3 Fastest Ways To Get XP in Gimkit AUTOMATICALLY (2024)

3 Fastest Ways To Get XP in Gimkit AUTOMATICALLY (2024)Here are the 3 fastest, legitimate methods to earn XP automatically in Gimkit.

1. Use an Auto Answer Script or Extension

The fastest way to rake in XP on Gimkit is by using an auto answer script or browser extension. These handy tools will automatically enter the correct answer to questions for you, earning a constant stream of XP over time.

Here are some top options:

Gimkit Hacks

Gimkit Hacks is a simple JavaScript auto answer script that runs in your browser’s console. To use:

  1. Open the Gimkit game in your browser
  2. Press F12 to open developer tools
  3. Go to the Console tab
  4. Copy and paste the Gimkit Hacks script and hit Enter
  5. The script will now automatically answer questions for you!

Pros: Very easy to setup and use, works across all major browsers

Cons: Can stop working if Gimkit pushes updates, requires enabling browser developer tools

Gimkit Auto Answer Chrome Extension

For Chrome users, the Gimkit Auto Answer extension provides auto answering with a simple install.

To setup:

  1. Install extension from the Chrome Web Store
  2. Join any Gimkit game
  3. Click the extension icon to activate auto answer
  4. Earn XP automatically!

Pros: Very simple 1-click setup, handles updates automatically

Cons: Chrome only

Tampermonkey (Userscript Manager)

Tampermonkey is a popular userscript manager browser extension that allows installing advanced auto answer scripts for Gimkit. Some top Gimkit assistance userscripts include:

To use:

  1. Install Tampermonkey extension in your browser
  2. Click desired userscript from the links above
  3. Install userscript through Tampermonkey dashboard
  4. Enable script in dashboard and refresh Gimkit
  5. Auto answer activated!

Pros: Very reliable and customizable auto answer scripts available

Cons: Slightly more complex setup

The advantage of using one of these methods is that they will earn XP for you automatically even while AFK allowing you to easily climb the leaderboards with no effort.

However, before enabling any auto answer tool, be sure to check if they are allowed under the specific Gimkit game rules set by your teacher to avoid getting into trouble! Most teachers prohibit their use.

2. Create Your Own Custom Game Mode

If auto answer scripts are not viable, the next fastest way to get XP is by becoming the game host and creating a custom game mode tailored for fast XP gains.

As the host, you have full control over the game settings and can tweak the following for XP boosts:

  • Set question timer to unlimited – earn more XP over time without worrying about running out of time
  • Enable powerups like 2X, 3X, and 5X scoring – multiply your XP rates
  • Reduce question difficulty – earn points more easily by setting to lower grades
  • Disable loss of streak points from wrong answers

To create your own game:

  1. Go to https://www.gimkit.com/create
  2. Setup game settings to optimize for fast XP gains
  3. Copy the game link and send to your classmates
  4. Enjoy your XP rich game!

This method allows earning XP 2-3x faster compared to default public game modes. You also have your choice of fun custom question topics making the grind more interesting.

Pros: Create unlimited XP environment, choose fun custom topics

Cons: Requires getting classmates to join your custom game

3. Master Your Accuracy and Speed

If you cannot use scripts or create a custom game, the next best option is mastering your personal question answering accuracy and speed.

Here are some tips:

Quickfire Answering

  • Don’t overthink questions – go with your gut instinct
  • Answer quickly within a few seconds
  • Typing speed matters – use keyboard shortcuts

Answering rapidly with your subconscious reflexes versus slow analytical thinking can help earn more XP under time constraints.

Memorize Commonly Repeating Answers

Gimkit public question banks have a lot of repeats.

  • Make a list of frequently appearing questions
  • Actively memorize the answers – use flashcards if needed
  • Recognize repeats when they appear to tap in answers lightning fast

You should see a patterns in topics and answers that come up often (eg. state capitals) – target memorizing those.

Analyze Your Accuracy Reports

  • Review your accuracy reports after each game
  • Find topics you repeatedly miss
  • Look up concepts you are shaky on and strengthen through self-study

Fixing weaknesses through regular analysis helps improve accuracy over time – earning more XP per question.

Mastering your individual speed and accuracy is a reliable path to XP gains and one fully in your control without relying on scripts or game host privileges.

