How to Earn Money on Gimkit – A Complete Guide 2024

How to Earn Money on Gimkit – A Complete Guide 2024 This comprehensive guide covers all the legit ways you can leverage Gimkit to earn some side income either by creating your own kits or through other means.

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Introduction to Gimkit

For those unfamiliar, Gimkit is a game-based student engagement and assessment tool meant for classrooms. Players answer the host’s questions to earn virtual currency which they use to gain an advantage and progress.

It features real-time leaderboards and uses elements of competition and rewards to make learning more fun. Alongside the educational angle, Gimkit also offers opportunities to earn.

How Does Gimkit Work?

Before learning how to make money, it’s important to understand what Gimkit is and how a game functions:

  • Teachers can use the platform to create kits covering their study topics and subjects.
  • Using these kits, they host live games for students to play and answer topic-related questions.
  • Correct answers earn students virtual money which they can use for power-ups and advantages.
  • The student with maximum money by the end wins.

The ability to create custom kits around classroom topics is crucial to monetizing Gimkit. As we detail further, you can sell quality kits targeted to students and teachers.

Ways for Students to Earn Money from Gimkit

While teachers generally have more avenues to monetize through their content and authority, students can also leverage their Gimkit skills to make some money. Popular ways include:

Get Paid to Create Kits

If you have excellent knowledge in academic subjects, you can earn by creating custom kits on student-appropriate topics that teachers may want for their classrooms.

Subject experts and tutors often get kit requests from teachers willing to pay reasonably for quality content. Based on complexity, a custom kit can fetch around $7-$15.

You can promote your services to create paid kits through teacher platforms and social media groups. Building a good portfolio helps attract more buyers.

Participate in Paid Tournaments

Gimkit hosts various competitive tournaments with cash prizes that are open for entries against an entry fee payment.

If you are a pro player, you can put your skills to test in these high-stakes contests with prizes ranging from $15-$50 on topping the leaderboard after multiple qualification rounds.

With practice, these provide good avenues for talented players to supplement their allowances.

Refer and Earn Programs

Some kit creators often run referral programs whereby they offer commission for any new user you drive to buy their kits or subscribe as a follower.

You can leverage your social media reach among peers and teachers to promote quality kits and content creators in a genuine way. In turn, you earn decent dollar commissions (~$3-$5) for every verified sign-up driven through your sharing efforts.

For students looking for pocket money or funding their hobbies, Gimkit offers easy ways to earn provided you invest time and skill.

Ways for Teachers to Earn from Gimkit

However, it’s the teachers and educators community that truly makes big money from the platform in various ways:

Get Paid for Creating Custom Kits

Teachers can easily create kits on niche topics tied to their lesson plans using ready-made templates. Once built, these can be sold to other teachers looking for content.

Subject-specific kits customized to curriculum needs have high demand from lazy/busy teachers or those lacking confidence in creating kits. Pre-made kits save them effort while guaranteeing engagement.

Based on target age group, subject specialization, number of Q/As, andsupplementary content, pre-made kits can fetch good sums ranging from $10-$100+ from buyers.

Top performers earn 5-6 digit annual incomes by selling kits as side hustles apart from their teaching jobs.

Paid Access to Kit Libraries

Curating directories of self-created niche kits covering various topics, grades, and subjects is another money-spinner. Teachers charge a monthly subscription fee for providing other teachers access to these exclusive kit libraries.

Based on the breadth of their collection, kit library owners charge between $5-$20 per month for access rights. This recurring passive income can deliver 4-5 figures monthly for teachers with enough kits diversity.

Get Sponsorships from Brands and Publishers

Influential teachers with tons of downloads, regular players, and followers on their Gimkit profile command influence similar to social media creators.

Brands related to education, technology, tools, services, etc. collaborate with these Gimkit educators for sponsored campaigns, kit integrations or shoutouts to amplify awareness.

The sponsorship fees can vary greatly depending upon one’s reach and student engagement levels on the platform. Yet, anywhere from $100 to $500+ per integration/campaign is common among top kit creators.

By combining the above monetization avenues optimally, teachers are able to generate a lucrative side income from Gimkit leveraging their educational content and followers.

Step-by-Step Ways to Make Money on Gimkit

Now that you know of the real money-making opportunities available, let’s get into the exact step-by-step processes for you to start building earning potential on Gimkit:

Selling Custom Kits to Teachers

Follow these steps if you want to offer paid custom kits creation for teachers:

Step 1: Build Expertise andportfolio in Chosen Niche

Select grades and subjects to build kits for (Math, History, Science etc)

Start developing sample topic-specific kits to master kit creation and build portfolio

Step 2: Promote Your Services to Teachers

Create social media pages highlighting your kit portfolio

Engage in teacher groups on Facebook to find clients

Offer free samples of portfolio to build credibility

Step 3: Deliver High Quality Kits

Discuss kit requirements like topics, questions, appropriateness for selling teachers’ needs

Develop excellent kits covering all agreed areas and test thoroughly

Polish kits based on feedback to ensure maximum engagement

Step 4: Expand Your Clientele with Great Reviews

Ask happy clients for testimonials and reviews on your kit quality and reliability

Use reviews and expand social media promotional content to acquire more clients

Maintain quality over quantity to establish a long term kit seller brand

Following these steps consistently can help easily build a 5 figure annual side income selling kits on Gimkit.

