete to match cards in fast-paced multiplayer games powered by any Quizlet study set. Being fastest doesn’t help much, requiring collaboration.

Trivia Royale

Battle royale quiz competitions with 100 players simultaneously. Racing mechanics combined with survival elements like power-ups.


AI-enabled quizzes that adapt to each student’s needs and abilities for personalized learning. Focuses on mastery over speed.


Simple but powerful app for building interactive online quizzes with different game-show formats. Easily import questions from Google Drive.

While no platform is 100% hack proof, these alternatives emphasize racing mechanics and teamwork over optimization, reducing incentives to cheat.

The Future of Game-Based Learning

Gimkit controversy surrounding auto answer hacks highlights some ways game-based learning tools still have room to evolve:

  • Better hacking detection – Platforms will implement enhanced security to detect and shut down cheating in real time, like captcha and behavioral analysis.
  • New game formats – Moving beyond basic quizzing and racing mechanics toward more immersive simulations and narrative-based games.
  • Customizable rules – Teachers want more control over game settings and parameters to refine the experience for their classroom.
  • Data privacy – As edtech collects more student usage data, platforms must prioritize privacy and ethical handling of that data.
  • Accessibility – Keep improving platform accessibility for students with disabilities through options like dyslexic fonts, text-to-speech, and screen reader support.

Despite flaws, game-based learning creates active, engaging classrooms. With the right improvements, it can transform education into a dynamic and inclusive experience for all.

Key Takeaways

Here are the key points to remember about Gimkit auto answer hacks:

  • Browser extensions, keyboard shortcuts, mobile tricks, and bots allow auto submitting Gimkit answers.
  • Auto answering is controversial – some see it as cheating, others think it’s fair game.
  • Teachers can discourage hacks through policies, monitoring, and disabling extensions.
  • Auto answer hacks can teach programming, ethics, and online security if framed properly.
  • Alternatives like Kahoot and Quizlet Live offer game-based learning without hack incentives.
  • Platforms need more hacking detection, new game formats, customization, and accessibility.

Gimkit auto answer hacks present challenges but also opportunities for students and educators. With informed policies and creative teaching approaches, the benefits of games in classrooms can continue to grow.


Q: Are Gimkit auto answer hacks illegal?

A: Not exactly illegal, but against Gimkit’s Terms of Service. They may also violate student Codes of Conduct if expressly banned in class.

Q: Can Gimkit tell if you use auto answer hacks?

A: Gimkit cannot directly detect hack use, but teachers may notice behavior like switching screens or earning points too quickly. Advanced bots are harder to identify.

Q: What happens if you get caught using Gimkit hacks?

A: Consequences depend on the teacher’s policy, but punishments can include deleted points, bans from games, parent/principal meetings, or detention.

Q: Can you hack Gimkit on a Chromebook?

A: Chromebooks allow Gimkit browser extensions to run so they can be hacked. Teachers can disable extensions in device settings to block this.

Q: Is there a way to report Gimkit hackers?

A: Not directly. You’ll have to inform the teacher running the game. Gimkit itself does not currently have a hack reporting system.

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