Is Getting XP Against Gimkit Rules?

Before rushing off to implement these XP quick-hacks, it’s important to discuss if they go against any Gimkit or classroom rules.

The official Gimkit Terms of Service prohibit cheating or exploiting the platform unfairly. This includes:

✘ Using auto answer scripts or bots
✘ Spamming/farming XP through repetition
✘ Sharing game links publicly to boost XP unfairly

Enforcing game rules is up to the discretion of the teacher. If they created a Gimkit game specifically prohibiting scripts or custom modes to enable fair competitive play, you must respect those rules.

That said, teachers often enable custom game variants, scripts, group games, etc. Explicitly confirm if auto answer tools or custom games are allowed before utilizing them otherwise you risk disciplinary action.

When used appropriately under game guidelines, the XP hacks we discussed can take your Gimkit skills to the next level!

Key Takeaways on Getting More XP in Gimkit

Here are the most vital tips to summarize:

  • Use auto answer tools legitimately: Browser extensions and scripts that automatically answer questions can greatly accelerate XP earnings but verify they do not violate game rules first!
  • Make custom games as host: Becoming game host gives you full control to tweak settings for faster XP gains – take advantage!
  • Master accuracy and speed: Even without tricks, improving your personal answer speed and memory pays XP dividends on its own through practice.
  • Remember the rules: Teachers make guidelines against unfair exploits for a reason – using dodgy XP tactics without permission can backfire!

Gimkit is already designed as a fun gamified learning platform for students. While earning as much XP as quickly as possible can be tempting, always prioritize fair play and learning over leaderboard rankings.

Balance clever use of auto tools and custom game modes with building your genuine knowledge. This ensures you level up your Gimkit skills legitimately, make teachers happy, and remain on the leaderboards through raw talent alone!

What fast XP earning strategies have you tried in Gimkit? Share your favorite tips in the comments!


Getting XP quickly is critical to placing high on Gimkit leaderboards and unlocking all the cool powerups.

Using auto answer tools, creating custom games, and mastering personal accuracy/speed represent the 3 fastest ways to automatically earn piles of XP.

While tempting to overuse these hacks, always keep the classroom rules and fair play in mind first. A good student prioritizes learning over leaderboard rank.

Balance clever usage of technical shortcuts with building your real-world knowledge. This ensures you maximize Gimkit enjoyment, keep the playing field even, and walk away truly retaining information.

Now get out there, grind some quick XP using the tips above, have fun quizzing with your classmates, and dominate those leaderboards! Just remember to do it legitimately within the defined game guidelines.


How can I earn XP in Gimkit?

You can earn XP in Gimkit by actively participating in quizzes, completing assignments, and engaging with the platform’s features. The more you interact with Gimkit, the more XP you’ll accumulate.

Why is XP important in Gimkit?

XP, short for Experience Points, is important in Gimkit as it reflects your level of engagement and proficiency within the platform. Earning XP can unlock new features, levels, and rewards, motivating you to continue learning and exploring.

What are the fastest ways to get XP in Gimkit?

Active Participation: Regularly participate in quizzes and activities on the platform.
Completing Assignments: Finish assignments and tasks assigned to you by your instructors.
Engaging with Features: Explore and use different features within Gimkit, such as power-ups and customizable quizzes.

Can I automate the process of earning XP in Gimkit?

Yes, you can automate the process of earning XP in Gimkit using various tools and techniques. However, it’s essential to ensure that any automation methods you use comply with Gimkit’s terms of service and guidelines.

How do I use automation tools to earn XP in Gimkit?

To use automation tools to earn XP in Gimkit, you can explore scripts, extensions, or software designed for this purpose. Make sure to research and choose reputable tools that are safe to use.

How much faster is earning XP through scripts versus manually answering?

Auto answer scripts can earn 5-10x more XP over the same time period compared to human answering depending on how they are configured. The XP grind becomes almost trivial.

Are auto answering scripts considered cheating?

It depends on the game rules defined by the teacher. Using them without permission is usually considered unfair exploitation. Always clarify if scripts are allowed first.

Can I get banned from Gimkit for cheating?

Yes, Gimkit actively monitors for ToS violations like cheating and hands out punishments like temporary bans or stripping illegally earned XP. So tread carefully.

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