Building an Audience for Sponsorships

To leverage brand sponsorships on Gimkit, apply this playbook:

Step 1: Create Valuable Kits Consistently

Build a diverse library of niche kits on varying topics to appeal to wide user base

Focus on kit quality and user engagement over everything else

Step 2: Promote Kits for Maximum Outreach

Create content highlighting your best kits on social channels

Run contests to drive user participations for your kits

Use promotions to boost kit visibility across Gimkit app

Step 3: Analyze Metrics to Pitch Sponsors

Build Google Analytics into your kits to track downloads, users and engagement

Use metrics like total plays, average time per play along with user testimonials in sponsor presentations

Step 4: Monetize Your Influence

Approach relevant brands in education space for paid partnerships

Negotiate sponsorship packages citing your metrics and audience quality
Charge premium prices once you build authority as an influencer

The key is building highly viral kits covering popular topics to drive numbers across downloads, plays and followers before pitching for sponsorships.

Making Money through Tournaments

If playing for rewards is your preferred approach, use this gameplan:

Step 1: Become a Strong Gimkit Player

Keep practicing regularly by playing free and paid games daily
Master game strategies relating to when to buy upgrades and powerups

Step 2: Target Tournament Prize Money

Keep track of high value tournaments announced periodically
Participate only in contests with big prize money to make effort worthwhile

Step 3: Sharpen Your Winning Edge

Analyze patterns in previous tournament winners and their strategies
Identify your weaknesses and improve those aspects through more practice

Step 4: Outsmart Opponents to Finish on Top

Play mind games with opponents by making unpredictable moves
Strike a balance between powerups and fastest finger to outplay competitors
Stay consistent during later stages to sustain leads for final prize money

With the right game smarts, you can build a neat pot of prize money through pro tournaments on Gimkit.

Summing Up Ways to Earn from Gimkit

While interest in the platform should be driven more by the learning rather than financial incentives, you can certainly generate decent earnings from Gimkit utilizing the above approaches with some effort.

Students can make pocket money leveraging content skills or gaming talent. Teachers have more options to choose from – creating paid kits, managing access to kit libraries or monetizing their influencer status for consistent income.

By following the playbooks, you too can adopt the appropriate ideas to start building your money-making potential on Gimkit over time.


I hope this detailed guide gives you complete clarity on how to make money by unlocking Gimkit’s different earning features optimally. Finding your niche – be it kit creation, playing skillfully or using popularity – provides the base to build on. Identify your strengths to pick the approaches best suited for your profile.

While genuine knowledge sharing remains key to establishing long term success, you can certainly link incentives to further motivate learners on the journey. Fortunately, Gimkit offers sufficient avenues to reward effort.

Whether you are a student looking to fund hobbies or an educator trying to supplement regular income, applying these playbooks can help turn Gimkit into a lucrative platform. So sharpen those skills and put it to the test!


How can I earn money in Gimkit?

You can earn money in Gimkit by creating and selling premium quizzes, participating in sponsored content, and through referral programs.

How do I create and sell premium quizzes?

You can create quizzes with advanced features and unique content, then set a price for others to purchase access. You earn a portion of the revenue generated from quiz sales.

Can I earn money through referrals?

Yes, you can earn money by referring new users to Gimkit. When someone signs up using your referral link and makes purchases on the platform, you receive a commission or reward.

Are there any requirements to start earning in Gimkit?

While there are no strict requirements, creating high-quality quizzes and actively promoting them can increase your earning potential. Additionally, engaging with sponsored opportunities and effectively referring new users can boost your earnings.

How do I withdraw my earnings from Gimkit?

Gimkit typically offers various payment methods for withdrawing earnings, such as PayPal or direct bank transfer. You can usually request a withdrawal once you’ve reached a certain earnings threshold set by the platform.

Is there a limit to how much I can earn on Gimkit?

Your earnings potential on Gimkit depends on various factors, including the quality of your content, your marketing efforts, and the demand for your quizzes. While there may not be a strict limit, your earnings will likely correlate with your level of activity and engagement on the platform.

Can I monetize my content on Gimkit?

Gimkit primarily focuses on providing educational tools rather than a platform for content creators to monetize their content. However, educators can create customized quizzes and games within Gimkit to supplement their teaching materials.

How much money can I make on Gimkit?

Earnings can vary widely based on your role and effort level. Teachers can make anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars per month selling kits and through sponsorships. Students can expect to earn pocket money in the range of $5 to $50 per month.

What are the payment methods for earnings?

Gimkit pays creators through direct bank transfers, Payoneer, PayPal, gift cards or vouchers. You may need to cross a minimum threshold for withdrawals. Tournament prize money is disbursed instantly to winners’ accounts.

Do I need to be a teacher to sell kits?

No, you can build and sell kits even as a student if you have expertise in academic subjects. However, teachers have a larger ready customer base to promote to.

How many kits do I need to build recurring income?

Aim for at least 20-30 high quality kits spanning various topics and age groups to have a sizable passive income. Maintain your kit library with frequent additions and updates.

How much time does it take to create kits?

With practice, you can create custom kits spanning 50-100+ questions within 2-4 hours. Ready templates allow quick construction. Best to start with simpler kits and then diversify.

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