Gimkit App [2024]

Gimkit App 2024 The Gimkit app is an innovative game-based learning platform that makes studying fun and engaging for students of all ages. Created by high school student Josh Feinsilber in 2017, Gimkit has quickly become one of the most popular educational games on the market.

What is Gimkit?

Gimkit is a free web and mobile app that transforms traditional study materials like quizlets and flashcards into interactive games. The platform uses engaging gaming elements like competitions, timers, rewards, and real-time scoreboards to motivate students to review class material and master key concepts.

Players race against the clock to correctly answer multiple choice and true or false questions related to topics they are studying in school. With each right answer, they earn virtual currency which allows them to upgrade powerups and sabotages to use against competitors playing the same game. This adds an exciting strategic element on top of simply memorizing information.

Key Features and Benefits

Gimkit has several standout features that explain its meteoric rise in popularity among students and teachers alike:

Making Studying Fun

Unlike boring highlight and reread study sessions, practicing material on Gimkit feels like playing an exciting video game. The competitive and strategic elements keep students engaged for longer periods while also enhancing retention.

Feedback and Mastery

After each game, students receive feedback showing concepts and terms they have mastered as well as ones requiring additional practice. This helps guide their studying to focus on weaker areas.

Teacher Customization

Teachers can create customized review games tied directly to what they are covering in class, adding their own multiple choice and true or false questions. This tailored approach increases relevance.

Multi-subject Applicability

While extremely popular for core subjects like math, science, history and English, Gimkit games can be created around virtually any academic subject or concept making it versatile for all learners.


As a web app with iOS and Android mobile apps, Gimkit offers flexibility for students to practice and play anytime, anywhere. This convenience increases usage and exposure to the material.

How Gimkit Games Work

Understanding how to play a Gimkit game is easy and straightforward. Here are the basic concepts:

Create or Join a Game

Using a unique game PIN, students can either create a new game or join an existing game lobby set up by the teacher or other players.

Answer Multiple Choice Questions

Once in a game, multiple choice questions are presented one at a time and race against a countdown timer to answer correctly before time expires. Questions often have a difficulty tier which impacts point values.

Earn Virtual Currency with Correct Answers

Answering consecutive questions correctly will build a streak which rapidly earns increasingly more virtual currency per right answer. This virtual cash allows players to use strategic powerups.

Use Powerups and Sabotages

Earned virtual currency funds special abilities that either help your own performance like extra time or freezing opponents or sabotages that slow down competitors. Deciding what powerups to purchase and when to deploy sabotages adds an engaging layer of strategy.

Leaderboard Drives Engagement

A real-time leaderboard showcases top performers and adds a source of motivation and competitiveness amongst players to answer quickly and accurately to become the winner.

Review Results

After each game, robust performance analytics show correct and incorrect answers for each player, reinforcing knowledge gains. Teachers can assess areas needing further instruction.

By gamifying the studying process and adding layers of competition, customization and engagement, Gimkit has found enormous success improving outcomes for students across grade levels and subject matters.

Evidence of Gimkit’s Learning Effectiveness

Given its surge in popularity amongst students, a logical question is does using Gimkit translate to actual learning gains versus traditional study methods? Several research studies suggest strong evidence that the platform meaningfully improves learning outcomes.

Comparing Study Techniques

A 2021 study published in College Teaching directly compared the effectiveness of studying using Gimkit games versus flashcards and self-highlighting of terms.

Across 3 experiment trials spanning over 400 university students studying Biology concepts, participants were separated into 3 groups:

  • Gimkit Games Group
  • Flashcard Group
  • Self-Highlighted Definitions Group

Students then took a 10 question multiple choice quiz.

Key Finding: The Gimkit group consistently scored highest on the assessment quiz across all trials by a significant margin pointing to superior learning from game-based engagement.

This shows the platform’s competitive, addicting and reinforcement characteristics enhance memorization and skill-building versus just passively reading definitions.

Knowledge Retention Over Time

Another key question around the learning efficacy of games like Gimkit is do students retain the information over longer periods of time?

A 2022 study published in the Journal of Computing in Higher Education measured long-term retention by university students of key Physics concepts under 3 scenarios:

  • Playing Gimkit games
  • Answering practice quiz questions
  • No supplementary studying

Students took an initial 30 question multiple choice test, then took the same test again both 1 week and 1 month later without any additional studying in between.

*Key Finding: Students using Gimkit scored highest not only on the initial exam but impressively also on exams 1 week and 1 month later pointing to outstanding knowledge retention from game-based engagement. *

This gives strong evidence that Gimkit’s platform sticks not just drives initial mastery, yielding durable learning gains over time.

Teacher Testimonials on Using Gimkit

With millions of students and hundreds of thousands of teachers now actively using Gimkit worldwide, there is growing data points and testimonials on the platforms immense benefits enhancing education.

Here are insights from two teachers on how leveraging Gimkit has reinvigorated their classrooms:

“Gimkit has been a total gamechanger in my 8th grade math classroom. My students are highly engaged and motivated to keep playing games reviewing difficult algebra concepts until they achieve mastery. The eager competition is infectious and drives greater proficiency across my performers to below average students alike.”

Susan D. Middle School Math Teacher, New York

“Reviewing vocabulary words in my high school Spanish classes had become a mind-numbingly boring chore for me and my students. Creating customized Gimkit games infused energy, excitement and fun into the process. Kids who previously showed little interest in participating are now immersed and begging to play. Plus I’m getting to see in real-time increased fluency and comprehension.”

James P. High School Spanish Teacher, Dallas, TX

Their firsthand accounts further validate Gimkit’s immense benefits activating student enjoyment and accelerating subject proficiency growth.

Gimkit Founder Story

The creation story behind the viral success of the Gimkit app is inspiring. Founder and sole developer Josh Feinsilber was just a sophomore high school student in 2017 teaching himself to code after school.

Noticing classmates struggling to retain concepts for AP tests via boring standard drills, he imagined transforming studying into something fast-paced and fun. He built an initial web prototype of Gimkit allowing practices of terms through competitive games.

He shared with friends to test and instantly saw engagement and learning improvements. Teachers caught wind spurring organic spread throughout classrooms at his school.

Capitalizing on this early traction, Josh devoted all free time to enhancing Gimkit by adding mobile apps, analytics and collaboration tools for teachers.

Fueled by pure word-of-mouth buzz amongst students and teachers, over 100,000 gamers were using Gimkit just 12 months later. Josh captured lightning in a bottle with his ability to innovate an energizing new study methodology centering engagement and collaboration.

Investors soon took notice of Gimkit’s exploding adoption. Josh raised over $3 million enabling expanding the platform’s capabilities and reach even further.

Today Gimkit has Registered Users from all 50 US States showing broad appeal. Average session time is an extremely high 45 minutes – unheard of for educational tools pointing the wildly captive experience created.

For his pioneering entrepreneurial efforts taking STEM creativity from classroom to global platform, Josh has been recognized with numerous awards including Microsoft’s National STEM Scholar designation.

Gimkit’s sensational rise points to the breakthrough model of the future transforming education via purposeful fun. And remarkably fueled by the vision of a student identifying and resolving his peers’ needs.

Gimkit Product Evolution

Gimkit continues its impressive growth trajectory by continually evolving new platform enhancements that deepen its competitive advantages in gamification education:

Expanded Subject Matters

While originally focused on core high school concepts like Math, Sciences and History, Gimkit’s content and question banks have greatly expanded. Key additions include:

  • ACT/SAT Test Preparation
  • Languages – Spanish, French
  • Coding/Computer Science
  • Trivia/General Knowledge
  • Test Preparation for Advanced Placement (AP) classes This increase array of topics supported further leverages Gimkit’s appeal and flexibility catering to more educational niches.

Single Player Mode Practices

Recognizing leaders on the leaderboard is thrilling but potentially intimidating for some reserved students, the addition of single player modes provides lower-pressure practicing. Students can focus solely on their own comprehension without direct peer comparison.

Custom Game Templates

To simplify teachers creating their own personalized games tied directly to current curriculum and lectures, saveable templates eliminate redundant setup steps allowing faster launch of new reviews.

School District Group Licenses

Special annual group licenses at discounted rates now enable entire school districts to purchase bulk access further proliferating adoption. School Administrator analytics provide high level class and school performance dashboards.

Accessibility Options

To support those with visual and hearing limitations maximize learning on the platform, Gimkit added several accessibility features including screen reader capability, keyboard shortcuts, visual contrast changes and text size adjustments.

Gimkit’s developer team strives to continually up innovation and capabilities to improve educational outcomes through purposeful fun.

Gimkit Competitors Comparison

Several competitors in the educational gaming sector like Quizlet and Kahoot certainly existed before Gimkit but none have matched the app’s soaring popularity and teacher acclaim. This dominance comes from key differentiation around engagement, motivation and analytics.

Quizlet offers games reviewing flashcard sets which is helpful but passive without real stakes or excitement. Kahoot allows quiz-based reviews but only as a one-off activity without extended progression tracking.

Gimkit’s perpetual progression via upgrade path along with peer visibility drives far greater involvement with the content. And the post-game analytics identifying precise comprehension levels on each concept covered is unmatched for iteratively guiding students’ focus areas.

No rival has managed to check every box across purposeful fun, motivation, skills reinforcement and measurement as completely as Gimkit. This product superiority explains its unrivaled word-of-mouth traction.


In just a few short years, the Gimkit app has ascended to prominence revolutionizingnot just supplemental education but potentially the broader future of interactive pedagogy.

The numbers are simply startling:

  • 14 Million Games played by Gimkit learners in 2022 alone
  • Games cover material taught across 196,000 classrooms last year
  • 6.7 Million students registered representing likely 10%+ of all US K-12 enrollment

Teacher and parent reviews are glowingly positive on engagement improvements, comprehension gains and knowledge retention achieved.

And academic studies empirically prove superior learning outcomes from gamified platforms like Gimkit versus traditional passive studying.

The app’s runaway viral adoption validates that game-based mastery training is no mere fad but rather the future. Much the way video consumption changed everything from workplace training to toddler education, gamification principles are spreading into the mainstream led by Gimkit’s uncompromising success.

Every student and teacher should evaluate applying this revolutionary technique within their learning flow. Based on near universally positive feedback thus far, it just may unlock untapped academic potential while also making studying fun!


Is Gimkit really free to use?

Yes, Gimkit offers free access to all students and teachers. There are premium paid plans with extra features, but the core game functionality is entirely free.

What subjects does Gimkit cover?

Originally focused on high school STEM topics, Gimkit has greatly expanded subjects covered including test prep, languages, coding, trivia and more. Games can be created around nearly any academic concept.

Can I use Gimkit on my phone or tablet?

Yes, free Gimkit apps for both iOS and Android mobile devices allow playing on phones and tablets for ultimate portability and convenience.

As a teacher, how much time does it take create a custom game?

Teachers can setup a customized game in just minutes selecting from pre-made question banks or adding their own questions tied to current lessons. Saveable templates make reusing and tweaking games for multiple classes simple.

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